Planet Flash Week of 10/21/19

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon


10/21/19 Monday

We start off the day with a last quarter moon in Cancer around 8:39 AM and this energy just seems to sit around us for most of the day. It takes us back to a time where we felt part of the family and knew we had roots. We remember having our needs met and our feelings interpreted by those who cared about us.

Now unfortunately we feel a disturbance in the force and don’t feel the safe environment is so safe for us anymore. We are concerned with the undercurrent that is drawing us down or away from what we once embraced. All is not as it once seemed. I am being shown the image of Hansel and Gretel being led into the forest by their stepmother (the wood cutters wife).

If you are familiar with the story you know that these children are facing a test of survival. What they learn is how to work together as a team against impossible odds and how to scrutinize a situation for possible weaknesses or face peril. In essence their story is our story today in the last quarter moon and throughout the first part of this week; abandonment and the instinct to survive.

I would summarize this experience as that which your hungry heart yearns for can end up devouring you if you let it. In many fairy tales such as this we are shown that “motherless children” are never motherless if they learn to trust themselves and honor their own intuition.

Later in this day (8:56 PM) we may have a moment of revelation or shocking clarity where we realize our mother is alive within us lighting our path each steep of the way. We keep her in our heart and in turn she enriches our connection to life.

10/22/19 Tuesday

With the less intense planetary influences of other days we are able to work through any ongoing situations around us. Today is a good day to appreciate where we are or how far we have come rather than blame certain people or situations for making us unhappy. We can’t just get over something unless we understand the deeper meaning or significance it holds over us.  Sometimes we have to peel the onion a layer at a time and no better time than now to start doing so.

10/23/19 Wednesday

As soon as I typed in this date I immediately heard must be the season of the witch. Yes, today the sun moves to Scorpio around 1:20 PM. Scorpio is the sign where magic, mystery, and manipulation travel around us. We are here to see that we are magnetic forces in the world and can draw in power, hold influence over others, and destroy or transform energy.

We start a journey through Scorpio probing the depths and acknowledging powerful forces of elimination and vindication in our midst. I would recommend you take a long look into what is “haunting” you in the day leading up to Halloween. Is it your own inner darkness coming to light or a need to release the ghosts of the past?

Moon shifts to Virgo around 3:29 PM allowing us to clean up our act or find a healing solution to our current state of affairs. What isn’t working must be released or repaired; there is no denying the problem. With the Sun moving from Libra (fairness and balance) to Scorpio (transformation) the level of passion has increased now. We aren’t content to just discuss things we want some kind of action or reaction that creates a shift in influence or power.  When Mars arrives in Scorpio on 11/19/19, just about the time Mercury goes direct, we will know what needs to be done and have the power to back us. Something significant is bound to take place between 11/19/19-12/2/19!!!

10/24/19 Thursday

Over the next 2.5 days we enter the balsamic phase of this month’s moon cycle. It starts in our gut with moon Virgo and ends in our chi through Scorpio. We are meant to be silent and work in the dark at this time. This can be a period of purging and remembering what we are here to do.

Today while the moon is in Virgo we consider what is appropriate for us at this time. Old routines, rituals, or habits may no longer be relevant now or in the future. Change is upon us and its time to see where we belong and what is fitting for us now. To progress we must not live in the past.

10/25/19 Friday

Moon shifts to Libra around 4:20 PM. The emphasis shifts to relationships so with Venus and Pluto cooperating we may find that certain relationships are more beneficial than others at this time. We want some passion along with our power and purpose. What is on your radar now? It’s here to show you something very important.

You may find that you need to be your own best friend during the next couple of days as well. There is a great need in rebalancing your life to get away from the influence of others for a time. Yes Libra is known for seeing things from both sides but now it’s all about what’s coming from within you. This is a good time to meditate and get centered.

10/26/19 Saturday

Today we have high hopes and great expectations but since we are in the dark of the moon it’s better to file these under future projects. Moon and Mars join forces around 3:48 PM pushing us to join the team and be part of the social circle that surrounds us. This might be the day were we feel an instinctive drive to relate to others or demand cooperation. Just make sure you keep a little of yourself in reserve.

10/27/19 Sunday

The moon shifts into Scorpio around 4:29 PM but doesn’t meet up with the Sun for 7 hours. During this moon void of course period (dead zone) we are best served by silent introspection and assessing the hot buttons around us. Try not to get overly suspicious or trapped in your own fears. Keep focused on passion, power, and purpose.

Prior to the new moon we are tested in our resolve and limits in any or all of our current commitments. We may find a wedge is being put between us and our principles. How do we handle this intrusion? It’s probably best to seek your own answers and work on your own in getting this “sliver” removed.

Using the analogy of a sliver we can aptly describe this new moon in Scorpio as the “tweezer new moon”. Just before midnight at 11:39 PM the new moon will arrive at 4 Scorpio 25. The theme for this period is about locating the irritant and removing it so we can clear away the pain. There is pain to be found in this new moon as healing is accomplished, don’t fear the beginning of this phase rather anticipate the final outcome.

10/28/19 Monday

Sun and Uranus oppose each other around 4:15 AM giving us some additional insight and feedback to the current Uranus retrograde cycle. We come to terms with a new sense of personal value and what will or will not serve our desires in the years ahead. We are all a bit more aware of the personal cost to our survival on a global level. Little things add up and we get to decide whether they are assets or liabilities in the days ahead. I hear as a postscript, take out the trash.

Mars pushes toward the void around 11:57pm. We are tilting at windmills and wonder if we are a little lost or just a bit misguided. Ease up on your need for fairness or justice and let the Universe guide you now for it has a great accounting system of it’s own.

10/29/19 Tuesday

Moon shifts to Sagittarius around 5:58 PM we are feeling a yearning and burning, not the kind that requires medical attention, rather the kind that seeks truth. We are pulled between our deeper desires and the bigger opportunities around us. We want to know ourselves on a soul level and yet….wouldn’t it be nice to just go where the grass is greener?

Mercury is moving slow and in two days will be officially retrograde. All that is going on right now and has been going on over the past several weeks is just grist for the mill. Take time to sort through your experiences, allow them to be ground down into the finest matter, and then allow them to be gathered and repackaged for further use once the retrograde is past.

This is your time to be still and allow your thoughts to penetrate deep within. There is where the best solutions and answers will be found.

All the best to you in the days ahead! Our next fair is 11/2/19 at the Wareham Elks Lodge from 10-5PM. This is a very popular and well attended fair with many readers, healers, and vendors.  Hope to see you there.

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