We sure do! With strawberry season coming to a close and a beautiful weekend on the horizon, we’re getting our fill of strawberries with this quick and easy salad from Well Plated!

Consider this recipe, and most salad recipes, more of an outline of the best route to take your tastebuds to flavortown instead of strict directions.

These ingredients will make an awesome Spinach Strawberry Salad as is, but you can always switch things up by adding a protein like chicken or salmon, and even switching out the fruit for something like blueberries or mandarin oranges!.

First thing’s first. You’ll need spinach. Spinach and strawberries are classic together and an excellent choice. For a twist, try using a blend of half locally grown micro-greens and half spinach.

Next, Strawberries! Buy the juiciest looking ones you can find. If your town has a local farmer’s market, head there first to check out their selection!

Get some crunch in there with toasted almonds or chopped walnuts! Erin says “whatever nuts you choose, be absolutely sure to toast them first—it makes them crisp and 1,000x more flavorful”.

Then comes the feta. Don’t you just love feta?! The key to a truly satisfying trip to tastebud heaven is to add a touch of creaminess, and feta is the guy for the job.

To give your salad a little bite to keep it from being too sweet, add in some red onion. Erin’s RED ONION TIP: “When you are using red onions raw like in this Spinach Strawberry Salad recipe, soak them in water first. This preserves the onions’ flavor but removes the harsh (and stubbornly lingering) aftertaste.”

I know what you’re thinking now, what about the dressing?!

Whether you’re a Panera Bread aficionado and need to have a Honey Poppy Seed Dressing, or you’re more of a Lemon and Olive Oil kinda person, this salad goes with almost anything. Get creative in that kitchen and see what you come up with, maybe you’ll find your new favorite dressing!

Have a happy Friday, folks!  A weekend spent with loved ones is a weekend well spent and it starts NOW!


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