Planet Flash – Week of 11/18/19

By Nancy Foley

We start out the week wondering if indeed it’s all in the past as new information spills out that previously was unknown or untold. It seems it is time for the brave to step forward while the timid step back into the shadows once again.

I hear you’ll never know what you are going to say until you say it! This seems to be true as many spend their day deferring, deflecting, or otherwise attempting to spin the dialogue in their preferred direction. Yet some say enough of this, it’s time to say what you mean and mean what you say.

11/18/19 Monday as the Moon and Mercury square up early this morning it has become a time of truth or self-aggrandizement. It will be interesting to see who gets to illustrate this point in our life both locally and globally. I think it will serve as a reveal for the true hero while showing up the hypocrite as we follow along in the narrative.

11/19/19 Tuesday I hear “migrate to a new position in the north or the south” it feels like this message is about extremism and choosing sides. However as Mars shifts to Scorpio, around 2:40 a.m., it might suggest a different type of choice one which involves spiritual evolution or transcendence as we look to rise up rather than be tethered to the baser impulses.

As we come upon the fourth quarter moon in Leo (27 Leo 14) at 4:11 p.m. we are directed toward self-mastery and interdependence. The spoiled brat or entitled one must understand the current reality. We are all in need of a fresh start in our life; one where we see inclusion rather than domination. If we all get a say and all play a part then no one is the outcast or the overlord. It’s time to see we are all in this together as a new tomorrow heads this way.

The moon shifts into Virgo around 8:54 p.m. reminding us we are all works in progress. We have so much to do over the next couple of days to improve or heal our lives. For now, let’s just take things one step at a time.

11/20/19 Wednesday Mars and Neptune call for an adjustment in our approach; it’s unclear as to whether we put ourselves or others around us first now. Mercury going direct at 2:12 pm might help shift our focus from pessimism to a new strategic way of thinking as insightful answers appear at this time.  We are able to express ourselves well around 4:32pm. Penetrating insights make for good company from this point on until early Friday morning.

11/21/19 Thursday today is the last full day of Sun in Scorpio so expect a bit of increased intensity as we look to analyze our lives at this time. We have a cooperative energy between the moon and sun which peaks around 10:31pm. This is a great day to solve the mysteries and perfect the process as Scorpio and Virgo show us what a great team they make. Good day to reconcile your bank accounts and review your spreadsheets!

Moon shifts into social Libra around 11:20pm. Now we seek to balance out our lives and find acceptance in our relationships instead of reformation. We want to be seen for who we are rather than the person you desire us to be; in this energy it can be hard to do at times. It’s always good to remember that true companionship starts with self-acceptance in addition to acceptance of another.

11/22/19 Friday the sun shifts into Sagittarius at 9:59 a.m. and we are off to the races. Nothing is going to hold us down or hold us back from a forward moving direction. Sagittarius is the ultimate explorer and one willing to take that leap of faith!

We may feel a bit restless as we get acclimated to this new energy but I suspect it won’t take too long. High hopes and great expectations can also lead to a sense of converting others to our way of life. It is here we may have to ratchet back our enthusiasm or experience some pushback as a result.

11/23/19 Saturday we enter the balsamic moon phase of the lunar cycle from now until Tuesday 11/26/19. It is time to reflect on what must be released in order to work on the new in the next cycle of time. This is a period where we might be inclined to make a concession if it can get us out of the fray. Just remember whatever you give away now will not be available later on.

11/24/19 Sunday Mars opposes Uranus around 11:51 a.m. putting us in a challenging position in our relationships. We may find our enthusiasm found earlier in the morning, around 8:33 a.m., has taken things a little too far. We are off course and could feel misdirected based on what we think we deserve or have earned in a certain situation. Watch who or what you give power to because it might not provide the great return you are expecting. Everyone’s agenda is about to surface today.

Moon shifting to Scorpio at 12:58 p.m. might be the saving grace as it reveals the underpinnings or hidden motives in the situations around us. The key is to not be provoked or provoking but rather be still and wait to see what happens next. Much can be revealed at the time of the dark moon in Scorpio.

11/25/19 Monday we are in a moon void of course (dead zone energetically) from 12:30 p.m. today through 3:11 a.m.; let your grand plans simmer on the back burner today. This is a good time to sort through things and purge what is no longer needed for the journey ahead.

Venus moves into Capricorn at 7:28 p.m. our relationships become more serious and perhaps transactional in nature for the month ahead. We want to see results plus get the respect called for in our relationships through aquiring a certain status or title.

11/26/19 Tuesday is the new moon in Sagittarius (4 Sagittarius 03) at 10:06 a.m. This is a time to rise and shine by showing the world who we are and what we are here to do. If we are spending too much time explaining ourselves or defending our position this month than we are obviously doing something wrong. This new moon likes things to be self-evident and for us to display self-confidence without erring on the side of zeal or false pride. To all things be true and most importantly be true to yourself!!!

Since this is the last new moon before the next solar eclipse it might be worthwhile to explore the messages from the last solar eclipse in July (7/2/19)  so as to understand their full impact on your life and put things in the proper context.

I see the image of the two masks one of comedy and one of tragedy in my mind’s eye. It seems to me this period is revealing how we live a life of our own making based on our level of personal understanding. What we demand from others relates to what we ask of our self. Those who are aware of their real needs can get their needs met. Those who expect others to know their needs while they thrash around in the dark become a danger not only to themselves but those around them. We all must come to see the guiding force that helps transform us from immaturity to wisdom; in essence nothing happens outside of us which isn’t emanating from within. To turn from suffering to salvation we must clear out the wounding of the past and transmute that energy from projection to enlightenment. Each struggle has a lesson that is only learned when we relinquish the past and move on to share wisdom and knowledge with others. This really does relate to the old adage “many are called but few are chosen”.

On that note I wish you a good week ahead. We are open for business right up till Thanksgiving Day. We are reachable by phone or text at 781-447-3993, so contact us now to set your appointment.  

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