Planet Flash – Week of 9/30/19

By Nancy Foley

As I begin to write this week’s flash I am being shown two friends on a tennis court. As they take a moment to hydrate and catch their breath one says to the other that was my match. The other turns astonished saying, “I didn’t think we were keeping score”.

In that moment each knows where the other stands; it seems assumptions and suppositions have given way to a new reality! Now the competition begins and the friendship takes a backseat as one becomes the opponent to the other.  A silence follows but one could imagine a spectator to the scene saying, “all’s fair in love and war”.

All this week we go back to what justice and fairness really means. Standards shift, allegiances change, and perhaps we recognize that line that isn’t meant to be crossed was only temporary at best. If you have a deal breaker/deal maker experience during this period know it’s all about showing you were you really stand. In knowing where we stand we redefine ourselves in relationship to other and offer insights into our own direction ahead.

9/30/19 Monday opens with moon shifting into Scorpio around 5:42 am. We may experience some instinctual feelings around a situation where we felt sabotaged or assaulted by others. Revenge and retribution could be themes now. A sense of strength and weakness are a two edged sword that could come between us and another party. We may need to be cautious or vigilant as we move ahead so as not to be taken advantage of or over play our part.

10/1/19 Tuesday requires a price to be paid. We are caught in a trap around dedication and the real cost of the deal being made. A certain intensity or extremism pushes or pulls in a certain direction throughout the day.

10/2/19 Wednesday moon shifts to Sagittarius around 7:44 am. A certain need to be in the know could ultimately lead to a sense of self-righteousness during the day.  You may pride yourself on clever solutions around lunch time; it’s good to see your mind work! The more you can assess, analyze, and integrate yourself into a situation the better you will feel.

10/3/19 Thursday there is a shift in the energy; a ripple in the fabric of time. Pluto is direct once again as of 2:39 am today. Then Mercury moves into Scorpio around 4:14am. In some way we want to regain our position of power and maintain a certain hold on our life. Yet we see that the “game” has taken on a serious note. This isn’t a friendly place for those who are unsure of where they stand. Those who are insecure within themselves may become vindictive or seek vindication over time.  Watch out for those who want to take a swipe at you; anticipate their actions as you make your approach.

10/4/19 Friday Mars has moved into Scorpio as of 12:22 am this morning. We are looking towards team work and rebalancing extremes over the next couple of weeks. The focus will be on reclaiming your direction and not sacrificing yourself to keep things on an even keel.

We can start to focus on our place in any relationships and practice staying in our lane rather than getting pulled off course.

10/5/19 Saturday we are set up for the first quarter moon (challenge round of the month) at 12:47 pm. The sun in Libra and moon in Capricorn has us pulled between fresh starts and traditional patterns.  Perhaps we are required to reconsider what allies or allegiances belong in the past and where we go in the present or future.

The more solid you are within yourself (inner security) the less likely you are to be destabilized by your interactions with others.  With moon and Saturn joining up around 4:40pm we are finding our emotional anchors. Today we may find ourselves looking for deeper answers and solutions around that time as we feel that we are on solid ground in our key relationship (the one with our self).

10/6/19 Sunday the Sun squares up with the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn creating what is known as a moon wobble. It’s a wonky energy that spans out in our life for days before and after this time. We are like inclinometers, an instrument used for measuring angles of slope (or tilt), elevation, or depression of an object with respect to gravity’s direction, trying to resynch or recalibrate at this time. In other words what’s up and what’s down might be the topic of discussion for days to come.

Moon shifts into Aquarius around 11:42pm giving us rise; a new incline. We might find that we have moved up to the crest of the hill or peak of the mountain with a new view from this height. The question is whether to look up or look down from this new position!

10/7/19 Monday we recover our balance from our peak experience yesterday or very early today. Can we go there, can we stay there, or will we never go there again? I guess it all depends on our fear of heights. Can we elevate ourselves beyond our current limits we might just have an answer around 3:07pm when Sun and Saturn square off. This is the time where we complete a cycle that began around January 2, 2019 this year. Who really is in control and in charge? I see a summons being served and feel that in some way certain people will be called on to justify their position or even their moral or ethical standards.

What begins now may be the subject for review during the Mercury retrograde that begins at the end of this month. Think long and hard on what are really matters of principle and not pride.

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