Planet Flash Week of 5/12/19

By Nancy Foley

The planetary ruler of Taurus (Venus) is speeding towards the highest degrees of Aries. We are attracted to the people and things that make us feel free and connected to who we are at this time.  The competition in life is part of what excites us; the challenge to be first is exhilarating over the next several days. It also shows us where we are drawn to pursue certain attractions or interests without considering the consequences; immediate gratification. The practical evaluation of our dreams and desires come under scrutiny in the next several weeks ahead.

Sunday 5/12/19 Happy Mother’s Day! We are all being shown or told that in some way if you aren’t happy now it’s up to you to do something about it over the next 48 hours; the time has come to take the initiative. Today may be a day of healing and improving your life in small but significant ways. The little things matter!

Monday 5/13/19 the day takes on a restless energy as the time to take action draws nearer. Life feels like a game where winning is the only option. Do you know what stands in your path? Who stands in your way? What direction is your best choice? Lots of things to consider as you set out on your chosen path.

YOUR WAY becomes the focus throughout the day. You may even be reminded of goals or opportunities you have been seeking since 11/26/18 and how they are now not serving you as you once hoped or thought they might.  Issues around work or health could be important considerations today. The plan and the way things are shaping up aren’t quite aligned or materializing as you thought they might. Reshaping your life is a focus at this time.

Empowerment is a major energy swirling around us later in the evening. We may be looking back to our struggles or accomplishments around the period of 1/11/19. Did you find you were fighting an uphill battle or resisting the urge to take control? We have a chance to improve our situation now by reflecting on what was happening then. I hear “battle ready” but that just means it’s important to have the right armor should you need to go to war. Most of what this energy is about is not having a thin skin when tough situations around us. We need to be a bit more self-reliant or at least resilient in the days and weeks ahead.

Tuesday 5/14/19 the war mentioned above may actually be the inner war of winning. You are really competing against yourself at this time. The only way to lose is not to try. Stay focused on the major battle and don’t settle for the little skirmish to release tension or blow off steam. Go the distance; fight for what defines you and reinforces who you really are.

Moon shifts from analytical Virgo into relationship building Libra around 2:52 PM today. Justice and fairness counts over the next several days but so does the money left on the table! We may find that between today and tomorrow life is determined from a new sense of values or the balance we have in any fair trade. Trade wars might flare up or be resolved at some point this week.

Wednesday 5/15/19 Venus shifts to Taurus around 5:56 AM. We are starting to define life by what can be bought, built, or materialize around us. The payback or pay check matters and we aren’t quite as interested in competing as we are in building up our bank account. In some way Taurus feels a need to have things as a reflection of worth and a sense of security. Owning rather than renting becomes a theme as three planets now in Taurus (Sun, Mercury, and Venus) draw energy towards our investment in life via the material plane.

Venus was last in Taurus April of 2018 so we might be building on what was taking place at that time. We might also be refocusing our energy on certain societal interests such as music, bodywork, great art or the creature comforts a good life can provide.

Mars moves into Cancer around 11:10 PM which will certainly shift our approach. We had a lot of verbal battles and mental jousting over the past month or so while Mars was in dualistic Gemini. We kept trying to pit two ends against the middle but now that time is over for a while. It’s time to go at things sideways and see what happens next. We are bit more cautious or indirect in approaching a situation now; we are all on guard because of our heightened sensitivity.

With Mars still Out of Bounds from now until June 12th I expect we could be absorbing some emotional shockwaves from time to time. Mars in Cancer is less direct in its approach at this time but likes to press emotional buttons. Your feelings can be the tools or weapons as you protect or defend what matters to you most. Remember all those commercials in the past for good causes that would show starving children or mistreated animals to get you to do something for the cause? I image we will see much of that in the weeks ahead as stirring up others through guilt, blame, or shame can be effective trigger mechanisms .

One hot button issue that will get a lot of public play is abortion and child welfare. Whatever your stance is on this issue remember there is a conservative motive behind what we are seeing at this time. Home and family i.e. patriotism and nationalism will also be stirred up in the days ahead.

Thursday 5/16/19 I hear “today is the day”! When I look at the energy of this day it feels like we have some solid ground to stand on as we focus on our business goals and work agenda. Practical and well thought out decisions can be made today. Immediate gratification has been replaced by a greater return on investment and a perhaps a bit slower pace.

Friday 5/17/19 something may come along today to trip us up or cost us more than we had expected. False promises or misjudgments cause us to review the facts before going forward or stepping away. With Jupiter showing us the inner wisdom of the situation at hand we may now see what before we assumed had been all right but really never was. The cost or work involved will help us make a decision that could be very beneficial and practical as we focus on the return in our investments. This last sentence makes me think of home inspectors who help us see  assets or liabilities from an expert’s point of view.

Saturday 5/18/19 there are no victims or villains today only those who are wise or easily led astray. You have a choice in the matter and a responsibility to yourself to own up to what really holds meaning to you at this time. Don’t let something go just to avoid controversy. If it matters to you IT MATTERS and claiming your prize is part of the lesson around self-worth.

Venus and Uranus meet up around 12:17 PM and exciting times could be around us for today. We are given a chance to get out of the rut we have been in financially or emotionally, all it takes is saying OK. However if we are trying to not be shaken up and remain fixed in our position be prepared for a disturbing day.  This is a day where small pleasures or unexpected gifts could bring a sense of appreciation or understanding; tokens of love hold great meaning today!

Full moon arrives around 5:12 PM. This is the most spiritual energy of the year. Now is the time where spirit and matter are here to be reshaped into the form of a six pointed star. Those who are properly grounded can reach to spirit and those who are in spirit can be called back to earth. We are looking at the flow in life and seeing where we have been holding on to certain things or situations actually choking off the energy. Today let it go, let it flow and you will find the wealth and abundance of life in both materially and spiritual terms.

Moon shifts to Sagittarius around 9:22 PM so we may experience a paradigm shift or a new truth as a result. Perhaps we see where too much is too much at this time. It’s time to trim the fat and get back to what supports our personal growth and wellbeing.

Sunday 5/19/19 reminds us if we seek to grow we must extend our reach or grasp of the bigger picture. We can’t stay in our own little bubble and be part of the world at large. We must be willing to expand beyond our own little comfort zone and experience a challenge or bit of unease. It’s time to take things a step further and see what comes our way.

This week we are open for readings just call or text us at 781-447-3993 to get your appointment set with either Tom or Nancy or both of us. We have a lot of great information coming our way as the Universe opens to new dimensions and seeks to bring some grounding support for us all.

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