Planet Flash

Week of 5/27/19

By Nancy Foley

The parent starts the story, “Once upon a time”. The child interrupts with a thousand questions such as how long ago, where are they, is this a magic kingdom or for real? The curious mind wants to take us all over the place and many times can cause confusion or disrupt the flow. You have met this child at bedtime. They suddenly start looking for reasons the story shouldn’t end or unmet bedtime needs that have yet to be addressed (such as the glass of water or favorite snuggle pal currently absent from their arms). I would say the more we anticipate these needs beforehand the less likely they are to come up later on but kids are ingenious and they can outwit even the best parent at times always finding some new delaying tactic.

Many times we are drawn to the delaying tactic in our adult lives too. We know something is reaching toward a deadline and try to find one reason or another to avoid what we are called to do. This week might have that kind of energy more than once.

Sunday’s last quarter moon (yesterday) might have shown us where we are procrastinators at times. It may have revealed where our dissatisfaction is at present. So I ask you to ask yourself, in this week ahead, where does the myth fall short. What were you expecting to be happening at this point in the year or in this point in your life? In some way are you looking for that unmet need to be addressed before you can settle down to work or sleep?

Monday 5/27/19 Happy Memorial Day. We may feel a bit out of sync today. As much as we enjoy a holiday it does throw off our routine. This might be a time where we feel required to do too many things all in the same day and falling a bit short as a result. Resolution for today: plan less, enjoy more.

Tuesday 5/28/19 moon shifts to Aries around 2:32 PM. I feel that might be when we feel back in our life or more connected to what is going on around us. So if you have important work to do try to plan in for the afternoon.

The evening period brings a great sense of camaraderie and we feel drawn closer to certain people or situations. Intentions might be set or plans made for more socializing in the weeks ahead; perhaps its feeling good to be connected to others after the previous weekend’s events. Being around a diverse group of people helps us to see things we hadn’t seen or considered in that way until now.

Wednesday 5/29/19 how you see yourself will be how the day plays out. Today is a time to see where your head is at and how you interpret your experiences to reinforce your own script. This can be a very good day or a very challenging day as a result. The theme for today is to believe in yourself and see any resistant you encounter as grist for the mill. The more you examine your illusions or assumptions the less inclined you are to suffer today.

Thursday 5/30/19 we are in an adjustment period today. Take the temperature in the room before engaging. Look to others around you for options or previously held opinions which could now gain some ground. Time could drag in the later morning hours. Slow down your pace and wait for the tide to turn on Friday. This is the day where entanglements and confusion bog things down perhaps perpetuating one delay after another.

We are filled with enthusiasm and grand plans late in the evening. Since you can’t act on them right now perhaps you want to write them down for use later on say around June 4th.

Friday 5/31/19 we’ve reached the end of another month, seems the energy of the year is speeding up now! Opportunities that present themselves can be acted on immediately; projects are green lit. If things start to get a little out of alignment a bit later today make sure you are available to keep them going.

Moon shifted to steady Taurus energy around 12:43 AM. This may help us focus on what is worth our energy and time for the next several days. It may also have us confront what shakes our confidence because of instability or uncertainty of the great idea or insincerity of the people involved.

You may find yourself working with mental puzzles or mulling over some private information before heading off to bed. It’s best to keep things to yourself and allow things to transform over time. Was that Freudian slip an important sign of what’s ahead? Something is telling us to keep watch and pay further attention to something now.

Saturday 6/1/19 we are so drawn to the beauty of a person or thing that we forget ourselves. This is the day where we could throw caution to the wind but regret it a bit later on. It is hard to fend off this energy as we respond quickly to our desire nature.

Around lunch time we feel a more disciplined kind of energy take hold. Perhaps we are recognizing that we are over indulging in one place in our life because we are under indulging in another. What is really worth it and what only seems that way; this is the question to ask today.

Sunday 6/2/19 moon shifts to Gemini around 7:49 AM. Curiosity and attitude adjustments are on the menu for the next couple of days. For most of the day people may be very chirpy just like our feathered friends. But don’t be surprised if you hear some squawking by the end of the day. Sometimes we can get a bit over stimulated by all that is going on around us.

Late in the evening we find our passions intensifying. We are mesmerized by our connections as the evening draws to a close. We definitely know what we want now and it empowers us in some way.

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