Planet Flash for the week of 1/13/2020

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon

As this week begins to take shape I am shown a person on stilts walking through the crowd. It seems that he is making his way quickly albeit with a bit different approach than others around him. The concept of elevation speaks to our sense of self, our ego, our will power, and how we chose to navigate this lifetime.

Perhaps with all the heavy energy of last week some are finding themselves moving ahead, rising above what continues to holds others to a lower standard or mundane perspective. Are you stuck in the yolk of the path before you, fighting hard for the past or prior standards of living? Have you come to see that sometimes exploring a different approach or method is the only way to get through the current tests or challenges life is serving up?

With all the Capricorn energy being emphasized at this week we get to see where tenacity works for us and against us now.  Don’t worry if you can’t quite determine where to go next, now is the time to try on those stilts and gain the new perspective. By late March when the energy shows you the road ahead (or the off ramp) you will be ready to go towards the next direction.

For now let’s just see what the week ahead is revealing:

Monday 1/13/20 we start the week with the Sun shining its light on the Saturn Pluto influence around us. The Sun passes over Pluto at 8:21 AM here the personal will begins to resonate with the influence of the power complex around us.

Then the moon shifts from Leo to Virgo at 9:06 AM the need to dominate or dictate is over taken by the need to serve or improve. This may take the pressure down a notch in any personal battles of will and start to fix problems that have begun to surface. I am seeing the image of a mason cementing the cracks in the foundation while a structural engineer determines whether the structure is up to bearing the weight anymore.

Around 10:15 AM the Sun passes over Saturn. Now we get the report and face the reality, the terms and conditions, the knowledge of how gravity is working for or against us at this time. Some things stand the test of time while other things need to be shored up, replaced, or torn down. We learn with the heavy energy in Capricorn nothing manmade can outlast time eventually it will wear down or give out.

Venus makes its move into Pisces around 1:39 AM bringing with it a desire for unity and call for compassion. This is a period over the next five weeks where we wear our heart on our sleeve. Though facing reality can bring pain and suffering, love and devotion can bring salvation provided we see things for what they are and not what they could be.

Tuesday 1/14/20 today Saturn moves one degree further into Capricorn and helps us to see where self-restraint is needed to keep us from going over the edge or failing to stay on track. If we want to see results we have to stay focused so take the time to plan your work and work your plan. Those who think they can just “wing it” will be sadly disappointed.

Around 7:48 PM a tension occurs between Mars and Pluto. This could provoke unscrupulous people to act in unpopular ways. It’s a time of saber rattling and false bravado. Those who think they can do anything they want may find backlash and a surprising shut down to their actions or proposals. Somebody needs to back off or be put in their place and those who have the control will most certainly flex their power or authority to maintain their certainty.

Wednesday 1/15/20 at 4:17 AM Mars now confronts Saturn in a tension pattern quite similar to yesterday evening. The difference is rules are being laid down or certain controls are being called upon. An image of a safety net on a flight deck pops up as I write these words. Restraint is about controlling a situation in motion and not about stopping progress. There are no half-way measures it seems, it’s all the way or no way at all. That which cannot restrain itself on its own will face restraints to keep it or others safe; this is about protection coming from those who understand the danger of some powerful force out of control.

Moon moves from analytic Virgo to team building Libra around 10:43 AM. We can better understand the need for fairness, justice, and weighing both sides of the matter at hand. The balance scale must be free to measure the loss and gain.

Around 6:18 PM Venus and Uranus seek a cooperative relationship. This may be important news brought through our hidden connections. We may find that new support is coming from our valuable connections in unexpected ways. Divine messengers or guides appear from various corners of our life.

Jupiter is moving into the second ten degrees (decan) of Capricorn know and our guiding forces take us into the realm of our resources, self-worth, and values. We come to see that hard work can pay off. We could also see where a certain status consciousness keeps us enslaved to our assets. Over time many things lose their value while many things increase their value it all depends on the relevance of the times.

Thursday 1/16/20 Mercury moves from the conservative influence of Capricorn into progressive energy of Aquarius around 1:31 PM. This could bring a fresh perspective and radical ideas into our conversations and point of view. With an eye on the future we consider alternative plans and look for new groups to follow or lead. We know the black swan theory is waiting to be applied based on the events of this time.

Look at what is happening on the down low at this time. With moon squaring both Pluto and Saturn today a rational explanation is needed to keep things in balance. How could we let someone get away with grabbing power and taking control? Why it’s one little detail at a time. Now we can loop back and rebalance our position no matter how incredible things have become.

Friday 1/17/20 we are in the energy of the last quarter moon in Libra around 7:58 AM. Time has come to challenge foregone conclusions and look at new evidence on the matter. We are called upon to see for ourselves the hidden motivations behind any peacemaking or deal making now; I see the devil poised with pen in hand waiting for us to sign on the dotted line. This makes me think of the government agreements with the Native Americans back in the 1800’s. Greed and self-interest are the tools the devil uses best the pen is just a nice touch for the flourish at the end.

Moon moves to Scorpio around 1:20 PM. This may be a deeply significant energy to pull us this way or that. The desire for change and the way to work through others to achieve it could bring a passive range to our feelings over the next day or two.

Saturday 1/18/20 with Mercury squaring Uranus (newly direct) around 3:32 AM something could crash into our consciousness. We may wake up with a new perspective that helps us to see what we couldn’t beforehand. What represents freedom and a good life; these aren’t mutually exclusive ideas after all. Now is the time to adjust the framework so you can include the whole picture.

Sunday 1/19/20 Mars and Jupiter help us to understand the rules of the game and the possible outcomes around 7:46 AM. We come to see that we have inner limits that predetermine or define how lucky we can be. If we aren’t open to any number of possible outcomes we tend to see the same results each and every time.

Moon shifts to Sagittarius around 5:41 PM heightening our expectations and our need to be in motion. We want to see the road ahead and find out what’s really on the other side of the fence that’s held us here for so long. A need to test our limits or those limits we have been abiding by for so long (a month or more at least) is today’s mission.

Monday 1/20/20 sun shifts to progressive and idealistic Aquarius at 9:55 AM. It seems apt that we celebrate Martin Luther King on this day since its energy does reflect his energy. This is the time of the maverick and he was certainly that in his time.

Moon and Mars join up around 2:47 PM helping us to take things to another level. We all have a mountain to climb and show others a reason to reach up or be inspired. Though we can’t lead them there we can show them what once was considered impossible is now not only possible but being done right here and right now. We all know the way inner truth and self-understanding.

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