Planet Flash

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley

We start this week through the focus of a New Moon in Sagittarius; a typically auspicious energy. This year this new moon may indeed feel like the light at the end of the tunnel. However we come at this with a more mature and serious sense around what is possible perhaps even feeling a bit worn out or worn down based on what has been taking place over the past 2.5 years while Saturn(the taskmaster)was in Sagittarius.

Do you remember how a couple of years ago everything seemed possible and what we deemed impossible was rarely on our radar? Now think about what you have accomplished over the past two years and how much work it took to actually succeed. There were a lot of things you didn’t understand about what you were attempting until you got into the thick of it. Answer honestly did you almost give up when you realized what you were up against? If you actually did give up did you find something better to take its place? Have you found your sense of the possible and impossible radically change (especially this year)?

Today and every day over the next four weeks we are putting everything into the proper context. This week and especially today it’s all about the story we tell ourselves and share with others about this stage of the journey. As you tell your story you might inspire others based on your experiences….ah to be a leader, teacher or guide!

Remember if you can help one person achieve their goals or higher potential you have done a lot. Key to this week is remembering also you are not here to convert others to your point of view but rather to show them how success comes from staying the course and finding the right direction on the path you travel. In thinking about these past two sentences I think this helps clarify the difference between a missionary and zealot.

Speaking of zealots….boy, haven’t we had a lot of different factions doing battle over controlling the rhetoric and perhaps even our minds! I guess one good way to learn your truth is to be lead through a time of propaganda and misinformation. I might be inclined to rename the time of Saturn in Sagittarius to the time of zealotry, hypocrisy, and the political crusade; the power of misinformation. For those of you in your late 30’s and early 40’s you may have discovered the kool-aid you have been drinking in previous years doesn’t taste so good as your illusions were shattered during this time.

The moon has now already shifted as of (8:34 am) to Capricorn and life is getting a bit more real. The ordering system of our lives is about to become a big theme as Saturn moves into Capricorn tomorrow 12/19/17 as well. Much of today’s energy into tomorrow may feel like a rush to the finish line as we can intuitively feel the energies shifting around us. If someone drives too fast, drinks too much, or exhibits other excessive behavior today into tomorrow it might really flare up.

There is some movie line that goes, “this shit is about to get serious” and we may all find ourselves saying that a time or two over the next 2.5 years. Consequences for our impulsive behaviors will be popping up around us now. We can’t get away with the lies anymore (to our self or others). Personal integrity and higher standards are themes throughout the rest of the month and into the year (actually 2.5 years) ahead. Peter Pan will be put on the shelf over the next couple of years as we all begin to grow up and establish ourselves in some more “adult” fashion. If you know where the door to Capricorn opens in your chart you will be dusting off the welcome mat and prepare to spend a lot of time there.

Wednesday 12/20/17 you may have a hard time proving your point. Perhaps this is a time to see what others are doing or look for more progressive options in your social circle. One of the themes for this week is the value of negotiation or arbitration vs. compromise. I keep hearing the Beatles song “We Can Work It Out”. I think the message for today is about allowing each person to be heard, have their say, and perhaps for a moment walk in another person’s shoes. Perhaps there is a critical difference between right and being just or fair.

Moon shifts into Aquarius around 9:30 pm and we all need some breathing room over the next few days. There may be too oxygen in the room as everyone has their say.

Thursday we celebrate the winter solstice as the sun moves to Capricorn around 11:28 am. Soon after we feel pressure to protect our privacy and may push others away to get free of any heaviness around us. I feel like I want to say watch out for those in their shiny suits. By this I mean the people who don’t fit in but try so hard to do so. Feeling in or out of our element might be a negotiation as we have just moved from bigger, bolder, brighter Sagittarius to conservative and consolidating Capricorn.

By 4:09 PM as the Sun meets up with Saturn we gain a certain sense of how things are being controlled around us. Look at who steps forward and who steps back in the days and weeks ahead. Since Saturn is now in a cardinal sign (Capricorn) we are not focusing so much on our perspective as we are in our actions. Cardinal signs like to get things done and Capricorn likes to establish a sense of order and control most of all.

Friday 12/22/17 Mercury stations direct around 8:50 PM. How much joy in “whoville” is there now? Keep the light of Christmas in your heart and know that we can draw upon what we have learned about ourselves over the past couple of years to take us to the next level. As Mercury finishes up its journey we work off proven results or time-tested beliefs that will help us climb the nearest mountain successfully this time. I hear don’t look at the promise look at the facts and I am sure we will in the days ahead.

Saturday 12/23/17 moon shifts to unity conscious Pisces. Feels like a good moon placement for Christmas. Peace on earth, goodwill to men might actually manifest for a while now.

Sunday 12/24/17with moon and Jupiter and Neptune all in water signs we could feel more deeply now than at other times of the year. We can send out waves of love as a unified force field and help shift the negative vibrations. Is today the time for a toxic clean out? Let’s hope that each time the bell rings (church, choir, or Salvation army) an angel truly gets its wings here on earth and in other energetic fields as well.

Monday 12/25/17 Venus enters Capricorn and we could look to further our commitment s in our life and loves now. We will honor our social contracts in the next four weeks ahead. We might also feel the need to conserve our resources in business or financial matters in light of any perceived excess or financial hangover. Perhaps as the packages are unwrapped we look at what truly matters and count our blessings in a whole new way. For it isn’t the gift it’s the giver that is our greatest resource and cherished treasure, without each other who are we after all? Hug those that matter most and draw love around you as you are reminded once again love and hope are the greatest currencies we have to give out to any and all.

Moon enters Aries around 7:27 PM. We might feel less inclined to be so cooperative now. Perhaps a good time to organize a night time snow ball fight or play some board games as our competitive urges emerge. Prepare yourself for the first quarter moon is only hours away!

First quarter moon occurs on 12/26/17 at 4:21 AM. You feel the need to go for it but you might be up against delays or a red light. Where do you have to follow the rules or customs and where can you make your own rules; this will be the challenge. Perhaps some creative ventures or small business opportunities are ahead for you! Everyone is challenged to find their own path while working within the current reality!!! Is this the time to work within the system while having the system work for us? Stay tuned next week to see how we do.

I am grateful for your readership and support of our services throughout this year. May your life be rich and satisfying and your family health and happy throughout the year ahead. Blessings to you all! If you would like to welcome in the winter solstice with us we are offering a workshop on 12/21/17 from 7-8:30 PM ($30). We do have some openings still and if you wish to attend please call me ta 781-447-3993 or contact me here. We are offering half-hour phone readings from now through January at a special winter rate $45 instead of our usual $50. To order your reading you just go to the website and click there at the winter rate. We will be open most days through the holidays except for Christmas Eve night and Christmas. We also have a couple of openings for holiday house parties in December or January. There will be no planet flash next week.

Thank you.

Nancy and Tom Foley


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