Summer endings…Part 1

Summer endings…Part 1

Well it is that time again where we have to pull the boats and I start to go into my depression. I think this year will be different, I think I will re-acquaint myself with Maine. As I reflect on my summer boating season, there were a few rides that stood out.

The first being our annual family vacation to honor Ginny our mom. This year we rented a house in Oak Bluffs Martha’s Vineyard. The rental property just happened to include a dock for the boat and a private beach. What a great week we had. Other than blowing one of the transmissions in the boat the memories were awesome and worth every penny.

I highly recommend spending time there especially with kids. So much for them to do all within walking distance. Between the famous carousal, jaws bridge, bowling, movies, Backdoor Donuts and great food what else could you ask for. Renting bikes, cars mopeds, jet skis!

The kids truly appreciated it and I know Ginny was watching down upon us and smiling. Every year we will celebrate her legacy, thank her for the lessons she shared and the values she taught us to always appreciate. We will also make sure we grant her most important wish: That the grandchildren always know each other and reminded just who they are and where they came from….


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