Planet Flash Week of 8/26/19

By Nancy Foley

This week we move ahead toward a New Moon and a new month. With all the energy of the Sun, Venus, and Mars in Mercury ruled Virgo it feels like everyone is waiting around for Mercury to show up. Seems he was having a hard time leaving the good times of Leo and wasn’t in any hurry to step into the practical earthy energy of Virgo.

However all grand ideas must eventually be tested and this week they will on or about Thursday the 29th; the day Mercury enters the sign of Virgo once again. Until then we may feel a sense of being cornered or conditioned to be more realistic as though someone is trying to bring us down a notch or two. The Mercury energy still in Leo helps keeps us more positive and confident for now as we shift gears heading toward the analytic and cautious Virgo wave around us.

Monday 8/26/19 we are feeling the seasonal shift with temperatures falling and back to school advertisements everywhere. Now is the time to plan ahead and determine what we need to do to organize or improve our life a step at a time. Perhaps we will leave the grand plans behind either as unrealized fantasies or use them as motivation for what’s ahead. Certainly we will feel a need to be more aware of the time at hand and how to schedule ourselves accordingly.

This morning we may find new or interesting ways to achieve our desires. Perhaps we aren’t asking for anything more than is our due but the way we perceive this experience brings a new awareness in our relationship with the ordinary or usual. We are open to upgrades and advancements so long as the bring improvement!

Tuesday 8/27/19 today is the day you may find appreciation for your efforts. You feel like others can see your value and admire what you bring with you wherever you go. It’s a good moment in an otherwise difficult day. It’s not that things are awful really it’s just you are hyper aware of what could go wrong in so many little ways. They say the devil is in the details and you are feeling his presence!

Stay calm and carry on is a good theme for today. You may need remind yourself of that theme when someone tries to bully past your efforts. It’s probably good that Mercury is still in Leo because it helps you keep your head high and look beyond what skirmishes are around you.

Now when the moon shifts to Leo around 7:54 PM things might take on a bit different level of energy. Suddenly any disruptions or aggravations could be met with a bold or dramatic response. No one will get the better of you tonight but then again they may just walk away a bit confused over your current mood change.

Wednesday 8/28/19 worries or anxiety over the budget or work related matters may have us feeling a bit unhappy. We seem to be miles away from what we want or need at this time. The good news is this may lead us to consider alternatives or new solutions to our worries that actually make us happy in the end. In essence we find that road map that helps us cover the miles ahead!

Sometimes in problem solving we have to get down before we can see up. This is one of those times. Remember this is the last day of Mercury in Leo so take advantage of the positive mental attitude that comes through this sign. Don’t get caught up in the drama or battle of wills that could infect your outlook stay focused on the inner spirit of creative genius; find the fun in the experience and don’t forget humor is a great step toward conflict resolution.

Thursday 8/29/19 just before Mercury changes signs we may be gifted with a flash of insight in the wee hours of the morning. Then around 3:48 AM we begin to break things down into useful ideas for the days ahead.

This is a good thing as we enter a period of adjustment around our principles and “the” policies that are becoming the new standard in our environment. Keeping it real and relevant will be the focus for most of today. Nobody can get away with much for very long with all five of the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) in Virgo. Most likely they will try anyway until the moon has crossed over into Virgo around 7:58 PM tonight. That transitional Leo moon today isn’t making anything easier that’s for sure, as pride and trust are hot button issues.

Later this evening around 10:23 PM Moon and Mercury meet up making some Practical Magic! We can work with the cycles of nature and time to create rituals and routines which support tomorrow’s new moon.

Friday 8/30/19 we are a bit edgy or jumpy as we head into the day for our nervous energy is at its peak. Around 6:38 AM we are entering the pull and sway of the new moon in Virgo around 7 degrees. The Sabian symbol for this time is tradeoffs. Now is the time for the dress rehearsal where you can still make adjustments while seeing things in the proper setting. Whatever is holding you back now can be used to your advantage later on so take your time to reassess your situation; time and attention on your strongest assets.

Saturday 8/31/19 it’s the Labor Day weekend! For some this is a farewell to summer and for others the hello to fall. Whatever way you perceive this period this is a good day to segue from one period of the year to another. At this time we prepare to batten down the hatches in preparation for the rough seas ahead. Every little improvement we make now will pay off in the days ahead and everything we chose to overlook will come back to haunt us later on.

Moon enters Libra around 7:09 PM teamwork may be on the list as football returns, schedules are busier, and festivals are attended. As so often is said “many hands make light work”.

Sunday 9/1/19 a new month arrives and with it new perspectives around what we value in our work and health. Mercury and Uranus help us focus on these matters during the morning introducing great ideas around advancement and improvements somewhere in our life. Perhaps a new technology or methodology will be considered or acquired during this weekend as a result.

Monday 9/2/19 Happy Labor Day! We are focused on pursuing our self- interests and assessing where we can be of service to others as well. We may struggle with the choices between frugality and potential opportunities. Do we have what it takes to make the next leap forward? This is a question that continues to challenge us right up until 9/12/19. By then we will have to know the answer for now we just have to get comfortable with the question as move toward the crossroads ahead.

This week is a pivotal time for the fall set up. We hope you have an opportunity to bid summer a fond farewell and get all your pencils sharpened in preparation for some wonderful planning sessions. Take a bit of time to just BE before you plunge in the prevailing energy of DOING and allow the wheel of life to spin once again.

We have a few openings this week and only a 2pm afternoon appointment open on Sunday. Please call or text us at 781-447-3993 if you want to book a reading. Thank you.

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