Jan 16, 2018

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley


Today we stand at the base of the mountain preparing ourselves for the next climb to the top. As with any important journey we must gather our thoughts, collect our important support tools such as map, guides, and an overall sense of direction. One of the most important tools at our disposal is a sense of what is necessary and needed for us to sustain ourselves over the long haul.

While yesterday we may have made shifts and changes today we convince ourselves of the rightness of our journey. Ironic perhaps that the man who we honor today, Martin Luther King, is most remembered for his sense of rightness in his journey. Without a dream, a goal, or a plan we are adrift in the Universe and with a dream, a goal, or a plan we are aligned with the Universe.

Today take the time to explore your deepest desires and allow them to take shape; i.e. create the road map for your future. You will know if you are on to something based on the tingles that run down your spine as you prepare for what’s ahead over the next few weeks and ultimately the next six months or so. The more you can feel your power the more empowered you will become through inner truth and personal integrity.

Tuesday as we gain a feeling of certainty around our life direction, ambitions, or the mountain we are about to climb a bit of a last minute challenge may cause us to question or alter our direction. It’s just reminding us that we are strong enough to adjust as needed rather than demand ultimate control in the face of change.

New Moon arrives at 9:18 PM @ 26-27 Capricorn. This is the time to set your intention around your life purpose for the year ahead. What are you seeking to accomplish in the year 2018? Remember it all starts now based on your level of commitment to yourself and others around you. Inner strength and deeper convictions will see you through to the top if you acknowledge their place in your life. Set the intention now for success and watch what comes up to test your resolve in about two weeks at the first quarter moon. Listen to your self- talk as you read those lines for in some way you have already told yourself whether you are up to the challenge or not.

The journey always begins in the heart and then is followed by the mind not the other way around; so if you heart ain’t in it you are never gonna win it!!!

Wednesday moon moves to visionary Aquarius around 3:33 AM. If you are wondering why you feel like you had ten cups of coffee last night or you are a bit anxious now you’ll know why. Later in the day the anxiety amps up when Mars blindsides Uranus and we feel a jolt in our psyche. We may suddenly feel provoked or strangely influenced by something or someone out of the blue. Watch the cars around you on your commute home as this could bring an unexpected shift in the traffic pattern or the drivers around you as well.

Venus shifts from serious and secure Capricorn to futuristic and altruistic Aquarius. Some of our friendships could require a time-out or temporary break. Mr. or Ms. Right could suddenly feel more like yesterday’s love interest and today’s good friend. Venus now reminds us that nothing last forever without a certain amount of change or reinvention; it’s called weathering the winds of change! I suspect that by the 27th of this month you will start to see some interesting new people begin to enter into your life to help you open the door to the future.

Thursday what we don’t understand on an intellectual level becomes very clear on an intuitive level. The question will be whether we need to “poke the bear” just so we can prove it to ourselves. Those of us who have a suspicious nature will be on high alert this morning.

A certain need for detachment or distance around others might be just what is needed to get us through the day. Otherwise you could experience edginess around your interactions with others; there is static in the air.

Friday moon moves to Pisces around 3:28 PM taking the edge off the tension we experienced over the past twenty four hours. A very understanding friend or colleague may bring some support or encouragement later in the day. Feeling understood or bringing understanding into the situation at hand allows us to open up to the vision of tomorrow brought through the Sun changing signs around 10:10 PM. We move now from the Capricorn reality to the Aquarian outer limits. We can’t control what’s ahead now we must live it moment by moment and prepare to constantly reinvent ourselves as a result. There is a Lunar Eclipse heading our way on the 31st and a Solar Eclipse on the 16th of February that will help us do just that!!!

Saturday something is stirring from deep within, take the day to allow it do its work. Even though the Lunar Eclipse is 11 days away we are beginning to feel it’s pull and a certain sense of what’s ahead. Today is not the day to change, that comes on the 24th, today is only the day to tune in and listen. Perhaps we will come to know what the sound of silence really sounds like before the day’s end?

Sunday I hear the song lyrics from Seals and Croft GET CLOSER. They talk about closeness as a choice and an intention. If you are not getting what you want in life perhaps it’s because you are getting what you are asking for. If you feel distance or alienation in your life, at this time, its because you are asking for it. Now take a look at where distance works for or against you in your alignment with the Universe and your climb up the mountain. Never heard of anyone climbing up a mountain all alone…so tell me are you really going to be the first?

Food for thought my friends…or until we meet again!


We have openings this week and on Sunday. Saturday we are booked up and will not be available for readings or to answer the phone. If you wish to reach us we can be contacted through email, phone 781-447-3993 or by our website www.ciennamoon.com

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