Planet Flash : Week of 9/9/19

By Nancy Foley

Monday 9/9/19. I start out this week by seeing a skeleton key that can open any door and open us to more interesting potentials. The skeleton in this key isn’t about death but rather about bare bones focus. By now we have eliminated the extraneous in our outlook and approach. That happened early this morning when Mars and Saturn flowed easily together around 12:14 AM.

The moon shifts to Aquarius around 5:24PM tonight and we begin to wonder if there isn’t a better or different way to handle the daily routine. We want to make things uniquely our own over the next several days so radical more override the conventional approach at times.

Tuesday 9/10/19. The energy is about distortion or quick assumptions that don’t really represent who we are at this time. We may feel like important things are just out of reach and perhaps we are beginning to wear down or burn out as we look at what is left to be done. Try to keep the momentum going or you will certainly end up losing ground; aim for one small step forward rather than scraping your plans in dismay.

Wednesday 9/11/19 now is not the time to get ahead of the process or overlook the important details. Our current need for freedom and fresh air has us anxious and wary of others. We can struggle with elitism today as we want to rise above the little people around us. Remember we each hold a piece of the puzzle and no image can be complete until we find the perfect fit. Organization and delegation may be what’s called for to manage today’s efforts.

Thursday 9/12/19 today we are challenged by our knowledge and experience. Do we really know that our efforts will pay off? Perhaps not but we can certainly see where extremism does nothing to help the cause. Just because you know something is right for you doesn’t mean you have the go ahead to push others in that direction. Good day to remember that you push a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Those who are a step ahead must wait for others to catch up or catch on.

Moon shifts to Pisces around 5:52 AM. This may be the time where you disappear from the daily grind and look to connect with the spiritual side of life. The nebulous overrides the necessary for some part of the day.

Friday 9/13/19 Happy Friday the 13th! Good luck, bad luck, or no luck at all this is a turning point for all of us. Today Mercury and Venus meet up at 11:11 AM in the highest degrees of Virgo. The holy Mother or Empress energy is part of this day as we seek to serve those who suffer. This has me thinking of Mother Theresa or Our Lady of Fatima. It said the way to honor Our Lady is to say, “let it be done to me as you say (Luke 1:38)”. Perhaps we will find new meaning in these words today.

Sun and Pluto flow together around 3:42 PM. We may not be perfect but we can move a step closer to perfection as we align our will with that of the divine.

Saturday 9/14/19. This is kind of an amazing day and definitely a turning point for us. We have the full moon at 12:33 AM at 21-22 Pisces. That which we began in March of this year (3/6/19) now reaches fulfillment.

Around 1:25 AM Mars facing off with Neptune and we are asked to see what has been keeping us afloat since 12/7/18. Can we keep handling things the same way or is it time to make necessary steps to improve our situation. Hope alone won’t carry us forward we have to understand what is important to shore up our future dreams. I am hearing you can’t just tie a bunch of sticks together and call it a raft. There has to be more than that to hold it all in place. Pay attention to your premonitions or suspicions for there is a reason they are surfacing at this time.

This morning we experience a change of seasons (so to speak) in our thinking and social circle as both Mercury (3:14 AM) and Venus (9:43 AM) move into Libra. When I took a look at this energy I immediately got pulled into the old song “Wherever We Go”. I believe it’s from the movie Gypsy. It’s a perfect anthem for the Libra energy of partnership. ….”Wherever we go, whatever we do, we’re gonna go through it together”. You might want to give a listen for further guidance and insight.

Moon shifts to Aries around 6:32 PM. Our level of patience decreases as we are acting in the moment. We are learning some lessons around self- reliance and harmonious relationships over the next couple of days. This might be a wonderful time to see how much you have grown in this area of life given our new level of self-awareness over the past seven years.

Sunday 9/15/19 you might find it a bit difficult to put together what you once took apart; try anyway. Today is a good day to make restitution for our past “sins” as we see where the damage exists. Try to get the rot out before the fall begins (9/21/19) and heal what you can. We need to see that we can’t rely on the old to carry us forward as the goal has been possibly moved or changed over the past year.

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