Planet Flash Week of 9/16/19

By Nancy Foley

This week it feels like much of the energy will focus on pairing and harmonics. Whether we are paired up with a partner, a philosophy, a corporate or political culture we find what works for us, with us, or against us at this time.

The first thing we may ask ourselves is how did we get here? Are we indigenous people (native to the area or situation) or are we conquerors or travelers who just happened to land at this place. Having a compass to guide us we will consider the gravity of our current placement and what options remain available for the current and near future.

Monday 9/16/19 we are pitted against the elements around 6:06 PM. What we need to do or act on may work against our purpose in life. Do we remain consistent with our current efforts or seek a new challenge immediately (without hesitation or further analysis)? With the Moon Void of Course it might be time to simmer down and finish something you have already started.

Tuesday 9/17/19 the Moon shifts to Taurus around 6:31 AM shifting the energy from the previous day. However we aren’t really finished with our critical assessment of the situation at hand. Tensions could build throughout the day finally erupting around 4:57 PM. Prepare to be disrupted or distracted as others around you begin to challenge your priorities

Stay focused on what you are here to do and keep working on your own behalf first; better to delay discussions until you are back on track and in balance. It’s only then you can really be supportive or provide appropriate feedback.

Wednesday 9/18/19 at 4:47 AM Saturn is stationed direct once again. This is a time where we can regain focus and make important long-term commitments. The theme for today is “rough framing” and allowing our values to shape our outlook. We are architects of our future based on how we construct the next chapter of our lives. Being precise and practical gives us awareness of what really fits in place especially when we are naturally attuned or native to the situation. If we are attempting to integrate ourselves into a new domain it’s best to leave room for error or changes ahead. Being contained but not restrained is our goal at this time

Saturn was last at this 13 degree 55 minute mark on 1/22/19. So looking back to that period what did you feel needed testing or closer examination before you could achieve certainty or success? For many of us this links to fiscal responsibilities and our pursuit of the good things in life.

Thursday 9/19/19 we continue the theme of fiscal responsibility into our current relationships. We may be surprised by what certain people or situations are costing us now. Transactional relationships may leave us short changed.

We are empowered to do what is right and necessary to restore balance in our life around midday. We find that a practical solution to long term issues can be had just by breaking things down to simple terms or little steps along the path. It’s that journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step kind of day. We don’t want to talk about it we want to do it and feel like we can make a difference.

Moon shifts to Gemini around 4:58 PM. Our point of view is getting us to question alternatives or unacknowledged issues from the past. We want to be heard and understood over the next couple of days.

Friday 9/20/19 we are on shaky ground for part of the day. We may not have enough to work with but perhaps through a little creative shift we can find a way to succeed or at least fix the immediate issue. Work arounds might be difficult for some people to handle but it’s better than ignoring the problem for now.

Saturday 9/21/19 Jupiter and Neptune make the third square for this year. We are looking at where we may have gone too far or not far enough. This could be the hang over period fiscally or emotionally that kept us from growing or moving on. Now is the time to see the light and be guided toward the place of inspiration and devotion to the cause.

Judgment will be bring us down forgiveness will lift us up; as it has been said time and time again “there for the grace of God go I”. It’s time to resolve our differences and find common ground. The key to understanding is putting something in the proper context. It’s time to see that what is right in one context can be completely wrong in another. We must not so much judge as learn and adapt to the current conditions of our time. Nothing is more sinister than a closed mind!

We are at the fourth quarter moon tonight in Gemini at 10:41 PM. This is just another reminder that our outlook and the ability to question what we are told is essential if we wish to achieve holism. We are always looking to improve our body-mind-spirit connection once we recognize its value in our life. Take the necessary next step in your journey ahead.

Sunday 9/22/19 the moon slips into watery Cancer around 12:50 AM. We are on a sentimental journey for the next several days. We may find that our health concerns can be an area of concern during this period if our emotions are out of balance.

Mercury and Saturn square off around 12:19 PM. We may feel challenged or constrained by the voice of authority. Issues around tried and true methods or old thinking might restrict our outlook. Get your facts straight and take the time to work through differences without allowing your emotions to take over.

Monday 9/23/19 Sun moves into Libra at 3:50 AM. This is a good time to ask for or give assistance to others. Two heads are better than one as we learn to work with others along the way. Cooperating with others might be the focus in the month ahead. Remember there is a big difference between mutual support and demands for compliance; everyone has a part to play!

This will be an important week for those who have personal planets in the middle degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. If you would like some guidance to how to handle the energy of Saturn now is a great time to do so. Saturn has been at this place three times: 1/13/19, 6/16/19, and 9/18/19.

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