Mercury in Retrograde can send even the most conscious of people out of whack. Take a look at these tips to see how you can make the most out of this trying period.

Aries: It’s especially important to watch your finances during this Mercury retrograde period. It could be a bill that you thought you paid and didn’t, a credit card that is compromised, or being double-charged for your non-fat Mocha. Keep a close eye on everything money-related.

Taurus: This Mercury in retrograde has you extra suspicious. Who from your past did you wrong, or you them? It’s time to release the hurt and forgive, no matter the story behind the betrayal. Once you do, you’ll discover the weight lifted and an easier journey ahead.

Gemini: Be extra careful about your worrying during this period so as not to deplete your immune system or affect your body, mind, and/or soul. Channel that concern into a healthy routine of health and fitness with helpers such as a doctor, nutritionist, or fitness instructor.

Cancer: The past couple years have brought about some nonsensical drama that has made your everyday life confusing. Now is the time for you to reflect on relationships, and to decide who is a keeper and who is a giveaway into the new year.

Leo: Home is truly your castle, Leo. As Mercury is in Retrograde, you are being urged to clear, organize, and be productive. Stop avoiding and throwing both tangible and emotional junk in a closet for later. Now is the time to deal with it. In the end it will help to manage your time and lighten your load.

Virgo: You are amazing at detail and organization, but Mercury in Retrograde is notorious for causing delays. You’ve got this, though, Virgo. Just make sure to double- and triple-check that the emails you send out are going to who they are supposed to. Don’t be concerned if you haven’t heard from that job opportunity you applied for, or the house you bid on was denied. Bigger and better is coming.

Libra: You ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and you aren’t afraid to admit it. You also have a refreshed take on life with the dusk of Libra season. An abundance of opportunities is about to come your way because you’ve been busy making it happen these last couple of years. If you can, hold off on signing any legal paperwork until after Mercury goes direct.

Scorpio: This Mercury in Retrograde aligns with your sun sign and is paramount to helping you visualize into the new year. It’s no surprise that you hold grudges, Scorp, and it’s time for you to be honest with yourself and do something about it so that the past isn’t like a monster in your closet.

Sagittarius: Can you truly make peace with your inner demons? This time period reminds you that you’ve been carrying more baggage than you think, and it’s time to release and restore all that’s been haunting you. It might be from years ago when you didn’t get the attention you needed from a parent, or the raise you didn’t get this year. No matter how big or how small, the bags are heavy.

Capricorns: It’s time to look hard at your social circle. If things feel good, then schedule some lunch dates, plan a trip, or have a day adventure. If your social circle is more toxic, then you already know what needs to be done. Negativity in your life is like a virus and can cause contamination of your own spirit.

Aquarius: It may be that you’re thinking of going back to school or applying for a new job. You may have been passed up for a promotion and are still bitter. It may be that you’re just feeling unsatisfied with your day to day life. This Mercury in Retrograde is a great time to review your life path and truly look in your own personal crystal ball to see what will make you happy.

Pisces: You are extra sassy, Pisces. Normally pretty cool and calm, the last couple months have taken a toll on your soul. Be careful not get caught up in the tsunami of emotion. You don’t love to apologize in an after the fact, so during this period be cautious of the sass rearing its ugly head. You won’t be able to take back. Back away from the sass. For now.

What NOT to do during Mercury Retrograde:

Buy a new car
Sign legal documents
File legal paperwork
Accept a new job
Buy electronics
Put your house up for sale
Lease an apartment
Get involved in petty arguments
Spend time comparing

What to Do during Mercury Retrograde:

Release your insecurities
Renew your spirit
Review the dreams of your past
Look at people in your life you might need to release
Look for something positive every day
Leave early
Stay organized
Work out
Indulge in long and deep conversations
Take care of your health—sinus issues, headaches, heartburn, and exhaustion will be felt during this time
Shut off the electronics

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