No human will be as excited to see you and to love you. Coming home to a loyal companion that gives you unconditional love will increase your serotonin levels. In an increasingly selfish world, we can only consider pets as our one true friend. Apart from boosting dopamine levels, they can help improve heart conditions, develop the social and emotional skills of children, and can be trained to support with seizures. An estimated 68% of US households have a pet.


Here are 3 benefits of having a pet:


1. They ensure you are physically fit:

 Almost all pets need to go out for some time to play. For example, all breeds of dogs need their daily walks to stay happy. If you are someone who lazes around sometimes, they will bark at the front door till you finally get up take them out. Walks aren’t just beneficial for our physical health but also have a very positive effect on our mental health.


2. Parenthood made easy:

Pets teach children empathy and increase their participation in social and physical activities, which is essential to development. They also teach children the importance of responsibility. With cleaning out the cage, grooming the pet, going for regular visits to vets, and teaching them tricks, children learn to be responsible and learn how to care of living things. They often also provide companionship to children who have learning difficulties. Children with autism or similar problems find it much easier to chat away with their pets than real people. Research from Lincoln University shows that children with autism experience fewer meltdowns in the presence of a pet.


3. Pets are a good influence on your life:
A study by Barkbox claimed owning a dog can make you a better person. Amongst the people surveyed, 93% of pet owners said they could name at least one way their dogs had made them into a better person. They were claimed pets made them more affectionate and patient.

Pets are beneficial to us in many ways, making it obligatory for us to take care of them like we take care of our newborns. Give them the right food, play with them, give them attention, regular visits to the doctor are all significant factors to consider/take care of when keeping a pet. Avoid keeping pets from wildlife as we should not separate animals from their natural habitat. It will not only make them upset but also cause us allergies that may be difficult to treat.

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