Nov 21, 2017

Giving Thanks

As we come upon Thanksgiving, I want to wish each and everyone one a wonderful day filled with the joy that being grateful brings…Life is truly a blessing and while there will always be good times and not so good times, please take the time to reflect. The good times will always be intentional and self thought driven…The not so good times will always be the lessons and the work required to get to those good times. And when you view it that way, it makes those less than stellar experiences noteworthy, enlightening and redefining…Cherish your memories and time with family and friends as much as you cherish your toys and you will have no regrets or disappointments.

Thank you mom, for the gifts you continue to give, the lessons you continue to teach, the support you still give from above that continues to inspire me to not only do better, but enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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