Planet Flash week of 5/19/19

By Nancy Foley

Today I see an image of a snow globe having recently been shaken up and now slowly settling back down. As you consider this image do you find yourself focusing on each flake as it comes to rest or are you just waiting for the whole thing to be over with? In other words can you appreciate each little step in the process or are the results all that you look for?

I suspect the answer for you will help you process the week ahead as Mercury (mental process) shifts from gentle Taurus into curious Gemini on Tuesday. We are coming upon the pollination period of the year. We need to get up from our comfortable spot and get out amongst the neighborhood once again.

Sunday 5/19/19 kindness is part of the process for today though much of this energy could be met with great resistance as we fight for our emotional investments. It’s not surprising to me that Game of Thrones fans are disturbed about how the story will end. In our age of media bubbles we aren’t quite ready for this one to burst. Yet isn’t the reason we all loved this show partly because of the unexpected endings rather than “happily ever ending” predictable story arcs? We were schooled in not over investing in any one character, location, or plot line; it was always about changing it up. Great adventures aren’t great because of where we end up but rather where we are taken and what we are shown along the way.


Monday 5/20/19 and now what I am hearing as we begin the day is “what is it”? We have an itching or yearning or burning to see something new enter our life now; we are poised in expectation of that which is yet to be revealed. Use that energy to put something practical into action; begin that learning curve.

Small gifts and positive support could come up at lunch time or after. Abundance and opportunity come from a positive feeling as we weigh alternatives and options. Nothing has to be done in one prescribed way or from only one perspective; Tuesday we will start to see this all more clearly as Sun and Mercury join together in the sign of dualistic Gemini. Gemini reminds us we have two ears and two eyes; the better to see the world around us as we listen to ourselves.

Tuesday 5/21/19 we are willing to take some creative or fiscal risks as we look to enhance our talents and assets. Just make sure you don’t go beyond your personal limits as you may be expecting more to be delivered to you than is possible now. Remembers it’s all about process and signs along the way for the results may come later.

Moon shifts to Capricorn at 3:57 AM bringing a need for control and long-term emotional investments. No trifling with this energy AND YET with Sun in Gemini around 4 AM and Mercury following suit around 6:52 AM that may not be so easy to do! Firm commitments just got a lot more malleable than we previously thought. Mercury and Sun meet up at 9:07 AM options, choices, and quick decisions create more mental pathways ahead. Good day to buy a journal and keep track of the information coming your way. When Sun and Mercury meet up we are being given the signal that a retrograde can’t be too far behind. The actual retrograde will be 7/7 through 7/31 and we can talk more about that later.

Wednesday 5/22/19 we awaken to new ideas on actions we should take to protect or enhance our material or creative assets. Perhaps we are ready to pursue some home improvement projects or map out our Memorial Day garden plans. If it ever stops raining here perhaps we can finally mow our lawn!!!

All that sounds good but we might find its more talk than results later in the day. It seems like there is a great deal more to our quick ideas than we first thought such as prepping the soil or doing some deeper digging. With moon still in Capricorn the easy way isn’t going to be the best choice for any long-term plans. Preparedness, realistic steps, and cost benefit analysis will eventually enter into our discussions today.

Thursday 5/23/19 is a good day to develop systems or procedures that help organize our lives. We can brainstorm with others or test out theories to see what looks to be good, better, or best choices. We gain knowledge and competency by asking smart questions and listening to what others have to say. For ourselves, don’t forget to add a few “why nots” into our inner dialogue for additional points to ponder along the way. Without a few why nots we might fall prey to a why didn’t I at some later time.

Moon shifts to Aquarius around 1:50 PM though a need for freedom might be important there are decisions or obligations we have to address before that can happen. Good news is if we get the job done now there will be plenty of play time later in the day! An unexpected social gathering could be a great way to blow off steam tonight.

Things could get a bit crazy or odd as the night goes on so say your goodbyes relatively early. Take some time to jot down notes or retrieve bits of conversation that initially challenged your outlook today. You might find a kernel of new truth or some grist for the mill.

Friday 5/24/19 let’s all be brilliant today! Take what new insights or information come through for you and share with others along the way. We all have a direct link with the Universe as we start our day. Each piece of information is a pattern and creates a bigger pattern just like the snowflakes in a snow globe.

Later in the day our words can get in the way or at least in the way for others to interpret them accurately; ideas become stumbling blocks or paths to threshold. Paranoid perspectives create bad guys rather than just other alternative voices or comparatives. Mars is in Cancer and could certainly create wounds from words spoken or heard over the next day or so. Take a step back and don’t make something bigger than it needs to be. I do think a lot of the excess energy will come from where we feel we haven’t been listened to or understood. It’s hard to have a voice in our world today unless we really engage with others in conversation; not texting, not tweeting but honest to god dialogue with a live human being. Make the time to be relatable and relevant in some way or as I heard it expressed IRL (in real life).Face to face or voice to voice communication has an energy that is hard to find in the blurb as we shift our focus from expressing to exchanging information.

Saturday 5/25/19 take a quiet walk and listen to what nature has to say. The birds have been calling for us to hear them over the past few weeks. Have you tapped into their melodies yet? There are certain intrinsic experiences that define this time of year. For me they are the scent of lilacs, the call of the robin, and the setting of the sun. Think about what they are for you and devote yourself to them. Just like snowflakes in a snow globe each is part of the pattern and together they form the matrix of life.

Sunday 5/26/19 moon travels into dreamy Pisces around 2:08 AM. Good time to wish those in spirit sweet dreams and have a little dreamtime conversation of your own. If you haven’t tried this before write a note to someone in spirit and tuck it under your pillow. It might be interesting to see what they have to say via the dream connection.

Make life a bit sweeter or you can expect to have a very difficult day. We may feel life is heavier than we can currently handle so a small incentive helps us to strengthen our will power and move ahead. We are moving into the last quarter moon in Pisces around 12:34 PM. Now is the time to locate the fine line between devotion and self-sacrifice. Good time to sit back and analyze where inhibitions and assumptions have been standing in your way. You know more than you think you do but it might be hard to interpret or catch on to. Take out your tarot deck or call your favorite reader and do a quick check in with what the Universe has to say. Don’t let confusion or misunderstanding set you back on your path ahead. An image of the distillation process just came up and feels like that is the image to focus on today; energy changing from one form to another.

We are open all week and do have some weekend openings on Sunday. Please call or text me at 781-447-3993 and if you haven’t tried a reading with Tom or a combo reading with both of us (duo reading) this might be a great time to give it a try!

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