Planet Flash – Week of 1/20/2020

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon 

As I begin to write I am given the image of a parent (decades ago) telling their child to “be a good soldier” and the adult version of the child now saying “what does that even mean”? Relevancy and relatability might have us casting off old roles, old references, and other illogical constructs that don’t really serve us anymore. We have outgrown the old mandates or dictates or have we?

By the way, in searching the origins of to” be a good soldier” I came up with a literary reference, biblical references, and military references. It seems soldiering is a term that can be applied anywhere you are called upon to adhere to a certain code of conduct and willingness to follow orders. The deference to the chain of command probably most closely aligns with the parent’s message from above; this way the one who issues the orders gets to determine the outcome.

This week we start to see a shift from being a good soldier to being a good strategist or one who can mastermind the operations. We are required to know the rules but then see where quick thinking or innovation solutions might save the day in a time of crisis or uncertainty. Personal will shifts from a strong sense of duty and a predetermined code of conduct to doing your own thing in your own unique way.

Monday 1/20/20 sun moves to Aquarius at 9:55 AM. A new path or sense of the future grabs our focus over the next several days. Uranus in Taurus will cause us to consider our future values and assets based on the materials we have to work with at this time. If we can’t let go of something or someone who is standing in our way we may be forced to let go of their hold on us or our hold over them. We are reminded that nothing “solid” remains solid indefinitely.

Around 2:47 PM moon still in Sagittarius meets up with Mars prompting us to go the distance and take a chance. Yet with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn we might be a bit concerned with the outcome or how this could distract us from our current focus. Proving ourselves right and others wrong might provide a slight friction today.

Tuesday 1/21/20 tensions could build as we look to eliminate what is standing in our way of progress. Just remember with all the heavy earth energy around us we don’t have the traction to leap over the obstacles in our path we must move through them a step at a time.

Wednesday 1/22/20 moon shifts to Capricorn around 12:00 AM bringing to a close the more restless or impetuous energy from earlier this week. We are coming to see that endings are beginnings and we open to the lure of change and other possibilities. Around 9:45 PM moon and Jupiter join up and we can feel support for our ambitions. We receive benefits for the hard work we have been doing over the past 2.5 years; seems the hard work was worth it after all. From the trial and testing we are now self-empowered and have mastered the experience.

Thursday 1/23/20 the Sun and Uranus square up around 1:54 AM bringing closure to challenges from last 4/22/19. We take with us what matters and most likely leave the rest behind. We understand the value of change and the need for a good financial base as we shifted our behaviors in these areas. Changes brought to us from April to August last year had us tuning into new approaches or frequencies from August 2019 to January 2020. Now we go from here into a next step or stage of building up our lives.

Around 8:07 AM small gifts and rewards could come from our admirers or supporters. This is a great boost to our attitude and helps give us a better grasp on what still needs to be completed before we move ahead. Finishing up the task at hand is driven home when moon meets up with both Pluto (at 7:18PM) and Saturn (at 9:18 PM) tonight. The sense of passing the torch could be a theme as well as knowing where you stand at this time.

Friday 1/24/20 the moon moves to idealistic and detached Aquarius at 8:20 AM. Now the moon squares up with Uranus (as the Sun did early yesterday). We need to feel a bit of space between those who are in our emotional space. If you have an Aquarius in your life don’t be surprised if they are a bit distant or detached with this energy pattern today.

Around 4:42 PM we have the New Moon in Aquarius at 4 degrees 21 minutes. This takes us a step ahead from the previous New Moon Solar Eclipse of 12/26/19. During the next four weeks we navigate through ‘future shock” and what is coming ahead for us all. New groups, new causes, or new awareness around the way things should be on a Universal level could be showing you a new path ahead.

One additional thing today Pluto begins to break new ground as it passes beyond the highest degree it held last year. This may be a time where obsessions or power structures end or begin. Pluto in Capricorn is the power broker; the highest link on the chain of command. Now we see what we have up against in our pathway to self-empowerment!

Saturday 1/25/20 begins a New Chinese Year; the year of the white metal rat is now upon us. The last time we had a rat year was 2008! According to what my research found here are some of the takeaways of this sign:

Rats are quick-witted, resourceful, and smart but lack courage. With rich imaginations and sharp observations, they can take advantage of various opportunities well. Rats represent working diligently and thriftiness, so people born in a Rat year are thought to be wealthy and prosperous. *source is

Mercury and Mars help us to work on advances and great solutions to current problems around 12:08 PM. We are highly motivated and quick witted now so interesting ideas may bring new options today or tomorrow.

We also have moon and Mercury joining together at 2:06 PM. We are given exciting new ways to express our feelings and detach from old patterns. We are ready to move on from here.

Sunday 1/26/20 Venus and Mars square off around 8:37 PM this may be a time of sacrificing for the cause. Make sure you are doing what feels right for you and not just what you assume could be beneficial. Your desires can blindside you at this time if you don’t understand the territory around you; there are opportunists just waiting to pounce on those who are naïve.

All of the planets are direct and will be for another couple of weeks. This is a great time to look ahead to what changes can be instrumental in restructuring our future. We all want a rich life experience but what that means and how we get there is still waiting to be seen. For now count your blessings and see how change can be a great opportunity to put down what isn’t working and pick up what is!

We are open for readings throughout the week. Please text or call us at 781-447-3993 to confirm your spot. Themes for this week may range from developing competency, honor your struggle to worth and purpose, knowing how to showcase your talents, and finding the quiet corner in your life

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