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Tonight I posted a creamy cucumber salad recipe.  I do not deserve praise if you make it and enjoy…..

Tonight, I just cut up cucumbers without skin, tomatoes, yellow onion, olive oil, sea salt, course ground pepper.  Put in refrigerator for an hour… delicious…..All fresh from the garden!


End of season yes I know but sooo delicious…..

The Holidays are upon us!

The Holidays are upon us!

Planet Flash Holiday Edition


By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon

If Monday was about finding your path and Tuesday’s New Moon was about staying in your own lane today we begin to put most things in the proper context. We begin to see there is no easy way but then again character building is more important than comfort and ease when it comes to our future progress and greater understanding.

Wednesday 11/27/19 I am happy to report that Neptune is going direct at 7:32 AM. We see what has been proven true over what previously was assumed to be so earlier this year. We aware of the elasticity in principles and guidelines that have been stretched beyond their current limits and how at any given moment there can be a snap back or a weakening of resilency. We can only run the con or be conned for so long.

I see the image of things piling up testing the laws of gravity. In one fell swoop all that has been built up could be on the ground. It is dependent on weight distribution and other stabilizing factors. The stabilizing factors would come from emotional support and a good valuation of your current assets and resources. You can’t bluff your way through for too long with the energy around us now; authenticity is the key to personal growth and survival.

Thursday 11/28/19 early this morning at 4:51 AM Mercury and Neptune align forces helping us to see the subtle truths and divine messages around us. We can see our dreams come to light and inspiration surrounds us on this Thanksgiving Day. We may find a state of grace around us for much of the day.

Around 1:27 PM Venus and Uranus harmonize bringing new experiences in our relationships. We may find that we have outgrown the old impulsive or rash judgments around our recent connections or latest desires as certain kind of decency has returned. We are re-evaluating what is trashy and what is classy at this time.

We could be inclined to put on airs or look for a certain status in our affairs during the next several weeks as Venus makes her way through the sign of Capricorn. A more conservation or traditional set of values dominates our tastes for a time. We could even be inclined to judge a book by its cover.

Moon in Capricorn around 7:33 AM helps to reinforce this energy for the next 2.5 days. We are inclined to take control of the situations around us and look for successful results in any or all of endeavors.

Friday 11/29/19 is the time for building on your best efforts and advancing toward your greater sense of purpose. Bragging rights might be one way to accomplish this. Another way would be displaying our credentials to remind others of our current expertise or authority. We want to count for something bigger than ourselves by taking on a certain role or title.

Saturday 11/30/19 Mercury and Saturn come to some kind of agreement bringing guidance and support for the long-term commitments or goals. What we have in front of us is dependent on what we had behind us during the December 2017-February 2018 period and again during August-October 2018. Don’t be surprised if certain rewards are delivered in December 2019 based on your performance during that period of testing or trial in 2018.

Moon shifts to Aquarius around 3:13 PM. For the next 2.5 days we look to evolve our lives from the more conservative to the progressive. We are looking for a way to be truly and uniquely ourselves without being controlled by others around us.

Sunday 12/1/19 today is all about the right place and right time. We are seeing where just showing up may be the greatest act of faith we can witness. Sun and North Node are calling for an adjustment between determination and outcome. We must be willing to take that next step and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and unprotected. There is a new path ahead but we can’t find it by standing behind the crowd we must be willing to acclimate to a new experience instead of staying in the past. Accepting risk over staying in the safe zone is what we are here to do. There is a saying about big ships aren’t built to stay in safe harbors hold true at this time.

Monday 12/2/19 a new chapter in our life experience begins as Jupiter changes into Capricorn from a year spent in the sign of Sagittarius. We are ready to capitalize on the situations that we encountered from December 2018 till now. What beliefs did we take on or see beyond during the previous year? Did we come to understand where our truth could set us free and what was but is no longer beyond the limits we once set on certain situations in our life? There is a lot of wisdom that comes from the reality at hand. The limits are being set or reset in the days and weeks ahead. I see a horse that fought the saddle now being broken and rode; what we resisted for so long now seems the best course of action. Willfulness has been channeled into a new sense of inner spirit and truth.

As Mars moves over the path of the recent Mercury retrograde (10/31-11/20) we find that we can dig in and find a new sense of timing around our deeper insights. Mars in Scorpio challenges us to let go or transform what had been previously haunting us or nipping at our heels. We have more power than we previously thought; now how do we use that power without blowing up the situation at hand? This could be a period where overreaction is to be monitored and avoided if at all possible. Focus on the iron fist in the velvet glove image when things get too much.

All the best to you and if you would like a reading, report, or gift certificate we can be reached at 781-447-3993 by text or phone call. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

This week we go back to what justice and fairness really mean…

This week we go back to what justice and fairness really mean…

Planet Flash – Week of 9/30/19

By Nancy Foley

As I begin to write this week’s flash I am being shown two friends on a tennis court. As they take a moment to hydrate and catch their breath one says to the other that was my match. The other turns astonished saying, “I didn’t think we were keeping score”.

In that moment each knows where the other stands; it seems assumptions and suppositions have given way to a new reality! Now the competition begins and the friendship takes a backseat as one becomes the opponent to the other.  A silence follows but one could imagine a spectator to the scene saying, “all’s fair in love and war”.

All this week we go back to what justice and fairness really means. Standards shift, allegiances change, and perhaps we recognize that line that isn’t meant to be crossed was only temporary at best. If you have a deal breaker/deal maker experience during this period know it’s all about showing you were you really stand. In knowing where we stand we redefine ourselves in relationship to other and offer insights into our own direction ahead.

9/30/19 Monday opens with moon shifting into Scorpio around 5:42 am. We may experience some instinctual feelings around a situation where we felt sabotaged or assaulted by others. Revenge and retribution could be themes now. A sense of strength and weakness are a two edged sword that could come between us and another party. We may need to be cautious or vigilant as we move ahead so as not to be taken advantage of or over play our part.

10/1/19 Tuesday requires a price to be paid. We are caught in a trap around dedication and the real cost of the deal being made. A certain intensity or extremism pushes or pulls in a certain direction throughout the day.

10/2/19 Wednesday moon shifts to Sagittarius around 7:44 am. A certain need to be in the know could ultimately lead to a sense of self-righteousness during the day.  You may pride yourself on clever solutions around lunch time; it’s good to see your mind work! The more you can assess, analyze, and integrate yourself into a situation the better you will feel.

10/3/19 Thursday there is a shift in the energy; a ripple in the fabric of time. Pluto is direct once again as of 2:39 am today. Then Mercury moves into Scorpio around 4:14am. In some way we want to regain our position of power and maintain a certain hold on our life. Yet we see that the “game” has taken on a serious note. This isn’t a friendly place for those who are unsure of where they stand. Those who are insecure within themselves may become vindictive or seek vindication over time.  Watch out for those who want to take a swipe at you; anticipate their actions as you make your approach.

10/4/19 Friday Mars has moved into Scorpio as of 12:22 am this morning. We are looking towards team work and rebalancing extremes over the next couple of weeks. The focus will be on reclaiming your direction and not sacrificing yourself to keep things on an even keel.

We can start to focus on our place in any relationships and practice staying in our lane rather than getting pulled off course.

10/5/19 Saturday we are set up for the first quarter moon (challenge round of the month) at 12:47 pm. The sun in Libra and moon in Capricorn has us pulled between fresh starts and traditional patterns.  Perhaps we are required to reconsider what allies or allegiances belong in the past and where we go in the present or future.

The more solid you are within yourself (inner security) the less likely you are to be destabilized by your interactions with others.  With moon and Saturn joining up around 4:40pm we are finding our emotional anchors. Today we may find ourselves looking for deeper answers and solutions around that time as we feel that we are on solid ground in our key relationship (the one with our self).

10/6/19 Sunday the Sun squares up with the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn creating what is known as a moon wobble. It’s a wonky energy that spans out in our life for days before and after this time. We are like inclinometers, an instrument used for measuring angles of slope (or tilt), elevation, or depression of an object with respect to gravity’s direction, trying to resynch or recalibrate at this time. In other words what’s up and what’s down might be the topic of discussion for days to come.

Moon shifts into Aquarius around 11:42pm giving us rise; a new incline. We might find that we have moved up to the crest of the hill or peak of the mountain with a new view from this height. The question is whether to look up or look down from this new position!

10/7/19 Monday we recover our balance from our peak experience yesterday or very early today. Can we go there, can we stay there, or will we never go there again? I guess it all depends on our fear of heights. Can we elevate ourselves beyond our current limits we might just have an answer around 3:07pm when Sun and Saturn square off. This is the time where we complete a cycle that began around January 2, 2019 this year. Who really is in control and in charge? I see a summons being served and feel that in some way certain people will be called on to justify their position or even their moral or ethical standards.

What begins now may be the subject for review during the Mercury retrograde that begins at the end of this month. Think long and hard on what are really matters of principle and not pride.

We have openings this week so call or text us at 781-447-3993. We are also a three week class called the A,B, Cs of astrology for $150. The dates and times are: 10/15, 10/22, and 10/29 from 6pm-8pm. The location is our shop here in Hanson. In these three sessions we will work with the core of a chart analysis. The first week will cover the ascendant and how to size up a chart, the second week the sun and what we are here to do in this life, and the third week the moon the support system to our life and determining factor for both health and wellbeing.

You can sign up on our website or text me for more information.

Much of this week’s energy will focus on pairing and harmonics… are you ready?

Much of this week’s energy will focus on pairing and harmonics… are you ready?

Planet Flash Week of 9/16/19

By Nancy Foley

This week it feels like much of the energy will focus on pairing and harmonics. Whether we are paired up with a partner, a philosophy, a corporate or political culture we find what works for us, with us, or against us at this time.

The first thing we may ask ourselves is how did we get here? Are we indigenous people (native to the area or situation) or are we conquerors or travelers who just happened to land at this place. Having a compass to guide us we will consider the gravity of our current placement and what options remain available for the current and near future.

Monday 9/16/19 we are pitted against the elements around 6:06 PM. What we need to do or act on may work against our purpose in life. Do we remain consistent with our current efforts or seek a new challenge immediately (without hesitation or further analysis)? With the Moon Void of Course it might be time to simmer down and finish something you have already started.

Tuesday 9/17/19 the Moon shifts to Taurus around 6:31 AM shifting the energy from the previous day. However we aren’t really finished with our critical assessment of the situation at hand. Tensions could build throughout the day finally erupting around 4:57 PM. Prepare to be disrupted or distracted as others around you begin to challenge your priorities

Stay focused on what you are here to do and keep working on your own behalf first; better to delay discussions until you are back on track and in balance. It’s only then you can really be supportive or provide appropriate feedback.

Wednesday 9/18/19 at 4:47 AM Saturn is stationed direct once again. This is a time where we can regain focus and make important long-term commitments. The theme for today is “rough framing” and allowing our values to shape our outlook. We are architects of our future based on how we construct the next chapter of our lives. Being precise and practical gives us awareness of what really fits in place especially when we are naturally attuned or native to the situation. If we are attempting to integrate ourselves into a new domain it’s best to leave room for error or changes ahead. Being contained but not restrained is our goal at this time

Saturn was last at this 13 degree 55 minute mark on 1/22/19. So looking back to that period what did you feel needed testing or closer examination before you could achieve certainty or success? For many of us this links to fiscal responsibilities and our pursuit of the good things in life.

Thursday 9/19/19 we continue the theme of fiscal responsibility into our current relationships. We may be surprised by what certain people or situations are costing us now. Transactional relationships may leave us short changed.

We are empowered to do what is right and necessary to restore balance in our life around midday. We find that a practical solution to long term issues can be had just by breaking things down to simple terms or little steps along the path. It’s that journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step kind of day. We don’t want to talk about it we want to do it and feel like we can make a difference.

Moon shifts to Gemini around 4:58 PM. Our point of view is getting us to question alternatives or unacknowledged issues from the past. We want to be heard and understood over the next couple of days.

Friday 9/20/19 we are on shaky ground for part of the day. We may not have enough to work with but perhaps through a little creative shift we can find a way to succeed or at least fix the immediate issue. Work arounds might be difficult for some people to handle but it’s better than ignoring the problem for now.

Saturday 9/21/19 Jupiter and Neptune make the third square for this year. We are looking at where we may have gone too far or not far enough. This could be the hang over period fiscally or emotionally that kept us from growing or moving on. Now is the time to see the light and be guided toward the place of inspiration and devotion to the cause.

Judgment will be bring us down forgiveness will lift us up; as it has been said time and time again “there for the grace of God go I”. It’s time to resolve our differences and find common ground. The key to understanding is putting something in the proper context. It’s time to see that what is right in one context can be completely wrong in another. We must not so much judge as learn and adapt to the current conditions of our time. Nothing is more sinister than a closed mind!

We are at the fourth quarter moon tonight in Gemini at 10:41 PM. This is just another reminder that our outlook and the ability to question what we are told is essential if we wish to achieve holism. We are always looking to improve our body-mind-spirit connection once we recognize its value in our life. Take the necessary next step in your journey ahead.

Sunday 9/22/19 the moon slips into watery Cancer around 12:50 AM. We are on a sentimental journey for the next several days. We may find that our health concerns can be an area of concern during this period if our emotions are out of balance.

Mercury and Saturn square off around 12:19 PM. We may feel challenged or constrained by the voice of authority. Issues around tried and true methods or old thinking might restrict our outlook. Get your facts straight and take the time to work through differences without allowing your emotions to take over.

Monday 9/23/19 Sun moves into Libra at 3:50 AM. This is a good time to ask for or give assistance to others. Two heads are better than one as we learn to work with others along the way. Cooperating with others might be the focus in the month ahead. Remember there is a big difference between mutual support and demands for compliance; everyone has a part to play!

This will be an important week for those who have personal planets in the middle degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. If you would like some guidance to how to handle the energy of Saturn now is a great time to do so. Saturn has been at this place three times: 1/13/19, 6/16/19, and 9/18/19.

Organization and delegation may be what’s called for to manage this week’s efforts

Organization and delegation may be what’s called for to manage this week’s efforts

Planet Flash : Week of 9/9/19

By Nancy Foley

Monday 9/9/19. I start out this week by seeing a skeleton key that can open any door and open us to more interesting potentials. The skeleton in this key isn’t about death but rather about bare bones focus. By now we have eliminated the extraneous in our outlook and approach. That happened early this morning when Mars and Saturn flowed easily together around 12:14 AM.

The moon shifts to Aquarius around 5:24PM tonight and we begin to wonder if there isn’t a better or different way to handle the daily routine. We want to make things uniquely our own over the next several days so radical more override the conventional approach at times.

Tuesday 9/10/19. The energy is about distortion or quick assumptions that don’t really represent who we are at this time. We may feel like important things are just out of reach and perhaps we are beginning to wear down or burn out as we look at what is left to be done. Try to keep the momentum going or you will certainly end up losing ground; aim for one small step forward rather than scraping your plans in dismay.

Wednesday 9/11/19 now is not the time to get ahead of the process or overlook the important details. Our current need for freedom and fresh air has us anxious and wary of others. We can struggle with elitism today as we want to rise above the little people around us. Remember we each hold a piece of the puzzle and no image can be complete until we find the perfect fit. Organization and delegation may be what’s called for to manage today’s efforts.

Thursday 9/12/19 today we are challenged by our knowledge and experience. Do we really know that our efforts will pay off? Perhaps not but we can certainly see where extremism does nothing to help the cause. Just because you know something is right for you doesn’t mean you have the go ahead to push others in that direction. Good day to remember that you push a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Those who are a step ahead must wait for others to catch up or catch on.

Moon shifts to Pisces around 5:52 AM. This may be the time where you disappear from the daily grind and look to connect with the spiritual side of life. The nebulous overrides the necessary for some part of the day.

Friday 9/13/19 Happy Friday the 13th! Good luck, bad luck, or no luck at all this is a turning point for all of us. Today Mercury and Venus meet up at 11:11 AM in the highest degrees of Virgo. The holy Mother or Empress energy is part of this day as we seek to serve those who suffer. This has me thinking of Mother Theresa or Our Lady of Fatima. It said the way to honor Our Lady is to say, “let it be done to me as you say (Luke 1:38)”. Perhaps we will find new meaning in these words today.

Sun and Pluto flow together around 3:42 PM. We may not be perfect but we can move a step closer to perfection as we align our will with that of the divine.

Saturday 9/14/19. This is kind of an amazing day and definitely a turning point for us. We have the full moon at 12:33 AM at 21-22 Pisces. That which we began in March of this year (3/6/19) now reaches fulfillment.

Around 1:25 AM Mars facing off with Neptune and we are asked to see what has been keeping us afloat since 12/7/18. Can we keep handling things the same way or is it time to make necessary steps to improve our situation. Hope alone won’t carry us forward we have to understand what is important to shore up our future dreams. I am hearing you can’t just tie a bunch of sticks together and call it a raft. There has to be more than that to hold it all in place. Pay attention to your premonitions or suspicions for there is a reason they are surfacing at this time.

This morning we experience a change of seasons (so to speak) in our thinking and social circle as both Mercury (3:14 AM) and Venus (9:43 AM) move into Libra. When I took a look at this energy I immediately got pulled into the old song “Wherever We Go”. I believe it’s from the movie Gypsy. It’s a perfect anthem for the Libra energy of partnership. ….”Wherever we go, whatever we do, we’re gonna go through it together”. You might want to give a listen for further guidance and insight.

Moon shifts to Aries around 6:32 PM. Our level of patience decreases as we are acting in the moment. We are learning some lessons around self- reliance and harmonious relationships over the next couple of days. This might be a wonderful time to see how much you have grown in this area of life given our new level of self-awareness over the past seven years.

Sunday 9/15/19 you might find it a bit difficult to put together what you once took apart; try anyway. Today is a good day to make restitution for our past “sins” as we see where the damage exists. Try to get the rot out before the fall begins (9/21/19) and heal what you can. We need to see that we can’t rely on the old to carry us forward as the goal has been possibly moved or changed over the past year.

We are taking appointments for this week and Saturday. We only have one opening on Sunday at 11 am. Please text us or call 781-447-3993 to get your appointment set.

Sometimes in problem solving, we have to get down before we can see up…

Planet Flash Week of 8/26/19

By Nancy Foley

This week we move ahead toward a New Moon and a new month. With all the energy of the Sun, Venus, and Mars in Mercury ruled Virgo it feels like everyone is waiting around for Mercury to show up. Seems he was having a hard time leaving the good times of Leo and wasn’t in any hurry to step into the practical earthy energy of Virgo.

However all grand ideas must eventually be tested and this week they will on or about Thursday the 29th; the day Mercury enters the sign of Virgo once again. Until then we may feel a sense of being cornered or conditioned to be more realistic as though someone is trying to bring us down a notch or two. The Mercury energy still in Leo helps keeps us more positive and confident for now as we shift gears heading toward the analytic and cautious Virgo wave around us.

Monday 8/26/19 we are feeling the seasonal shift with temperatures falling and back to school advertisements everywhere. Now is the time to plan ahead and determine what we need to do to organize or improve our life a step at a time. Perhaps we will leave the grand plans behind either as unrealized fantasies or use them as motivation for what’s ahead. Certainly we will feel a need to be more aware of the time at hand and how to schedule ourselves accordingly.

This morning we may find new or interesting ways to achieve our desires. Perhaps we aren’t asking for anything more than is our due but the way we perceive this experience brings a new awareness in our relationship with the ordinary or usual. We are open to upgrades and advancements so long as the bring improvement!

Tuesday 8/27/19 today is the day you may find appreciation for your efforts. You feel like others can see your value and admire what you bring with you wherever you go. It’s a good moment in an otherwise difficult day. It’s not that things are awful really it’s just you are hyper aware of what could go wrong in so many little ways. They say the devil is in the details and you are feeling his presence!

Stay calm and carry on is a good theme for today. You may need remind yourself of that theme when someone tries to bully past your efforts. It’s probably good that Mercury is still in Leo because it helps you keep your head high and look beyond what skirmishes are around you.

Now when the moon shifts to Leo around 7:54 PM things might take on a bit different level of energy. Suddenly any disruptions or aggravations could be met with a bold or dramatic response. No one will get the better of you tonight but then again they may just walk away a bit confused over your current mood change.

Wednesday 8/28/19 worries or anxiety over the budget or work related matters may have us feeling a bit unhappy. We seem to be miles away from what we want or need at this time. The good news is this may lead us to consider alternatives or new solutions to our worries that actually make us happy in the end. In essence we find that road map that helps us cover the miles ahead!

Sometimes in problem solving we have to get down before we can see up. This is one of those times. Remember this is the last day of Mercury in Leo so take advantage of the positive mental attitude that comes through this sign. Don’t get caught up in the drama or battle of wills that could infect your outlook stay focused on the inner spirit of creative genius; find the fun in the experience and don’t forget humor is a great step toward conflict resolution.

Thursday 8/29/19 just before Mercury changes signs we may be gifted with a flash of insight in the wee hours of the morning. Then around 3:48 AM we begin to break things down into useful ideas for the days ahead.

This is a good thing as we enter a period of adjustment around our principles and “the” policies that are becoming the new standard in our environment. Keeping it real and relevant will be the focus for most of today. Nobody can get away with much for very long with all five of the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) in Virgo. Most likely they will try anyway until the moon has crossed over into Virgo around 7:58 PM tonight. That transitional Leo moon today isn’t making anything easier that’s for sure, as pride and trust are hot button issues.

Later this evening around 10:23 PM Moon and Mercury meet up making some Practical Magic! We can work with the cycles of nature and time to create rituals and routines which support tomorrow’s new moon.

Friday 8/30/19 we are a bit edgy or jumpy as we head into the day for our nervous energy is at its peak. Around 6:38 AM we are entering the pull and sway of the new moon in Virgo around 7 degrees. The Sabian symbol for this time is tradeoffs. Now is the time for the dress rehearsal where you can still make adjustments while seeing things in the proper setting. Whatever is holding you back now can be used to your advantage later on so take your time to reassess your situation; time and attention on your strongest assets.

Saturday 8/31/19 it’s the Labor Day weekend! For some this is a farewell to summer and for others the hello to fall. Whatever way you perceive this period this is a good day to segue from one period of the year to another. At this time we prepare to batten down the hatches in preparation for the rough seas ahead. Every little improvement we make now will pay off in the days ahead and everything we chose to overlook will come back to haunt us later on.

Moon enters Libra around 7:09 PM teamwork may be on the list as football returns, schedules are busier, and festivals are attended. As so often is said “many hands make light work”.

Sunday 9/1/19 a new month arrives and with it new perspectives around what we value in our work and health. Mercury and Uranus help us focus on these matters during the morning introducing great ideas around advancement and improvements somewhere in our life. Perhaps a new technology or methodology will be considered or acquired during this weekend as a result.

Monday 9/2/19 Happy Labor Day! We are focused on pursuing our self- interests and assessing where we can be of service to others as well. We may struggle with the choices between frugality and potential opportunities. Do we have what it takes to make the next leap forward? This is a question that continues to challenge us right up until 9/12/19. By then we will have to know the answer for now we just have to get comfortable with the question as move toward the crossroads ahead.

This week is a pivotal time for the fall set up. We hope you have an opportunity to bid summer a fond farewell and get all your pencils sharpened in preparation for some wonderful planning sessions. Take a bit of time to just BE before you plunge in the prevailing energy of DOING and allow the wheel of life to spin once again.

We have a few openings this week and only a 2pm afternoon appointment open on Sunday. Please call or text us at 781-447-3993 if you want to book a reading. Thank you.

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