Mercury is in Retrograde

Mercury is in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde can send even the most conscious of people out of whack. Take a look at these tips to see how you can make the most out of this trying period.

Aries: It’s especially important to watch your finances during this Mercury retrograde period. It could be a bill that you thought you paid and didn’t, a credit card that is compromised, or being double-charged for your non-fat Mocha. Keep a close eye on everything money-related.

Taurus: This Mercury in retrograde has you extra suspicious. Who from your past did you wrong, or you them? It’s time to release the hurt and forgive, no matter the story behind the betrayal. Once you do, you’ll discover the weight lifted and an easier journey ahead.

Gemini: Be extra careful about your worrying during this period so as not to deplete your immune system or affect your body, mind, and/or soul. Channel that concern into a healthy routine of health and fitness with helpers such as a doctor, nutritionist, or fitness instructor.

Cancer: The past couple years have brought about some nonsensical drama that has made your everyday life confusing. Now is the time for you to reflect on relationships, and to decide who is a keeper and who is a giveaway into the new year.

Leo: Home is truly your castle, Leo. As Mercury is in Retrograde, you are being urged to clear, organize, and be productive. Stop avoiding and throwing both tangible and emotional junk in a closet for later. Now is the time to deal with it. In the end it will help to manage your time and lighten your load.

Virgo: You are amazing at detail and organization, but Mercury in Retrograde is notorious for causing delays. You’ve got this, though, Virgo. Just make sure to double- and triple-check that the emails you send out are going to who they are supposed to. Don’t be concerned if you haven’t heard from that job opportunity you applied for, or the house you bid on was denied. Bigger and better is coming.

Libra: You ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and you aren’t afraid to admit it. You also have a refreshed take on life with the dusk of Libra season. An abundance of opportunities is about to come your way because you’ve been busy making it happen these last couple of years. If you can, hold off on signing any legal paperwork until after Mercury goes direct.

Scorpio: This Mercury in Retrograde aligns with your sun sign and is paramount to helping you visualize into the new year. It’s no surprise that you hold grudges, Scorp, and it’s time for you to be honest with yourself and do something about it so that the past isn’t like a monster in your closet.

Sagittarius: Can you truly make peace with your inner demons? This time period reminds you that you’ve been carrying more baggage than you think, and it’s time to release and restore all that’s been haunting you. It might be from years ago when you didn’t get the attention you needed from a parent, or the raise you didn’t get this year. No matter how big or how small, the bags are heavy.

Capricorns: It’s time to look hard at your social circle. If things feel good, then schedule some lunch dates, plan a trip, or have a day adventure. If your social circle is more toxic, then you already know what needs to be done. Negativity in your life is like a virus and can cause contamination of your own spirit.

Aquarius: It may be that you’re thinking of going back to school or applying for a new job. You may have been passed up for a promotion and are still bitter. It may be that you’re just feeling unsatisfied with your day to day life. This Mercury in Retrograde is a great time to review your life path and truly look in your own personal crystal ball to see what will make you happy.

Pisces: You are extra sassy, Pisces. Normally pretty cool and calm, the last couple months have taken a toll on your soul. Be careful not get caught up in the tsunami of emotion. You don’t love to apologize in an after the fact, so during this period be cautious of the sass rearing its ugly head. You won’t be able to take back. Back away from the sass. For now.

What NOT to do during Mercury Retrograde:

Buy a new car
Sign legal documents
File legal paperwork
Accept a new job
Buy electronics
Put your house up for sale
Lease an apartment
Get involved in petty arguments
Spend time comparing

What to Do during Mercury Retrograde:

Release your insecurities
Renew your spirit
Review the dreams of your past
Look at people in your life you might need to release
Look for something positive every day
Leave early
Stay organized
Work out
Indulge in long and deep conversations
Take care of your health—sinus issues, headaches, heartburn, and exhaustion will be felt during this time
Shut off the electronics

As we come into the middle degrees of various planets in the cardinal signs, we come to terms with what we have started…

As we come into the middle degrees of various planets in the cardinal signs, we come to terms with what we have started…

Planet Flash : Week of 10/7

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon 

As I begin to assemble the information for this week’s flash I am hearing a song playing in my head. It’s “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel. There is a refrain that goes…”clowns to left of me, jokers to the right and here I am stuck in the middle with you”.

As we come into the middle degrees of various planets in the cardinal signs we come to terms with what we have started (at various times of this year) and now look to finish. All throughout the week we look at the unfinished business in our life as we take up the torch or the appropriate tools so we can complete our mission.

From now until Sunday we are truly stuck in the middle; the middle degrees of Libra. This is where we are called upon to be decisive and take our finger off the balance scale. Each of the next several days causes us to get more attuned to the higher mind via our interpersonal relationships. We may find we are more focused on the future rather than the past during Monday and Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday we may pulled into the past and perhaps even feel like we drowning in old feelings we thought we had released or worked through. Keep in mind the full moon on Sunday may bring us a life preserver just at the right time. Stay tuned for more on that further in this post.

10/7/19 Monday we will experience some unexpected changes in our conversations or communications as Mercury and Uranus face off early in the morning. Make sure to back up your data as updates may alter or disrupt what you are seeing today. Pay attention while driving and watch what is going on around you as this is a day for shocks and surprises; what you least expect to happen could easily occur now.

Sun squares up with Saturn around 3:07 PM. We are tired of the current system of justice or fair play. We want to reconsider what the rules are and who gets ultimate control in the game. The game I reference actually started back on January (1/2/19) of this year.

Now we look at how much needs to be altered or changed before we take the next step. We are seeing where we have been ruled and schooled by other’s sense of values since that time. What we thought was important back in January may now be left in the dust as we look to recover our sense of balance or inner harmony. We don’t want to fall in line at this moment but rather stand aside as we weigh out the pros and cons of the situation. Today is the day where it’s ok to say, let me get back to you, rather than making a quick decision. What takes space in our head can be entirely up to us if we do this instead of continuing following the current narrative.

10/8/19 Tuesday the energy of our attractions and desires shifts from Libra to Scorpio at 1:06 PM. It’s of interest to me that last year around this time we were in the Venus retrograde cycle (10/5/18-11/16/18). If there any unfinished business from that period that needs to be finished up, now will be the time to find out. Passion, privacy, power, and purpose will be buzz words as our secrets are about to be told. Since the themes of repetition and congruity are around us today we get to see who or what really has a strong hold on us still.

10/9/19 Wednesday this is the time where we may feel like we are drowning and wondering if we really have a lifeguard within our current relationships. Patterns related to enabling or dependency might surface or suffer at this time. I get the feeling that someone could use your own sensitive nature against you if it gets you to do what they want. How truly weak we can feel when we find our sympathies played upon or used against us! And yet….who really is to blame when this happens? If you find yourself once again in the same deep seated emotional patterns around family or familiar situations in your life it’s time to call a stop to it NOW!

We have a gibbous moon in Pisces at 2:27 PM a time to see what is beginning to develop in our inner spiritual journey. With this energy we can more easily detect the risk or potential dangers around us in our relationships over the next several days. It’s going to be a period where we determine who we leave out and who we let into our inner sanctum. Ghosts of the pasts could haunt us as much as those who try to overstep our healthy boundaries. Self-denial is an escape route but not one that is necessarily good for the soul. If that is a route you often take you might find that way isn’t an option anymore.

Today is about trusting your natural instincts so you can see where your true power is located. Self- preservation is ours to use at our discretion and doesn’t require the assistance from an outside source it just requires us tuning in and paying attention to our true feelings.

10/10/19 Thursday is a good day to mellow out and reflect on life. If we have been honoring our own instincts and working with a unity consciousness it’s a great day to settle in to the flow. If you have been swimming against the stream you may find the current is stronger than you anticipated and it might be time to give in.  As the song goes “turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream it is not dying”. * Beatles, “Tomorrow Never Knows”. Surrender is not death is it about returning to the flow, the river of life, and self-acceptance; if you fight the tide too long you might drown.

Starting today we could find our unanswered prayers were actually blessings in disguise. A certain instant karma surrounds the day and we can easily see various things in a very different light.

10/12/19 Saturday we move into the last decan or last ten degrees of the Libra sun. These last 10 days will bring us to a time where we can thrash out our ideas while we gather in the fruits of our labors for the year. We are in the harvest period, it’s time to share our thoughts and ideas with others; support and guide our friends or allies in the days ahead.

Tension will build around how far to push things with those who appear inflexible or determined to maintain their power base. There is a sense that compromise is the only option available and yet??? It’s time to set our priorities in our relationships and make sure we are adhering to our own ethics and moral standards. We can’t always be the excuse for someone’s bad choices or wrong actions, at some time they have to acknowledge their own personal responsibility and accept consequences for their actions. Alignment and realignment is a theme for now and tomorrow as we attempt to become a clear mirror for self and others.

10/13/19 Sunday the pendulum in life swings back to center with a dull thud as time resets once again. The full moon arrives around 5:08 PM at 20 Aries 14. This is the hour where we are called upon to stand up for ourselves. It’s time for us to exert our will and work for positive change in our lives. For some this might come across as a defensive stand or battle of wills. For others it will take you where your heart leads you. For all of us it’s about self-confidence, inner strength, and the ability to be who we really are in any and all relationships. Love and authenticity are the keys for this full moon; no one can keep you from being you unless you let them take you away from yourself!

As we come to love ourselves and let our light shine others support us. If we seek to stand in their light rather than our own we are doomed to live in our own inner darkness or shadow self.

10/14/19 Monday a new work week begins and we are cautious around our judgments. Something is not proving to be the big bargain we were hoping for. It’s time to go back over our plans and see where they can be edited or revised. Looking back to 1/11/19 when the Sun and Pluto joined forces we may see what needs to be discontinued now. Are you the one holding the situation together while others have already disconnected? If so consider whether this is really your role for the days and months ahead.

Relax your hold on the situation and see where things go from here. A natural balance needs to be struck rather than an artificial sense of harmony maintained. I keep seeing yes men around a situation where the only way to get things back on track is to stand up and say NO. If one bad apple is threatening to spoil the situation now is the time to eliminate the source of the contamination before it can spread. We really do need to attend to the current problem at hand to prevent potential loss in the future.

This feels to me to be the day where the Mercury retrograde message is taking hold. Nothing good will come from ignoring a situation that has gone on too long. It’s time to root out the decay and clean out the rot so we can have something healthy to build on in time. For that reason I feel the upcoming Mercury retrograde is vital to our wellbeing and psychological conditioning.

We are open for readings throughout the week ahead, call or text us at 781-447-3993 to set your appointment. Saturday please join us at the Theatre One Psychic Fair from 11-3 PM. The address is the Mitchell Club; 29 Elm Street: Middleboro, MA.

Also if you are interested in studying astrology we have a three week class starting next Tuesday 10/15/19 from 6-8PM. It’s entitled the A, B, C’s of Astrology and it’s a great way to delve into learning this amazing subject introduced through reading your very own chart. More can be found on our workshop page or by clicking

Thank you, as always, for your interest and support.

A chain reaction is fueling a reactive pattern around us

A chain reaction is fueling a reactive pattern around us

Planet Flash Week of 9/23/19

By Nancy Foley


As I start to write this week I am hearing, “Isolation, dedication, provocation, and results”. It feels like a chain reaction of sorts is fueling a reactive pattern around us. The ignition point (provocation) comes in our interactions with others. Interesting as today at the Autumnal Equinox (3:50 AM) we are entering the social phase of the year. The Sun in early Libra is all about cooperation and balance with a great emphasis on fairness or justice.

Monday 9/23/19: Today we shift gears from summer to fall acknowledging the days are getting noticeably shorter. Some would say the ascendancy of the Goddess energy that began at the Summer Solstice is now reaching its peak. Soon enough, in three months, the Winter Solstice will arrive. This year along with the Solstice we will be experiencing the last Solar Eclipse of the year.

We are reaching the midpoint between the last Solar Eclipse (7/2/19) and the upcoming eclipse in December. Libra is the middle ground between Cancer and Capricorn; a place where we seek to balance both our needs and ambitions. We do this by finding who stands with us and who stands against us as we move out into the world at large. Every encounter we experience during this period is a reflection back on some part of our life. Pay attention to how others see you as much as you see them. There is a lot of good feedback that can come your way.


Tuesday 9/24/19: Moon shifts into Leo energy around 5:19 am. Leo brings a strength to our feelings and allows us express ourselves in a bold or dramatic fashion. It could bring some opposition to our exchanges in the form of devil’s advocate or pulling rank. We don’t want others to misread their needs for our own.

Around the morning hours we could be making inaccurate statements or false assumptions. You might want to take a step back before getting further off track in your communications. Better to let this energy pass and make important decisions later in the day.

In the evening we are gaining a sense of cooperation or support! That didn’t take long after all for the tide to turn. Sometimes we just have to allow things to sink before we can continue the discussion.

Wednesday 9/25/19: If you wondered where the boundaries exist in your current relationships; you might find it all begins or ends at the bottom line. Fiscal restraints or responsibilities have us looking at who holds the power and control at this time. We may need to restrict our spending or restructure our budgets based on predictions for the upcoming quarter. A certain sobriety around our sense of richness in life is upon us now.

Thursday 9/26/19: Moon moves into practical Virgo and we need to be helpful in some way. It might be a good day to negotiate for a better position or new responsibilities. As Mercury and Pluto square up we are looking to do and have our fair share. We just don’t want to be discredited for our efforts.


Friday 9/27/19: We so long to be a part of something that we could get caught up in the flash and dazzle. This is an easy day to get infatuated with someone or something. In a day or so we may see what promise this situation holds for us.

Saturday 9/28/19: Moon moves into team builder Libra around 6:03 am. We are in the dark of the moon phase until 2:26 pm. This might be a time where old ties or partnerships are appreciated in new or different ways. We come to see the connections from the past as links in a chain that has taken us from there to here (the present). Who did we accept in our life back then and who do we accept in our life now? Who or what has changed over time?

New Moon in Libra arrives at 2:26 PM. We are getting ready to rewrite history and find new balance in our life. We will be looking at where the lacks and extremes of the year pulled us off balance and how to get back in center now. Some of the great lessons of this time have to do with reciprocity, harmony, and achieving a perfect pairing. Don’t waste this period by giving in because it’s easier than standing your ground. Don’t try to do for others what they won’t do for themselves. Instead offer the world your gifts and see what is returned in kind.

You may not have to wait too long for a response as Venus and Jupiter are ready to give you small tokens of affection or appreciation around 7:41pm. Tonight count your blessings and see how much the world has to offer you at this time.

Sunday 9/29/19: We may encounter a period of adjustment or compromise today as our values and partnerships aren’t meshing up. Seems like we have changed our perspective around one or both and we will need to do some revising or reevaluation. What needs to grow, what needs to go? These are questions to be answered once Pluto goes direct on 10/3/19.

Monday 9/30/19: Moon shifts into Scorpio around 5:42 am. In the darkness lies the answer as we rely upon our intuition for guidance and feedback. Some mysteries are revealed because they can’t stay in the dark for that long! Silence is golden on a day like today. If someone is giving you too many details that just might be the indicator their Pinocchio is at play.

We are looking forward to an interesting week that helps guide us toward the big energies ahead in December and January. If you are feeling this same vibe give us a call or text at 781-447-3993, we are here to help you find your direction in the turbulent times.

It’s time to monitor our energy levels. Take time to consider what brings us down and what brings us up?

It’s time to monitor our energy levels. Take time to consider what brings us down and what brings us up?

Planet Flash : Week of 8/11/19

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon

Any shocks to our system over the past week have been wake up calls from Uranus. Today it goes retrograde at 10:27 PM causing us to reevaluate some area of our life. What disturbed us in the outer world now reverberates inside each of us. It can bring a revelation around what truly matters for each of us and/or for all.

Literally we are seeing when you “open fire” on any group or person a bullet has no conscience. We are also seeing that anger is very much like a bullet too. I once knew someone who said I never throw things when I am angry because I know I will have to clean it up later. We are living in that place NOW; cleaning up angry people’s stuff!

We are in the aftermath of what anger and divisiveness can do. We have been here before some of us; it was called 9/11/01. Fear and depression were traveling companions throughout this country and perhaps even the world for many years. What became important to our healing process was the uniting for a cause. Yet this time around the cause isn’t so easy to define or defend. The rhetoric related to gun violence has many different factors and factions. The conversation’s focus needs to shift I think. Perhaps if we used a bullet has no conscience as our motto it might help. Perhaps if we had data and significant information on the cost of gun violence in our country it could awaken us all to what we are dealing with for decades to come.

There is a financial cost that includes medical, emergency, and economic hardships like lost wages or medical bills that are beyond our budgets. There is an emotional cost that has an immediate impact and a much longer impact. My grandparent was murdered and though I never knew him everything about his family’s life and as a result my life was impacted. There is a moral cost to our soul as a country and a people.

Then we have the societal impact where we begin to doubt what we stand for or who we stand with. It’s so much easier when the bad guys are not like us but from where I stand the bad guys are too many (because they include organizations, government representatives, and people who make a business from the violence) and the good guys are too few!

Perhaps what is needed is a revolutionary approach to how we handle the situation. If we taxed every gun and bullet sold with the tax money going to the victims of gun violence and their community’s support programs maybe we could shift the focus. I am sure there are many other unique approaches to the current situation that could be found if we wanted to find them. Hopefully while Uranus is retrograde some new solutions will be brought forth.

Sunday 8/11/19 Jupiter goes direct today at 9:37 AM. Over the past four months we have been given answers to questions we haven’t even asked yet. It is now time to accept our ignorance on certain matters rather than assert our beliefs or assume we know the answers. An open mind is hungry to be filled while a closed mind is on guard for any intrusion or disruption. Our saturation point is being tested on so many levels these days how do we keep ourselves in balance? That is one of the questions that Jupiter and Mars may help us answer in the month of September. For now we are best served by monitoring our energy levels. Take time to consider what brings us down and what brings us up? What do we really need to know and when do we need to know it? Most importantly, where does our sense of knowing come from? With Jupiter in Sagittarius we are reminded that knowing comes from synchronicities and inner truth; what is IS until it isn’t.

Mercury changes into Leo around 3:46 PM and we are less absorbed in our feelings now. We start to feel a bolder sense of self-expression and we are more confident than we previously felt. We want to put our personal signature on life at this time. In the next couple of weeks as Mercury and Jupiter are close in degrees we may find our creative signature is what puts us ahead. We are encouraged to speak up for ourselves and promote our goals for the future.

As I mentioned earlier in this post Uranus is also changing signs today (10:27 PM). During this six month cycle we will take altruism with us on our journey of reorientation and the quest for a good life.

Monday 8/12/19 just because you can’t see doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Today may be a day where doubt and uncertainty overtakes our sense of purpose. We may need to remember that much of what we have recently experienced is yet to be acknowledged. Now that Jupiter is direct we have approximately four months to put all of that into the proper context.

Tuesday 8/13/19 those who have been pushing too hard or too fast will find that they are getting resistance. Something stretched to its limits may indeed snap back.

The moon shifts to Aquarius around 11:37 AM. This sets the stage for some point/counter point type of experiences when Mercury in Leo and Moon in Aquarius oppose each other around 4:34 PM. Make note of what is being said and what is being felt as they are keys to understanding the full moon on Friday.

Wednesday 8/14/19 I hear today could be a “Mexican Standoff”. I looked that up in the dictionary and here is what it said…Mexican standoff definition is – a situation in which no one emerges a clear winner; also : deadlock. Is the Universe telling us something by this message? I think it might be about changing focus from divisiveness to co-creating. We are better together than we are apart!

This message may be reinforced when Venus and Sun meet up finishing a cycle that began during the Venus retrograde last fall. Do you remember a longing of connection or intimacy somewhere in your life during the late fall of 2018? Did you then go seeking a greater sense of fulfillment or purpose? Today the message is received and your connection with the divine is strengthened. Indeed you WERE only waiting for this moment to ARRIVE!

We may be driven to act on a deeper impulse for change or action around 8:00 PM. Make sure the energy you are exerting now gets you to where you are meant to be. Don’t try to push the river at this time.

Thursday 8/15/19 brings the full moon at 8:31 AM. I am being told “last year” as I write. So it seems the Universe wants us to see this full moon in context of last year’s lessons around self-love and group participation. Who are we serving best when we serve ourselves? I leave you to answer that question. However I will say that with the 23rd degree of both Leo and Aquarius highlighted we might be pivoting between a certain fearlessness and sense of accomplishment. Perhaps this is about the audacity to hope the world can find a better tomorrow! We are so great when we are all tuned into the divine order of life brought through the Universal consciousness.  Today’s message is about co-creating through the cosmic heart to find “at-one-ment”.  If you are looking for a good musical reference may I refer you to “Who the Cap Fit” by Bob Marley.

This may seem to be an odd choice if you listen to the words at first but it speaks of how we are both good and bad. We aren’t looking for a savior but rather a healthy dose of understanding. Knowing who we are and seeing who someone is brings the understanding. Don’t judge or try to convert just observe and love. We are all the right spices in the stew of life.

Moon shifts to Pisces around 11:51 PM bringing some desire for surrender and compassion. Find the flow and immerse yourself there in the days ahead.

Friday 8/16/19 sometimes when you see one thing differently you can gain awareness or closure. Today is one of those days. At first what might seem odd or unusual serves to unlock our doorway into the kingdom of heaven within. We have firsthand knowledge of something so much greater than we could once see before.

Saturday 8/17/19 today mars sits at the highest degree of Leo. We are emboldened by our desire for love and trust.  Time to queue up “Bold as Love” by Jimi Hendrix; it’s all there if you can go there and trust where it wants to take you. The challenge is whether you can shift your consciousness from self-concern or fear to compassion.

Sunday 8/18/19 mars moves into Virgo around 1:19 AM. Any regrets based on last night’s actions will find their way to you today. A sense of buyer’s remorse could surround us today. What seemed like an exercise in love might be an experience in healing over the 3 weeks. Did you bite off more than you could chew? If so you are going to have problems with your digestion!

Moon shifts to Aries around 12:34 PM. In our rush to get somewhere we might actually be damaging the ground we cover. Take time to analyze the situation before moving ahead and if you do Monday will bring better solutions and/or results.

We have limited openings this weekend. If you are interested in booking a weekend appointment please contact us now at 781-447-3993 by voice or text. We do have some remaining openings earlier in the week.

Don’t let fear quench your love. Love is the flame that brings light to the darkness.

Listen to the sound of your spirit this week

Listen to the sound of your spirit this week

Planet Flash Week of 7/14/19

By Nancy Foley

As I begin to write the Universe shows me an image of piano player picking at the keys. It appears he is randomly “tickling the ivories”. In reality he is trying to remember a tune as his memory guides him to this key and then another. What sometimes seems to be out of the blue is oft times a moment of reverie and reflection.

As he touches each key his mind is filled with images of his past. At one moment he is in the present trying to remember his past and then in another moment he slips into the past, actually experiencing the experience yet again. It isn’t just the music, it’s the sights, the sounds, even the clothes he wore and who was part of the experience then.

Energetically what state of reality are we living in? I feel in some way this is the kind of thing that happens in an eclipse, especially a lunar eclipse where we are drawn back into a prior emotional realm. Reflection takes us back before we move ahead and so does a lunar eclipse.

Sunday 7/14/19 we are looking for the edge of the container. This might be a period where deeper realities make us wonder who we really are and what we really need to support us. Are we secure enough within to trust our deeper feelings or obsessed with someone else standing guard or keeping the world at bay. Where are our survival skills operating at the optimal level instead of at the minimal amount we can muster? We can certainly protect ourselves if we are tuned into our intuition and can keep calm instead of getting hysterical when our emotions are stirred up. Getting a grip isn’t something to be laughed at during times like this.

Certain factions of our world are baiting us with fear and hoping for mass hysteria to take hold so they can move in to “save the day”. This makes me think of how the imagination can be our worst enemy when placed in the wrong hands. I was speaking today of the power of the old television series The Avengers to active our imagination and carry it into a place of uncertainty where we could fear all kind of unimaginable kinds of terrors! We never saw the writer’s version of spooky but rather dealt with our own unbridled fears in absence of an image fixed upon the screen!

Moon shifts to Capricorn around 7:05 PM. Perhaps after today we welcome a sense of certainty and control this moon brings. We all enjoy the feeling of being on solid ground at this time.

Monday 7/15/19 playing by the rules, even having rules helps keeps us calm and focused for the day. We can even be open to a bit of change without fear in this current place of certainty. We know what’s coming (or so we think) and that allows us to stay the course; results and accomplishment are the focus for the day.

Tuesday 7/16/19 we are feeling the reality of the full moon/lunar eclipse all day long. Our first adverse reaction might come early in the day when we are tempted to go overboard in an effort to gain all the comfort possible at this time. Any tendency toward self-indulgence will be costly later on but so tempting as we feel the restrictions around us at this time.

The lunar eclipse arrives at 5:38 PM at 24 degrees Capricorn. The moon in this sign at this degree requires us to take a serious look at what we are fighting for and seeking to achieve. What strikes me as significant is this lunar eclipse occurs around a moon Void of Course that begins at about the same time as the full moon. If you are unfamiliar with a moon void of course it is a time where the energy of the moon doesn’t support anything new; it’s kind of like a lunar dead zone. So how do we handle this energy you might ask? It would be best to go back to the past and reconsider your plans, focus on prior achievements, and reorganize your desk for what is anticipate in the days ahead.

We may find the period of October 13th important to understanding what this lunar eclipse was all about. If you are looking to make critical life decision it’s quite possible you end up delaying something until that time. If you do proceed now you may find things don’t make it to completion or success eludes you for now. Moon Void of Courses do not give us the energy we need to go forward but they are great energy to send up trial balloons to see what can happen in the worst case scenario or to find issues in our current platform.

Wednesday 7/17/19 Venus and Saturn face off early this morning creating dividing lines in our relationships. We may find there is more keeping us apart than joining us together. We feel love is lost or now introducing insecurity into present commitments. Our stable relationships have fragility and we have to talk about what is going on or risk losing what we have built up. It is important to make our feelings known and not expect someone to read our minds. After all if we have been ignoring what we have been feeling how do we expect someone else to pay attention?

Moon shifts to Aquarius around 5:20 AM. This can be a good time to get some distance and detach from all the tension the moon has stirred up. Now that the moon has moved into Aquarius the Void of Course period is over so we can start to put our plans into action. It might take a day or two to so don’t push too quickly for change or agreement. Introduce your vision and allow others to see it in their own time.

Thursday 7/18/19 take it easy for the early part of the morning; we need some time to adjust to the energy around us post eclipse. Mercury is moving back from the lowest degree Leo to the highest degree Cancer over the next 24 hours. This could have us all fired up to do something big TODAY but if we DO we might feel less confident around our big idea TOMORROW.

Friday 7/19/19 at 3:07 AM Mercury retrogrades back into 29 Cancer the same place it was on 6/25-6/26. If anything important happened then expect it to come back around now. Care and comfort would be one theme, reconciliation of opposites another, and familiar patterns could be a third. Like the piano player referenced earlier on you might find yourself living your past once again. Insecurity or extreme sensitivity could have you stuck in place for a day or so; don’t allow it to trap you there for very long.

Moon shifts to Pisces around 5:20 PM. This is a very sensitive energy that can cause to feel the pain and suffering of others around us. Try to keep your spirits lifted and don’t take on other’s burdens if you can avoid it.

Saturday 7/20/19 we are feeling burdened emotionally. This can create a sense of polluted waters in our life and we are noticing it in various ways and with various people in our life. We have to purify our emotional waters by releasing what we have been holding on to. Today we may need some time away from the world to identify just what we are really feeling. Tomorrow we will discuss what we discover today.

Sunday 7/21/19 Jealousy or power struggles in relationships could crop up for a time as passions run high. Ironically what we are drawn toward now could repel us later when the magnetic tension in the morning discharges later on.

Mercury and Sun make an interior conjunction (mid-point in the retrograde cycle) around 8:35 AM. That emotional conversation is going to take place as each family member weighs in on what has been going on since the Solar Eclipse of 7/2. Release what you are feeling so you don’t carry stagnant emotions into the days and weeks ahead; clean out your emotional filter.

I suspect that this week will be very important in getting our foundation in place for the next important eclipse on 12/26/19. Let’s get the emotions up and out, let’s set the record straight, and let’s grow up and accept responsibility in our relationships. READY….SET….GO.

If you would like guidance around any of this energy please call or text us now to set your appointment. We have a few availabilities throughout the week and into the weekend. Our number is 781-447-3993.

Embrace the Sun

Embrace the Sun

As I begin to write this week’s flash I am presented with a title of a poem by Dylan Thomas. It is “Do not Go Gentle into That Good Night”. It suggests we “Rage, rage against the dying of the light”. Interesting as each day between now and 12/21/19 (Winter Solstice) we experience a little more of the dying of the light as each day gets a little shorter. We are really feeling the pull of the Sun and Moon this week; the energies linked to the Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, and the eclipses.

Sunday 6/30/19 we sit in the dark of the moon since the moon recently went into Gemini this is a good time re-establish connections and look at our experiences relating to the past four weeks during the Gemini New Moon. We also sit in the shadow of the Mercury retrograde from 6/20-7/7. This might bring up some additional insights or concepts during the 7/7-7/31 actual retrograde period. Who did you see for the very first time over the past several weeks? Even if it’s an old friend or family member you might have seen them differently. Those who you have recently encountered have planted a seed in your mind and it is growing there.

Today with Venus still in Gemini we might embrace all that our recent encounters have brought us or are still bringing to us today. Let’s all find each other in a place of connection and new perspectives as we await the arrival of the Solar Eclipse. Feedback could be very important as we wait and wonder.

On Monday 7/1/19 Mars moves into Leo (7:20 PM) and work with the light of our inner flame for 18 days (7/1-7/18). During this time we pursue our heartfelt desires and attempt to put our signature on all that is around us. The confidence and courage we muster up now helps us pursue our goals over the next several weeks. The only down side to this energy would be if we aren’t acknowledged and then we attempt to dominate the situation by creating a dramatic impact on the world around us. This indeed is the energy of the love of power or the power of love.

Moon makes the shift into Cancer around 9:25 PM at this time our feelings are starting to pull us in one way or another. We look for safety and comfort to protect ourselves from the harsh realities around us. We want to feed our emotions so don’t be surprised if you are drawn to the milky items in your refrigerator or freezer.

Tuesday 7/2/19 the Solar Eclipse arrives at 3:17 PM at 10 Cancer 38. If you know your astrology first find the house this eclipse will be in. This area will house the focus of this eclipse and may be a sensitive energy for you over the next six months or more. Any planets in your chart that are around 9 or 10 degrees (any sign) will also channel this energy.

In general this energy works well with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Leo. It struggles with Sagittarius and Aquarius creating a period of adjustment for those signs. The signs of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn will have some conflicts or challenges that could produce some good results over all as they work to get the frustrations out for in some way they are up against it both with this eclipse and the Lunar eclipse later this month.

The Sabian symbol for this eclipse speaks of Inimitability and how our personality defines us. When I look at references to this theme I see things like complexity, casual ambiguity, cultural influences, and change. It seems to me a good reminder that we hold the memory of our roots (our emotions) in our physical bodies. Especially at this time if you are finding it hard to feel good look to what this eclipse is showing you about your support systems and your inner security or self-control. These areas could be worth some reflection especially mid-month during the lunar eclipse.

What you are feeling now may meet with ridicule or hype. Pay attention to where it’s coming from and who is leading the conversation. Feelings are meant to be felt but then to be washed through the filter of our physical body and released. If you are feeling overwhelmed emotionally look for ways to clean your filter and release otherwise those stuck emotions turn toxic and become health concerns later on.

Around 7/9/19 at the first quarter moon we may feel a shift taking place. For now just notice what you are feeling and perhaps as importantly what you aren’t feeling at this time.

Wednesday 7/3/19 stress eating might have been some of your previous night’s experience. If you are suffering from a food hangover be gentle with yourself. It’s ok, today is another day and you can see things more clearly a bit later on.

The morning is a bit confusing as it seems everyone has a story to tell but none of them quite match up or make sense. Perhaps we are all in a Fellini film or at least it seems that way for most of the morning! Pass the popcorn or better yet that tub of ice cream looks pretty tempting!!!

As the day moves ahead Venus changes into the sign of Cancer around 11:19 AM. We all want the love and hugs now as we seek to take care of each other. Remembering this sign asks us to nurture ourselves first, especially the caretakers and the moms. Perhaps this is the time you want to reach out and help those around you in those roles to get some comfort and support; not a bad thing at all!

Moon shifts to Leo around 11:20 PM tonight and good humor might start to return now. We can feel a bit more generous with our energy during this time as we feel empowered by love and joy. What a great moon for celebrating the 4th.

Thursday 7/4/19 today would be a great day for a national celebration as we are filled with patriotic pride. There is a challenging energy around us this morning 8:33 AM that could bring out the zealot or extremist though so be careful. Make sure you aren’t going somewhere that brings out the worst kind of celebration.

Overall this should be a great day to enjoy your family, your home, and the people you love. You feel the love through the time you spend together and the shared meal. Those who love to cook or bake or grill will be in their element today.

Friday 7/5/19 I hear the pressure is on. I am being shown a power washer and I feel like there could be some force to the emotional release you or another could experience today. I also wonder if there might not be some kind of issue around crowd control where a hose or water cannon is used to keep the crowd at bay. I guess we will have to wait and see on that one.

Saturday 7/6/19 Moon shifts to Virgo early Saturday morning around 12:26 AM. During this time we feel the need to organize our lives. We may start to create the workout plan that will help us shed the unwanted pounds from our emotional eating over the past week.

There is a shift in energy today that has us anxious if we don’t have a routine to fall back on. We might get caught up in cleaning, packing or in general tiding up some area of our life. We want to feel efficient and productive like the ants around us.

Sunday 7/7/19 I hear if there is a will there is a way. We might find that we are ready to take ourselves a bit out of our comfort zones to play a new game or learn a new trick. If we can laugh at our mistakes it will all be great fun. For those who are timid or shy this might be a time a trying time. If you can’t play with the big kids it might be time to find a place of your own.

As we move into the afternoon we may a bit side swiped and caught off balance. I see someone standing in their yard scratching their head and asking what just happened here. It’s a time of misperceptions or misguided approach. It’s really no big deal unless we feel the need to take things to another level.

As we move into the afternoon we may a bit side swiped and caught off balance. I see someone standing in their yard scratching their head and asking what just happened here. It’s a time of misperceptions or misguided approach. It’s really no big deal unless we feel the need to take things to another level.

Mercury stations retrograde at 4-5 degrees Leo at 7:15 PM. The theme for this Mercury retrograde is character building that comes from life’s drama or trauma. We look to our inner strength and ability to meet life’s challenges with courage and calmness.

We have been or are being presented with changes that help us to evolve and grow. Yet for some it may feel like they have lost their place. Take the next four weeks to see what demands life holds for you now. As you open to the messages around you it could be a very enlightening time where you see that joy comes from embracing who you are rather than being disappointed for who you are not. The inner game of winning brings us such great rewards in the days and weeks ahead. We are emboldened by the god force within that challenges us to be happy.

Have a great week ahead! We are open for some appointments Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Call us or text us at 781-447-3993 to reserve your spot with Tom or Nancy or both!

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