Change can be a great opportunity, are you ready?

Change can be a great opportunity, are you ready?

Planet Flash – Week of 1/20/2020

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon 

As I begin to write I am given the image of a parent (decades ago) telling their child to “be a good soldier” and the adult version of the child now saying “what does that even mean”? Relevancy and relatability might have us casting off old roles, old references, and other illogical constructs that don’t really serve us anymore. We have outgrown the old mandates or dictates or have we?

By the way, in searching the origins of to” be a good soldier” I came up with a literary reference, biblical references, and military references. It seems soldiering is a term that can be applied anywhere you are called upon to adhere to a certain code of conduct and willingness to follow orders. The deference to the chain of command probably most closely aligns with the parent’s message from above; this way the one who issues the orders gets to determine the outcome.

This week we start to see a shift from being a good soldier to being a good strategist or one who can mastermind the operations. We are required to know the rules but then see where quick thinking or innovation solutions might save the day in a time of crisis or uncertainty. Personal will shifts from a strong sense of duty and a predetermined code of conduct to doing your own thing in your own unique way.

Monday 1/20/20 sun moves to Aquarius at 9:55 AM. A new path or sense of the future grabs our focus over the next several days. Uranus in Taurus will cause us to consider our future values and assets based on the materials we have to work with at this time. If we can’t let go of something or someone who is standing in our way we may be forced to let go of their hold on us or our hold over them. We are reminded that nothing “solid” remains solid indefinitely.

Around 2:47 PM moon still in Sagittarius meets up with Mars prompting us to go the distance and take a chance. Yet with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn we might be a bit concerned with the outcome or how this could distract us from our current focus. Proving ourselves right and others wrong might provide a slight friction today.

Tuesday 1/21/20 tensions could build as we look to eliminate what is standing in our way of progress. Just remember with all the heavy earth energy around us we don’t have the traction to leap over the obstacles in our path we must move through them a step at a time.

Wednesday 1/22/20 moon shifts to Capricorn around 12:00 AM bringing to a close the more restless or impetuous energy from earlier this week. We are coming to see that endings are beginnings and we open to the lure of change and other possibilities. Around 9:45 PM moon and Jupiter join up and we can feel support for our ambitions. We receive benefits for the hard work we have been doing over the past 2.5 years; seems the hard work was worth it after all. From the trial and testing we are now self-empowered and have mastered the experience.

Thursday 1/23/20 the Sun and Uranus square up around 1:54 AM bringing closure to challenges from last 4/22/19. We take with us what matters and most likely leave the rest behind. We understand the value of change and the need for a good financial base as we shifted our behaviors in these areas. Changes brought to us from April to August last year had us tuning into new approaches or frequencies from August 2019 to January 2020. Now we go from here into a next step or stage of building up our lives.

Around 8:07 AM small gifts and rewards could come from our admirers or supporters. This is a great boost to our attitude and helps give us a better grasp on what still needs to be completed before we move ahead. Finishing up the task at hand is driven home when moon meets up with both Pluto (at 7:18PM) and Saturn (at 9:18 PM) tonight. The sense of passing the torch could be a theme as well as knowing where you stand at this time.

Friday 1/24/20 the moon moves to idealistic and detached Aquarius at 8:20 AM. Now the moon squares up with Uranus (as the Sun did early yesterday). We need to feel a bit of space between those who are in our emotional space. If you have an Aquarius in your life don’t be surprised if they are a bit distant or detached with this energy pattern today.

Around 4:42 PM we have the New Moon in Aquarius at 4 degrees 21 minutes. This takes us a step ahead from the previous New Moon Solar Eclipse of 12/26/19. During the next four weeks we navigate through ‘future shock” and what is coming ahead for us all. New groups, new causes, or new awareness around the way things should be on a Universal level could be showing you a new path ahead.

One additional thing today Pluto begins to break new ground as it passes beyond the highest degree it held last year. This may be a time where obsessions or power structures end or begin. Pluto in Capricorn is the power broker; the highest link on the chain of command. Now we see what we have up against in our pathway to self-empowerment!

Saturday 1/25/20 begins a New Chinese Year; the year of the white metal rat is now upon us. The last time we had a rat year was 2008! According to what my research found here are some of the takeaways of this sign:

Rats are quick-witted, resourceful, and smart but lack courage. With rich imaginations and sharp observations, they can take advantage of various opportunities well. Rats represent working diligently and thriftiness, so people born in a Rat year are thought to be wealthy and prosperous. *source is

Mercury and Mars help us to work on advances and great solutions to current problems around 12:08 PM. We are highly motivated and quick witted now so interesting ideas may bring new options today or tomorrow.

We also have moon and Mercury joining together at 2:06 PM. We are given exciting new ways to express our feelings and detach from old patterns. We are ready to move on from here.

Sunday 1/26/20 Venus and Mars square off around 8:37 PM this may be a time of sacrificing for the cause. Make sure you are doing what feels right for you and not just what you assume could be beneficial. Your desires can blindside you at this time if you don’t understand the territory around you; there are opportunists just waiting to pounce on those who are naïve.

All of the planets are direct and will be for another couple of weeks. This is a great time to look ahead to what changes can be instrumental in restructuring our future. We all want a rich life experience but what that means and how we get there is still waiting to be seen. For now count your blessings and see how change can be a great opportunity to put down what isn’t working and pick up what is!

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The concept of elevation speaks to our sense of self, our ego, our will power, and how we chose to navigate this lifetime…

The concept of elevation speaks to our sense of self, our ego, our will power, and how we chose to navigate this lifetime…

Planet Flash for the week of 1/13/2020

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon

As this week begins to take shape I am shown a person on stilts walking through the crowd. It seems that he is making his way quickly albeit with a bit different approach than others around him. The concept of elevation speaks to our sense of self, our ego, our will power, and how we chose to navigate this lifetime.

Perhaps with all the heavy energy of last week some are finding themselves moving ahead, rising above what continues to holds others to a lower standard or mundane perspective. Are you stuck in the yolk of the path before you, fighting hard for the past or prior standards of living? Have you come to see that sometimes exploring a different approach or method is the only way to get through the current tests or challenges life is serving up?

With all the Capricorn energy being emphasized at this week we get to see where tenacity works for us and against us now.  Don’t worry if you can’t quite determine where to go next, now is the time to try on those stilts and gain the new perspective. By late March when the energy shows you the road ahead (or the off ramp) you will be ready to go towards the next direction.

For now let’s just see what the week ahead is revealing:

Monday 1/13/20 we start the week with the Sun shining its light on the Saturn Pluto influence around us. The Sun passes over Pluto at 8:21 AM here the personal will begins to resonate with the influence of the power complex around us.

Then the moon shifts from Leo to Virgo at 9:06 AM the need to dominate or dictate is over taken by the need to serve or improve. This may take the pressure down a notch in any personal battles of will and start to fix problems that have begun to surface. I am seeing the image of a mason cementing the cracks in the foundation while a structural engineer determines whether the structure is up to bearing the weight anymore.

Around 10:15 AM the Sun passes over Saturn. Now we get the report and face the reality, the terms and conditions, the knowledge of how gravity is working for or against us at this time. Some things stand the test of time while other things need to be shored up, replaced, or torn down. We learn with the heavy energy in Capricorn nothing manmade can outlast time eventually it will wear down or give out.

Venus makes its move into Pisces around 1:39 AM bringing with it a desire for unity and call for compassion. This is a period over the next five weeks where we wear our heart on our sleeve. Though facing reality can bring pain and suffering, love and devotion can bring salvation provided we see things for what they are and not what they could be.

Tuesday 1/14/20 today Saturn moves one degree further into Capricorn and helps us to see where self-restraint is needed to keep us from going over the edge or failing to stay on track. If we want to see results we have to stay focused so take the time to plan your work and work your plan. Those who think they can just “wing it” will be sadly disappointed.

Around 7:48 PM a tension occurs between Mars and Pluto. This could provoke unscrupulous people to act in unpopular ways. It’s a time of saber rattling and false bravado. Those who think they can do anything they want may find backlash and a surprising shut down to their actions or proposals. Somebody needs to back off or be put in their place and those who have the control will most certainly flex their power or authority to maintain their certainty.

Wednesday 1/15/20 at 4:17 AM Mars now confronts Saturn in a tension pattern quite similar to yesterday evening. The difference is rules are being laid down or certain controls are being called upon. An image of a safety net on a flight deck pops up as I write these words. Restraint is about controlling a situation in motion and not about stopping progress. There are no half-way measures it seems, it’s all the way or no way at all. That which cannot restrain itself on its own will face restraints to keep it or others safe; this is about protection coming from those who understand the danger of some powerful force out of control.

Moon moves from analytic Virgo to team building Libra around 10:43 AM. We can better understand the need for fairness, justice, and weighing both sides of the matter at hand. The balance scale must be free to measure the loss and gain.

Around 6:18 PM Venus and Uranus seek a cooperative relationship. This may be important news brought through our hidden connections. We may find that new support is coming from our valuable connections in unexpected ways. Divine messengers or guides appear from various corners of our life.

Jupiter is moving into the second ten degrees (decan) of Capricorn know and our guiding forces take us into the realm of our resources, self-worth, and values. We come to see that hard work can pay off. We could also see where a certain status consciousness keeps us enslaved to our assets. Over time many things lose their value while many things increase their value it all depends on the relevance of the times.

Thursday 1/16/20 Mercury moves from the conservative influence of Capricorn into progressive energy of Aquarius around 1:31 PM. This could bring a fresh perspective and radical ideas into our conversations and point of view. With an eye on the future we consider alternative plans and look for new groups to follow or lead. We know the black swan theory is waiting to be applied based on the events of this time.

Look at what is happening on the down low at this time. With moon squaring both Pluto and Saturn today a rational explanation is needed to keep things in balance. How could we let someone get away with grabbing power and taking control? Why it’s one little detail at a time. Now we can loop back and rebalance our position no matter how incredible things have become.

Friday 1/17/20 we are in the energy of the last quarter moon in Libra around 7:58 AM. Time has come to challenge foregone conclusions and look at new evidence on the matter. We are called upon to see for ourselves the hidden motivations behind any peacemaking or deal making now; I see the devil poised with pen in hand waiting for us to sign on the dotted line. This makes me think of the government agreements with the Native Americans back in the 1800’s. Greed and self-interest are the tools the devil uses best the pen is just a nice touch for the flourish at the end.

Moon moves to Scorpio around 1:20 PM. This may be a deeply significant energy to pull us this way or that. The desire for change and the way to work through others to achieve it could bring a passive range to our feelings over the next day or two.

Saturday 1/18/20 with Mercury squaring Uranus (newly direct) around 3:32 AM something could crash into our consciousness. We may wake up with a new perspective that helps us to see what we couldn’t beforehand. What represents freedom and a good life; these aren’t mutually exclusive ideas after all. Now is the time to adjust the framework so you can include the whole picture.

Sunday 1/19/20 Mars and Jupiter help us to understand the rules of the game and the possible outcomes around 7:46 AM. We come to see that we have inner limits that predetermine or define how lucky we can be. If we aren’t open to any number of possible outcomes we tend to see the same results each and every time.

Moon shifts to Sagittarius around 5:41 PM heightening our expectations and our need to be in motion. We want to see the road ahead and find out what’s really on the other side of the fence that’s held us here for so long. A need to test our limits or those limits we have been abiding by for so long (a month or more at least) is today’s mission.

Monday 1/20/20 sun shifts to progressive and idealistic Aquarius at 9:55 AM. It seems apt that we celebrate Martin Luther King on this day since its energy does reflect his energy. This is the time of the maverick and he was certainly that in his time.

Moon and Mars join up around 2:47 PM helping us to take things to another level. We all have a mountain to climb and show others a reason to reach up or be inspired. Though we can’t lead them there we can show them what once was considered impossible is now not only possible but being done right here and right now. We all know the way inner truth and self-understanding.

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Are you on Santa’s Nice List?

Are you on Santa’s Nice List?

Planet Flash week of 12/9/19

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon


In preparing to write this week’s missive the term “situational awareness” comes up as a theme. It seems this term is used in the military and police but lends itself to many other thoughts related to where you are and where you currently stand.

So may I ask, where do you stand at this moment in time? What ground have you covered this year and where do you have further ground to cover still? We are all life travelers but we don’t all travel to the same place or in the same way. Some of us take the journey quite directly by hitting the highway, airways or waterways to cover as many miles as we can in search of foreign lands. Others travel by the neural network attempting to make as many mental or social connections as possible. I guess it isn’t so much about how we get there but that we get there in the place of greater experience and further understanding of life.

Whatever approach we have taken, whatever direction we have headed we are now more situationally aware because of the experiences we encountered during late January-early March, Mid May- June, and Mid- September through October of this year. During these times Jupiter (the teacher) was in the same sign (Sagittarius) and degrees as the Sun is this week.

What is this week bringing to light? Read on to find out:

Monday 12/9/19 we are where we take ourselves. As Mercury moves into Sagittarius this morning at 4:42 AM we may claim bragging rights for what we have accomplished up till now. Better use of this energy might be to promote ourselves and get others to recognize how right we are for a new role or different position. Stretching your mind might help you to see a way to combine your current routine with a new goal or next step. Today you find strength and courage to move ahead by seeing the positive in a new kind of “situational awareness” or next step.

The moon is still in Taurus so we might be inclined to rest on our laurels or not want to shift our position. Yet here we are and the time is now.

Tuesday 12/10/19 moon shifts to Gemini around 11:47 AM. It’s time to express your needs and get others to listen to what you have to say. Choose your words well and see what can be brought up and cross pollenated through your conversations. Might be a little hard to stay on track with so many things happening at once but remember it’s about illumination rather than conclusions. Our conversations should be aimed in creating more light than heat.

Wednesday 12/11/19 I hear “spare change, spare change”. The question today is do you have the assets to make it work? Have you been frittering away your talents or knowledge without leaving a noticeable impact on the world around you? Perhaps this is the time to gather your forces and migrate to a place where you can be rewarded for your great ideas or expand on your knowledge base.

Mercury and Uranus offer an opportunity for us to adapt to a new line of reasoning around 6:55 AM. At this time we might have a paradigm shift or an unexpected thought jolt us into a new reality.

Just before this Venus and Saturn embraced each other around 5:05 AM. We may find a serious attraction for someone who has the right credentials or the way into the head office. We want that chance to further our ambitions and get a seat at the head table. The lust for power and control is strong now especially when it comes to our sense of security and status.

Thursday 12/12/19 now that the Sun has moved into the last 10 degrees of Sagittarius we are more concerned with making it to the top of the mountain. We want to experience our full potential and take ourselves to the highest possible expression of our truth. This all sounds good until you realize one of the lessons of Sagittarius is hubris. Oh how the mighty can fall when they forget there is a limit to their greatness. The good news is Sagittarius can also find the humor in their failings; eventually.

Today the full moon arrives at 12:12 AM. The moon is at 19 degrees 52 minutes Gemini. Certainly this will be a time where words won’t fail us but beliefs might change. Some may come to realize what seemed like such a great idea in the new moon of Gemini on 6/3/19 hasn’t turned out like they thought it would. Yup, we are back to situational awareness once again! Now that we are at this place, at this time, where do we go next?

Solutions to any current issues will be part of our contingency plans as we look to the path ahead. We now see that our level of commitment is the determining factor in personal growth. If you don’t show up life isn’t going to wait around rather it most likely will take the next in line. If you have been playing too long or too hard, not thinking about the winter to come, like the grasshopper in the story of the grasshopper and the ant you will suffer a hard lesson in the year to come.

If you have been “situationally aware” like the ant you will find that you are able to survive the winter period quite well. The moon changes to Cancer around 6:23 PM and how you feel about your situation will be the driving force in the days ahead. If you can focus on your intuition and get past your feelings you might find that your current needs guide you forward.

Friday 12/13/19 Happy Friday the 13th!!! Today is about instinctive protections and scrutinizing the situation for potential self- improvements. Mars and Neptune are moving us toward a deeper awareness of the flow in life around 6:55 AM. Yield and see where you are drawn in rather than attempting to disrupt the flow or push the river. You will survive the uncertainty around you by not getting in your own way as a victim or martyr.

Venus and Pluto join up around 10:16 AM. It’s been awhile since they were this close together; it was 2/22/19 to be exact and only one degree difference. Back then the Sabian symbol for that degree was “Good Conduct”. It spoke to defending your cherished values and I hear it was about “never letting you go”. We did the best we could for those we loved and from there some kind of history was made.

Today the Sabian symbol is the “The Chess Player”. We have come to see when to hold them and when to fold them. This could indicate a temporary sacrifice for the greater good. The temporary setbacks life serves us help us remember what is really important. We know we can wait our turn when the important things of life are at stake. I hear “never can say goodbye” so it seems that we take with us what matters even if in some way we must also leave it behind.

Saturday 12/14/19 moon stays in Cancer most of the day and then shifts to Leo around 10:56 PM. From our imagination come new creative opportunities as the moon transits from one sign to the other. We are ready to move towards bigger goals, greater happiness, and a chance to be the hero if allowed. We are not in a place of fear, having once more connected to our past and the sweet memories it holds. Now we are encouraged and filled with love that a life well lived provides for us!!!

In writing this I think about the commercial playing now that has Elliot and ET reuniting; talk about warming your heart by linking a good memory to the present. It just such a perfect connection between fear (Cancer) and love (Leo) helping to remind us that when something is familiar to us we no longer run from it but embrace it willing. Everything in life has that potential but it’s up to us as to whether we open our arms and our heart to the foreign (Sagittarius) or the strange (Scorpio) and make it eventually a familiar.

Sunday 12/15/19 we experience the disseminating moon in Leo around 1:32 PM. At a little over 8 degrees Leo we are focused on being welcomed back into the pack. The one that has helped us be ourselves long before we really knew what that meant. ET’s heart-light both takes us ahead and leads us home; love is a beacon for us to see as much as to shine the light for others.

Hey, “wanna” get lucky? Oh no that’s the Universe asking not me. Today is the day where we get to try our luck and test our potential as Jupiter and Uranus flow together around 2:01 PM. This could be a time of extreme good fortune or a time to count your blessings. It’s all about using your experience to create the best life you can live today and the days ahead. Expectations=outcome provided you are serious and ready to commit to your choice.

Monday 12/16/19 is a great day to try something new; break new ground or learn a new language. The time is coming to put the past, present, and future in a new perspective just like Ebenezer Scrooge. This week we are ready to rediscover ourselves based on what we have learned over this past year. We traveled far, we gained new situational awareness, and we came to see where our overzealousness kept us from understanding something too important to ignore or prejudge.

At this time I am thinking about the line spoken by Col. Jessup in the movie “A Few Good Men”. During the trial (in the movie) he says, “you want answers, you want answers…you can’t handle the truth”. Well is he right, can you NOT handle the truth? Or now is it readily apparent what the truth (your truth) is and with that you are set free? This is the week where you are the judge and the jury as you bear witness to your life.

Think about this now and next May when the truth and gossip are big themes. Knowing the truth may not help us sleep better at night but it will allow us to be situationally aware.

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Move through, not beyond, whatever is happening around you

Move through, not beyond, whatever is happening around you

Planet Flash Week of 12/2/19

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon


Until 12/21/19 the Sun is in the Sagittarius. Today Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius has graduated into one sign beyond its nativity, Capricorn. As a result we will begin to filter our experiences in a more practical and serious scope over the next 12 months. Our leap towards growth and opportunity begins to shift into the tangible results of this year’s goals evidenced through achievement, accomplishment, and long term plans. We require structure, security, responsibility and establishing some kind of control over our life. Most importantly the fire is starting to fade as Jupiter the only major planet from (Jupiter-Pluto) was singularly holding the flame of a fire sign. Now we have Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto in Capricorn while Neptune is in Pisces. Look for important periods to energize the fire element when Sun goes into Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius next year. Pay attention to times when Mars moves into a fire sign as well. The next time Mars will enter into the fire (Sagittarius) will be the period from 1/4/20-2/16/20 perhaps adding enthusiasm or traction to what is happens this December.

For those of you who need a burst of enthusiasm or encouragement to head to greener pastures mark your calendar and remember those dates. Now is not the time to move beyond but rather move through whatever is happening around you. We must deliver on our promises and make good on our commitments before we can take a step further. To put it another way we must close out accounts before opening new ones in order to keep focused and achieve our desired results; don’t get tripped up in loose ends!

Monday 12/2/19 Jupiter is in Capricorn at 1:20 PM. Before that period the super salesman might rush to close the deal. The big talker doesn’t worry about what comes next just what comes now. However with the shift in Jupiter today they won’t get away with unethical deals or claims for very long. The end will no longer justify the means but rather cause the situation to be judged or litigated for malfeasance.

Accountability will be a big hot button issue starting today and throughout 2020. Don’t make claims you can’t back up or follow through on or you just might find yourself facing a hard lesson in reality. Whatever has been stretched to its limits will feel a snap back in the weeks ahead. Capricorn is all about law enforcement both on the societal and universal levels; karma is Saturn and teaches us about self-control and self-mastery.

Tuesday 12/3/19 Mercury and Pluto help us get to the bottom of things around 12:23 AM. Perhaps a dream or late night conversation brings an important decision that can empower us at just the right time. What has been corrupted could be reset or purged if need be; time to get rid of the rotten idea or expose the hidden matters to light. The elephant in the room is being sent back to the zoo because it’s taking up too much space in your life!!!

Moon turns to Pisces around 2:11 AM. This energy moves us into the subtle feelings of hope and hopelessness. We must surrender the will to the sea of faith and surrender to the flow.

Venus and Mars encourage us to act on our desires around 10:47 AM. We want to know who we can count on to do our bidding if need be. We might also find that tests of power or strength could be part of the experience as we push to put our plans in action.

Wednesday 12/4/19 we are in the energy of the first quarter moon around 1:58 AM. The moon is at 11-12 degrees Pisces. At this degree we are focused on ethics in conjunction with our highest degree of morality and spirituality. This is a trial period of sorts where we are faced with our truth based on the talk we talk and the walk we walk. Hypocrisy eventually creates a harsh reality to our false hopes and misbeliefs. We are seen not for what we say but what we do. No one believes our lies anymore and now we are left only with our truth; the very thing we tried so hard to deny or hide from others. The courage to speak your truth is all that is awaiting you in order to rectify the situation.

Thursday 12/5/19 this is the day to acknowledge your mistakes and trust others to understand and forgive. “There for the grace of God go I”.  We have all been there and done that how else do we learn from our mistakes? If all goes well we can move beyond our lower self to our higher self if we are willing to be humbled and find grace. Otherwise we live in the shadows and become a lost soul; unable to abide by our true self reflection.

Moon shifts to Aries around 2:44 PM. This is the time where we are moved by our own initiatives and sparks of creativity. We fight to emerge from the shadows of the past.

Friday 12/6/19 if we can take a step back from the materialism of Christmas we might just find the wonder and joy it created in us at various times in our life. The joy of this period is realizing how far our ability to imagine and believe in the goodness of life can carry us. Today focus on how your creativity leaves a mark on your world; you have your own magic touch. Maybe you didn’t write a book but told a story that others around you like to retell or repeat. Maybe you still have some project left over from school days that showed you could make something beautiful as a gift for someone you love. That love allowed you to ignore your fear of not being creative and took you right into a new experience of your creative self. Now is the time to lose yourself in the art of living a beautiful day; make your world shiny and bright.

Saturday 12/7/19 you are being called on to participate in the situation being handed to you today. You may find you are caught off guard or feel awkward in approaching something difficult or foreign; you just want to escape the unease. However if you stay with it you will be guaranteed a new level of personal growth and self- confidence. You grow not by what you already know but what you are yet to learn through a new encounter or different experience.

Sunday 12/8/19 Venus and Neptune are doing a beautiful waltz around 4:48 PM. You feel the rhythm moving you in graceful patterns.  Prior to that time Sun and Neptune square up around 4:00 AM. This might bring a moment of forgiveness (self or other) where you can now understand what was once misunderstood or confusing. Our assumptions will be adjusted by our current sense of truth, justice, and greater understanding or they will sink us deeper into a zealous sense of self-righteous. Let’s hope for the former rather than the later.

Monday 12/9/19 I hear I have knowledge. Perhaps this is an acknowledgement of Mercury (mental process) moving into Sagittarius around 4:42 AM. I also hear “aim straight” and this is directly connected to the symbol of Sagittarius the Archer.  Sagittarius is about reaching the goal by looking up and not down.

Moon arrives in Taurus around 2:29 AM slowing things down a bit. With moon in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio around 4:10 AM we might find a passive aggressive battle at hand in our family or other supportive relationships. Our values are dueling with others actions or directives throughout the day. How deeply something matters will be the trigger mechanism held in your hands. Mars in Scorpio is known for its extremism, prepare to be pushed beyond where you are willing to go and start to consider your options for when you get there. Someone wishes to provoke you out of hiding behind your need to be nice.

Today with Mercury joining the sun in Sagittarius it’s a great period to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing the greater good as the way to the future find a way to pull together and negotiate for the win-win over the win-lose. It’s a time for integration and working toward the greater good.

An interesting quote for your consideration as I close out this post….

When we recognize that our personal good coincides with the Good of everyone, our inner light is turned on: at this point, when a human being becomes a Human Angel, their light, like a beacon, shines all around.
The more lights are lit, the more humanity will be enlightened in these dark times, when the world of the ego, driven to its extreme, has begun its dramatic collapse.”
Human Angels, We are human angels

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We start out the week wondering…

Planet Flash – Week of 11/18/19

By Nancy Foley

We start out the week wondering if indeed it’s all in the past as new information spills out that previously was unknown or untold. It seems it is time for the brave to step forward while the timid step back into the shadows once again.

I hear you’ll never know what you are going to say until you say it! This seems to be true as many spend their day deferring, deflecting, or otherwise attempting to spin the dialogue in their preferred direction. Yet some say enough of this, it’s time to say what you mean and mean what you say.

11/18/19 Monday as the Moon and Mercury square up early this morning it has become a time of truth or self-aggrandizement. It will be interesting to see who gets to illustrate this point in our life both locally and globally. I think it will serve as a reveal for the true hero while showing up the hypocrite as we follow along in the narrative.

11/19/19 Tuesday I hear “migrate to a new position in the north or the south” it feels like this message is about extremism and choosing sides. However as Mars shifts to Scorpio, around 2:40 a.m., it might suggest a different type of choice one which involves spiritual evolution or transcendence as we look to rise up rather than be tethered to the baser impulses.

As we come upon the fourth quarter moon in Leo (27 Leo 14) at 4:11 p.m. we are directed toward self-mastery and interdependence. The spoiled brat or entitled one must understand the current reality. We are all in need of a fresh start in our life; one where we see inclusion rather than domination. If we all get a say and all play a part then no one is the outcast or the overlord. It’s time to see we are all in this together as a new tomorrow heads this way.

The moon shifts into Virgo around 8:54 p.m. reminding us we are all works in progress. We have so much to do over the next couple of days to improve or heal our lives. For now, let’s just take things one step at a time.

11/20/19 Wednesday Mars and Neptune call for an adjustment in our approach; it’s unclear as to whether we put ourselves or others around us first now. Mercury going direct at 2:12 pm might help shift our focus from pessimism to a new strategic way of thinking as insightful answers appear at this time.  We are able to express ourselves well around 4:32pm. Penetrating insights make for good company from this point on until early Friday morning.

11/21/19 Thursday today is the last full day of Sun in Scorpio so expect a bit of increased intensity as we look to analyze our lives at this time. We have a cooperative energy between the moon and sun which peaks around 10:31pm. This is a great day to solve the mysteries and perfect the process as Scorpio and Virgo show us what a great team they make. Good day to reconcile your bank accounts and review your spreadsheets!

Moon shifts into social Libra around 11:20pm. Now we seek to balance out our lives and find acceptance in our relationships instead of reformation. We want to be seen for who we are rather than the person you desire us to be; in this energy it can be hard to do at times. It’s always good to remember that true companionship starts with self-acceptance in addition to acceptance of another.

11/22/19 Friday the sun shifts into Sagittarius at 9:59 a.m. and we are off to the races. Nothing is going to hold us down or hold us back from a forward moving direction. Sagittarius is the ultimate explorer and one willing to take that leap of faith!

We may feel a bit restless as we get acclimated to this new energy but I suspect it won’t take too long. High hopes and great expectations can also lead to a sense of converting others to our way of life. It is here we may have to ratchet back our enthusiasm or experience some pushback as a result.

11/23/19 Saturday we enter the balsamic moon phase of the lunar cycle from now until Tuesday 11/26/19. It is time to reflect on what must be released in order to work on the new in the next cycle of time. This is a period where we might be inclined to make a concession if it can get us out of the fray. Just remember whatever you give away now will not be available later on.

11/24/19 Sunday Mars opposes Uranus around 11:51 a.m. putting us in a challenging position in our relationships. We may find our enthusiasm found earlier in the morning, around 8:33 a.m., has taken things a little too far. We are off course and could feel misdirected based on what we think we deserve or have earned in a certain situation. Watch who or what you give power to because it might not provide the great return you are expecting. Everyone’s agenda is about to surface today.

Moon shifting to Scorpio at 12:58 p.m. might be the saving grace as it reveals the underpinnings or hidden motives in the situations around us. The key is to not be provoked or provoking but rather be still and wait to see what happens next. Much can be revealed at the time of the dark moon in Scorpio.

11/25/19 Monday we are in a moon void of course (dead zone energetically) from 12:30 p.m. today through 3:11 a.m.; let your grand plans simmer on the back burner today. This is a good time to sort through things and purge what is no longer needed for the journey ahead.

Venus moves into Capricorn at 7:28 p.m. our relationships become more serious and perhaps transactional in nature for the month ahead. We want to see results plus get the respect called for in our relationships through aquiring a certain status or title.

11/26/19 Tuesday is the new moon in Sagittarius (4 Sagittarius 03) at 10:06 a.m. This is a time to rise and shine by showing the world who we are and what we are here to do. If we are spending too much time explaining ourselves or defending our position this month than we are obviously doing something wrong. This new moon likes things to be self-evident and for us to display self-confidence without erring on the side of zeal or false pride. To all things be true and most importantly be true to yourself!!!

Since this is the last new moon before the next solar eclipse it might be worthwhile to explore the messages from the last solar eclipse in July (7/2/19)  so as to understand their full impact on your life and put things in the proper context.

I see the image of the two masks one of comedy and one of tragedy in my mind’s eye. It seems to me this period is revealing how we live a life of our own making based on our level of personal understanding. What we demand from others relates to what we ask of our self. Those who are aware of their real needs can get their needs met. Those who expect others to know their needs while they thrash around in the dark become a danger not only to themselves but those around them. We all must come to see the guiding force that helps transform us from immaturity to wisdom; in essence nothing happens outside of us which isn’t emanating from within. To turn from suffering to salvation we must clear out the wounding of the past and transmute that energy from projection to enlightenment. Each struggle has a lesson that is only learned when we relinquish the past and move on to share wisdom and knowledge with others. This really does relate to the old adage “many are called but few are chosen”.

On that note I wish you a good week ahead. We are open for business right up till Thanksgiving Day. We are reachable by phone or text at 781-447-3993, so contact us now to set your appointment.  

With the less intense planetary influences of other days we are able to work through any ongoing situations around us…

With the less intense planetary influences of other days we are able to work through any ongoing situations around us…

Planet Flash Week of 10/21/19

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon


10/21/19 Monday

We start off the day with a last quarter moon in Cancer around 8:39 AM and this energy just seems to sit around us for most of the day. It takes us back to a time where we felt part of the family and knew we had roots. We remember having our needs met and our feelings interpreted by those who cared about us.

Now unfortunately we feel a disturbance in the force and don’t feel the safe environment is so safe for us anymore. We are concerned with the undercurrent that is drawing us down or away from what we once embraced. All is not as it once seemed. I am being shown the image of Hansel and Gretel being led into the forest by their stepmother (the wood cutters wife).

If you are familiar with the story you know that these children are facing a test of survival. What they learn is how to work together as a team against impossible odds and how to scrutinize a situation for possible weaknesses or face peril. In essence their story is our story today in the last quarter moon and throughout the first part of this week; abandonment and the instinct to survive.

I would summarize this experience as that which your hungry heart yearns for can end up devouring you if you let it. In many fairy tales such as this we are shown that “motherless children” are never motherless if they learn to trust themselves and honor their own intuition.

Later in this day (8:56 PM) we may have a moment of revelation or shocking clarity where we realize our mother is alive within us lighting our path each steep of the way. We keep her in our heart and in turn she enriches our connection to life.

10/22/19 Tuesday

With the less intense planetary influences of other days we are able to work through any ongoing situations around us. Today is a good day to appreciate where we are or how far we have come rather than blame certain people or situations for making us unhappy. We can’t just get over something unless we understand the deeper meaning or significance it holds over us.  Sometimes we have to peel the onion a layer at a time and no better time than now to start doing so.

10/23/19 Wednesday

As soon as I typed in this date I immediately heard must be the season of the witch. Yes, today the sun moves to Scorpio around 1:20 PM. Scorpio is the sign where magic, mystery, and manipulation travel around us. We are here to see that we are magnetic forces in the world and can draw in power, hold influence over others, and destroy or transform energy.

We start a journey through Scorpio probing the depths and acknowledging powerful forces of elimination and vindication in our midst. I would recommend you take a long look into what is “haunting” you in the day leading up to Halloween. Is it your own inner darkness coming to light or a need to release the ghosts of the past?

Moon shifts to Virgo around 3:29 PM allowing us to clean up our act or find a healing solution to our current state of affairs. What isn’t working must be released or repaired; there is no denying the problem. With the Sun moving from Libra (fairness and balance) to Scorpio (transformation) the level of passion has increased now. We aren’t content to just discuss things we want some kind of action or reaction that creates a shift in influence or power.  When Mars arrives in Scorpio on 11/19/19, just about the time Mercury goes direct, we will know what needs to be done and have the power to back us. Something significant is bound to take place between 11/19/19-12/2/19!!!

10/24/19 Thursday

Over the next 2.5 days we enter the balsamic phase of this month’s moon cycle. It starts in our gut with moon Virgo and ends in our chi through Scorpio. We are meant to be silent and work in the dark at this time. This can be a period of purging and remembering what we are here to do.

Today while the moon is in Virgo we consider what is appropriate for us at this time. Old routines, rituals, or habits may no longer be relevant now or in the future. Change is upon us and its time to see where we belong and what is fitting for us now. To progress we must not live in the past.

10/25/19 Friday

Moon shifts to Libra around 4:20 PM. The emphasis shifts to relationships so with Venus and Pluto cooperating we may find that certain relationships are more beneficial than others at this time. We want some passion along with our power and purpose. What is on your radar now? It’s here to show you something very important.

You may find that you need to be your own best friend during the next couple of days as well. There is a great need in rebalancing your life to get away from the influence of others for a time. Yes Libra is known for seeing things from both sides but now it’s all about what’s coming from within you. This is a good time to meditate and get centered.

10/26/19 Saturday

Today we have high hopes and great expectations but since we are in the dark of the moon it’s better to file these under future projects. Moon and Mars join forces around 3:48 PM pushing us to join the team and be part of the social circle that surrounds us. This might be the day were we feel an instinctive drive to relate to others or demand cooperation. Just make sure you keep a little of yourself in reserve.

10/27/19 Sunday

The moon shifts into Scorpio around 4:29 PM but doesn’t meet up with the Sun for 7 hours. During this moon void of course period (dead zone) we are best served by silent introspection and assessing the hot buttons around us. Try not to get overly suspicious or trapped in your own fears. Keep focused on passion, power, and purpose.

Prior to the new moon we are tested in our resolve and limits in any or all of our current commitments. We may find a wedge is being put between us and our principles. How do we handle this intrusion? It’s probably best to seek your own answers and work on your own in getting this “sliver” removed.

Using the analogy of a sliver we can aptly describe this new moon in Scorpio as the “tweezer new moon”. Just before midnight at 11:39 PM the new moon will arrive at 4 Scorpio 25. The theme for this period is about locating the irritant and removing it so we can clear away the pain. There is pain to be found in this new moon as healing is accomplished, don’t fear the beginning of this phase rather anticipate the final outcome.

10/28/19 Monday

Sun and Uranus oppose each other around 4:15 AM giving us some additional insight and feedback to the current Uranus retrograde cycle. We come to terms with a new sense of personal value and what will or will not serve our desires in the years ahead. We are all a bit more aware of the personal cost to our survival on a global level. Little things add up and we get to decide whether they are assets or liabilities in the days ahead. I hear as a postscript, take out the trash.

Mars pushes toward the void around 11:57pm. We are tilting at windmills and wonder if we are a little lost or just a bit misguided. Ease up on your need for fairness or justice and let the Universe guide you now for it has a great accounting system of it’s own.

10/29/19 Tuesday

Moon shifts to Sagittarius around 5:58 PM we are feeling a yearning and burning, not the kind that requires medical attention, rather the kind that seeks truth. We are pulled between our deeper desires and the bigger opportunities around us. We want to know ourselves on a soul level and yet….wouldn’t it be nice to just go where the grass is greener?

Mercury is moving slow and in two days will be officially retrograde. All that is going on right now and has been going on over the past several weeks is just grist for the mill. Take time to sort through your experiences, allow them to be ground down into the finest matter, and then allow them to be gathered and repackaged for further use once the retrograde is past.

This is your time to be still and allow your thoughts to penetrate deep within. There is where the best solutions and answers will be found.

All the best to you in the days ahead! Our next fair is 11/2/19 at the Wareham Elks Lodge from 10-5PM. This is a very popular and well attended fair with many readers, healers, and vendors.  Hope to see you there.

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