The Holidays are upon us!

The Holidays are upon us!

Planet Flash Holiday Edition


By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon

If Monday was about finding your path and Tuesday’s New Moon was about staying in your own lane today we begin to put most things in the proper context. We begin to see there is no easy way but then again character building is more important than comfort and ease when it comes to our future progress and greater understanding.

Wednesday 11/27/19 I am happy to report that Neptune is going direct at 7:32 AM. We see what has been proven true over what previously was assumed to be so earlier this year. We aware of the elasticity in principles and guidelines that have been stretched beyond their current limits and how at any given moment there can be a snap back or a weakening of resilency. We can only run the con or be conned for so long.

I see the image of things piling up testing the laws of gravity. In one fell swoop all that has been built up could be on the ground. It is dependent on weight distribution and other stabilizing factors. The stabilizing factors would come from emotional support and a good valuation of your current assets and resources. You can’t bluff your way through for too long with the energy around us now; authenticity is the key to personal growth and survival.

Thursday 11/28/19 early this morning at 4:51 AM Mercury and Neptune align forces helping us to see the subtle truths and divine messages around us. We can see our dreams come to light and inspiration surrounds us on this Thanksgiving Day. We may find a state of grace around us for much of the day.

Around 1:27 PM Venus and Uranus harmonize bringing new experiences in our relationships. We may find that we have outgrown the old impulsive or rash judgments around our recent connections or latest desires as certain kind of decency has returned. We are re-evaluating what is trashy and what is classy at this time.

We could be inclined to put on airs or look for a certain status in our affairs during the next several weeks as Venus makes her way through the sign of Capricorn. A more conservation or traditional set of values dominates our tastes for a time. We could even be inclined to judge a book by its cover.

Moon in Capricorn around 7:33 AM helps to reinforce this energy for the next 2.5 days. We are inclined to take control of the situations around us and look for successful results in any or all of endeavors.

Friday 11/29/19 is the time for building on your best efforts and advancing toward your greater sense of purpose. Bragging rights might be one way to accomplish this. Another way would be displaying our credentials to remind others of our current expertise or authority. We want to count for something bigger than ourselves by taking on a certain role or title.

Saturday 11/30/19 Mercury and Saturn come to some kind of agreement bringing guidance and support for the long-term commitments or goals. What we have in front of us is dependent on what we had behind us during the December 2017-February 2018 period and again during August-October 2018. Don’t be surprised if certain rewards are delivered in December 2019 based on your performance during that period of testing or trial in 2018.

Moon shifts to Aquarius around 3:13 PM. For the next 2.5 days we look to evolve our lives from the more conservative to the progressive. We are looking for a way to be truly and uniquely ourselves without being controlled by others around us.

Sunday 12/1/19 today is all about the right place and right time. We are seeing where just showing up may be the greatest act of faith we can witness. Sun and North Node are calling for an adjustment between determination and outcome. We must be willing to take that next step and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and unprotected. There is a new path ahead but we can’t find it by standing behind the crowd we must be willing to acclimate to a new experience instead of staying in the past. Accepting risk over staying in the safe zone is what we are here to do. There is a saying about big ships aren’t built to stay in safe harbors hold true at this time.

Monday 12/2/19 a new chapter in our life experience begins as Jupiter changes into Capricorn from a year spent in the sign of Sagittarius. We are ready to capitalize on the situations that we encountered from December 2018 till now. What beliefs did we take on or see beyond during the previous year? Did we come to understand where our truth could set us free and what was but is no longer beyond the limits we once set on certain situations in our life? There is a lot of wisdom that comes from the reality at hand. The limits are being set or reset in the days and weeks ahead. I see a horse that fought the saddle now being broken and rode; what we resisted for so long now seems the best course of action. Willfulness has been channeled into a new sense of inner spirit and truth.

As Mars moves over the path of the recent Mercury retrograde (10/31-11/20) we find that we can dig in and find a new sense of timing around our deeper insights. Mars in Scorpio challenges us to let go or transform what had been previously haunting us or nipping at our heels. We have more power than we previously thought; now how do we use that power without blowing up the situation at hand? This could be a period where overreaction is to be monitored and avoided if at all possible. Focus on the iron fist in the velvet glove image when things get too much.

All the best to you and if you would like a reading, report, or gift certificate we can be reached at 781-447-3993 by text or phone call. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We start out the week wondering…

Planet Flash – Week of 11/18/19

By Nancy Foley

We start out the week wondering if indeed it’s all in the past as new information spills out that previously was unknown or untold. It seems it is time for the brave to step forward while the timid step back into the shadows once again.

I hear you’ll never know what you are going to say until you say it! This seems to be true as many spend their day deferring, deflecting, or otherwise attempting to spin the dialogue in their preferred direction. Yet some say enough of this, it’s time to say what you mean and mean what you say.

11/18/19 Monday as the Moon and Mercury square up early this morning it has become a time of truth or self-aggrandizement. It will be interesting to see who gets to illustrate this point in our life both locally and globally. I think it will serve as a reveal for the true hero while showing up the hypocrite as we follow along in the narrative.

11/19/19 Tuesday I hear “migrate to a new position in the north or the south” it feels like this message is about extremism and choosing sides. However as Mars shifts to Scorpio, around 2:40 a.m., it might suggest a different type of choice one which involves spiritual evolution or transcendence as we look to rise up rather than be tethered to the baser impulses.

As we come upon the fourth quarter moon in Leo (27 Leo 14) at 4:11 p.m. we are directed toward self-mastery and interdependence. The spoiled brat or entitled one must understand the current reality. We are all in need of a fresh start in our life; one where we see inclusion rather than domination. If we all get a say and all play a part then no one is the outcast or the overlord. It’s time to see we are all in this together as a new tomorrow heads this way.

The moon shifts into Virgo around 8:54 p.m. reminding us we are all works in progress. We have so much to do over the next couple of days to improve or heal our lives. For now, let’s just take things one step at a time.

11/20/19 Wednesday Mars and Neptune call for an adjustment in our approach; it’s unclear as to whether we put ourselves or others around us first now. Mercury going direct at 2:12 pm might help shift our focus from pessimism to a new strategic way of thinking as insightful answers appear at this time.  We are able to express ourselves well around 4:32pm. Penetrating insights make for good company from this point on until early Friday morning.

11/21/19 Thursday today is the last full day of Sun in Scorpio so expect a bit of increased intensity as we look to analyze our lives at this time. We have a cooperative energy between the moon and sun which peaks around 10:31pm. This is a great day to solve the mysteries and perfect the process as Scorpio and Virgo show us what a great team they make. Good day to reconcile your bank accounts and review your spreadsheets!

Moon shifts into social Libra around 11:20pm. Now we seek to balance out our lives and find acceptance in our relationships instead of reformation. We want to be seen for who we are rather than the person you desire us to be; in this energy it can be hard to do at times. It’s always good to remember that true companionship starts with self-acceptance in addition to acceptance of another.

11/22/19 Friday the sun shifts into Sagittarius at 9:59 a.m. and we are off to the races. Nothing is going to hold us down or hold us back from a forward moving direction. Sagittarius is the ultimate explorer and one willing to take that leap of faith!

We may feel a bit restless as we get acclimated to this new energy but I suspect it won’t take too long. High hopes and great expectations can also lead to a sense of converting others to our way of life. It is here we may have to ratchet back our enthusiasm or experience some pushback as a result.

11/23/19 Saturday we enter the balsamic moon phase of the lunar cycle from now until Tuesday 11/26/19. It is time to reflect on what must be released in order to work on the new in the next cycle of time. This is a period where we might be inclined to make a concession if it can get us out of the fray. Just remember whatever you give away now will not be available later on.

11/24/19 Sunday Mars opposes Uranus around 11:51 a.m. putting us in a challenging position in our relationships. We may find our enthusiasm found earlier in the morning, around 8:33 a.m., has taken things a little too far. We are off course and could feel misdirected based on what we think we deserve or have earned in a certain situation. Watch who or what you give power to because it might not provide the great return you are expecting. Everyone’s agenda is about to surface today.

Moon shifting to Scorpio at 12:58 p.m. might be the saving grace as it reveals the underpinnings or hidden motives in the situations around us. The key is to not be provoked or provoking but rather be still and wait to see what happens next. Much can be revealed at the time of the dark moon in Scorpio.

11/25/19 Monday we are in a moon void of course (dead zone energetically) from 12:30 p.m. today through 3:11 a.m.; let your grand plans simmer on the back burner today. This is a good time to sort through things and purge what is no longer needed for the journey ahead.

Venus moves into Capricorn at 7:28 p.m. our relationships become more serious and perhaps transactional in nature for the month ahead. We want to see results plus get the respect called for in our relationships through aquiring a certain status or title.

11/26/19 Tuesday is the new moon in Sagittarius (4 Sagittarius 03) at 10:06 a.m. This is a time to rise and shine by showing the world who we are and what we are here to do. If we are spending too much time explaining ourselves or defending our position this month than we are obviously doing something wrong. This new moon likes things to be self-evident and for us to display self-confidence without erring on the side of zeal or false pride. To all things be true and most importantly be true to yourself!!!

Since this is the last new moon before the next solar eclipse it might be worthwhile to explore the messages from the last solar eclipse in July (7/2/19)  so as to understand their full impact on your life and put things in the proper context.

I see the image of the two masks one of comedy and one of tragedy in my mind’s eye. It seems to me this period is revealing how we live a life of our own making based on our level of personal understanding. What we demand from others relates to what we ask of our self. Those who are aware of their real needs can get their needs met. Those who expect others to know their needs while they thrash around in the dark become a danger not only to themselves but those around them. We all must come to see the guiding force that helps transform us from immaturity to wisdom; in essence nothing happens outside of us which isn’t emanating from within. To turn from suffering to salvation we must clear out the wounding of the past and transmute that energy from projection to enlightenment. Each struggle has a lesson that is only learned when we relinquish the past and move on to share wisdom and knowledge with others. This really does relate to the old adage “many are called but few are chosen”.

On that note I wish you a good week ahead. We are open for business right up till Thanksgiving Day. We are reachable by phone or text at 781-447-3993, so contact us now to set your appointment.  

It’s Everyone’s Halloween : The Story Behind the Teal and Blue Pumpkins

It’s Everyone’s Halloween : The Story Behind the Teal and Blue Pumpkins

It’s officially Halloween! The day when all of the littlest ghouls and goblins will be out, and fighting the rain in some parts, to trick-or-treat ‘til their heart’s content.


While orange pumpkins are most common, there’s another color making their way into the pumpkin game in a much cooler color family, the blue and teal pumpkins.

Teal Pumpkins placed on a home’s doorstep are most commonly used as an indicator that a particular house is “food allergen friendly” and has other non-food treats to hand out to trick or treaters as part of the Teal Pumpkin Project. The Teal Pumpkin Project was inspired by a local awareness activity run by the Food Allergy Community of East Tennessee, and offers tips on how you can participate here.

Blue pumpkins, however, have a slightly different meaning, as one mom is pushing for them to be an easy indicator that a trick-or-treater has austim and may not be the same as the rest of the trick-or-treaters . Alicia Plumer has a 21-year old son with Autism and she says “While he has the body of a 21-year-old, he loves Halloween. Please help us keep his spirit alive and happy…These precious people are not ‘too big’ to trick-or-treat”. What started as a simple Facebook post quickly went viral, even being shared by Autism Speaks themselves with some tips on making Halloween a fun and inclusive night for everyone which you can find here.

So this year, do your part in making it spooky fun for everyone. For the non-verbal goblins and the diabetic ghouls, the scarecrow with sensory issues and the witch that doesn’t have the best fine motor skills. Please remember to be patient and kind this Halloween!

With the less intense planetary influences of other days we are able to work through any ongoing situations around us…

With the less intense planetary influences of other days we are able to work through any ongoing situations around us…

Planet Flash Week of 10/21/19

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon


10/21/19 Monday

We start off the day with a last quarter moon in Cancer around 8:39 AM and this energy just seems to sit around us for most of the day. It takes us back to a time where we felt part of the family and knew we had roots. We remember having our needs met and our feelings interpreted by those who cared about us.

Now unfortunately we feel a disturbance in the force and don’t feel the safe environment is so safe for us anymore. We are concerned with the undercurrent that is drawing us down or away from what we once embraced. All is not as it once seemed. I am being shown the image of Hansel and Gretel being led into the forest by their stepmother (the wood cutters wife).

If you are familiar with the story you know that these children are facing a test of survival. What they learn is how to work together as a team against impossible odds and how to scrutinize a situation for possible weaknesses or face peril. In essence their story is our story today in the last quarter moon and throughout the first part of this week; abandonment and the instinct to survive.

I would summarize this experience as that which your hungry heart yearns for can end up devouring you if you let it. In many fairy tales such as this we are shown that “motherless children” are never motherless if they learn to trust themselves and honor their own intuition.

Later in this day (8:56 PM) we may have a moment of revelation or shocking clarity where we realize our mother is alive within us lighting our path each steep of the way. We keep her in our heart and in turn she enriches our connection to life.

10/22/19 Tuesday

With the less intense planetary influences of other days we are able to work through any ongoing situations around us. Today is a good day to appreciate where we are or how far we have come rather than blame certain people or situations for making us unhappy. We can’t just get over something unless we understand the deeper meaning or significance it holds over us.  Sometimes we have to peel the onion a layer at a time and no better time than now to start doing so.

10/23/19 Wednesday

As soon as I typed in this date I immediately heard must be the season of the witch. Yes, today the sun moves to Scorpio around 1:20 PM. Scorpio is the sign where magic, mystery, and manipulation travel around us. We are here to see that we are magnetic forces in the world and can draw in power, hold influence over others, and destroy or transform energy.

We start a journey through Scorpio probing the depths and acknowledging powerful forces of elimination and vindication in our midst. I would recommend you take a long look into what is “haunting” you in the day leading up to Halloween. Is it your own inner darkness coming to light or a need to release the ghosts of the past?

Moon shifts to Virgo around 3:29 PM allowing us to clean up our act or find a healing solution to our current state of affairs. What isn’t working must be released or repaired; there is no denying the problem. With the Sun moving from Libra (fairness and balance) to Scorpio (transformation) the level of passion has increased now. We aren’t content to just discuss things we want some kind of action or reaction that creates a shift in influence or power.  When Mars arrives in Scorpio on 11/19/19, just about the time Mercury goes direct, we will know what needs to be done and have the power to back us. Something significant is bound to take place between 11/19/19-12/2/19!!!

10/24/19 Thursday

Over the next 2.5 days we enter the balsamic phase of this month’s moon cycle. It starts in our gut with moon Virgo and ends in our chi through Scorpio. We are meant to be silent and work in the dark at this time. This can be a period of purging and remembering what we are here to do.

Today while the moon is in Virgo we consider what is appropriate for us at this time. Old routines, rituals, or habits may no longer be relevant now or in the future. Change is upon us and its time to see where we belong and what is fitting for us now. To progress we must not live in the past.

10/25/19 Friday

Moon shifts to Libra around 4:20 PM. The emphasis shifts to relationships so with Venus and Pluto cooperating we may find that certain relationships are more beneficial than others at this time. We want some passion along with our power and purpose. What is on your radar now? It’s here to show you something very important.

You may find that you need to be your own best friend during the next couple of days as well. There is a great need in rebalancing your life to get away from the influence of others for a time. Yes Libra is known for seeing things from both sides but now it’s all about what’s coming from within you. This is a good time to meditate and get centered.

10/26/19 Saturday

Today we have high hopes and great expectations but since we are in the dark of the moon it’s better to file these under future projects. Moon and Mars join forces around 3:48 PM pushing us to join the team and be part of the social circle that surrounds us. This might be the day were we feel an instinctive drive to relate to others or demand cooperation. Just make sure you keep a little of yourself in reserve.

10/27/19 Sunday

The moon shifts into Scorpio around 4:29 PM but doesn’t meet up with the Sun for 7 hours. During this moon void of course period (dead zone) we are best served by silent introspection and assessing the hot buttons around us. Try not to get overly suspicious or trapped in your own fears. Keep focused on passion, power, and purpose.

Prior to the new moon we are tested in our resolve and limits in any or all of our current commitments. We may find a wedge is being put between us and our principles. How do we handle this intrusion? It’s probably best to seek your own answers and work on your own in getting this “sliver” removed.

Using the analogy of a sliver we can aptly describe this new moon in Scorpio as the “tweezer new moon”. Just before midnight at 11:39 PM the new moon will arrive at 4 Scorpio 25. The theme for this period is about locating the irritant and removing it so we can clear away the pain. There is pain to be found in this new moon as healing is accomplished, don’t fear the beginning of this phase rather anticipate the final outcome.

10/28/19 Monday

Sun and Uranus oppose each other around 4:15 AM giving us some additional insight and feedback to the current Uranus retrograde cycle. We come to terms with a new sense of personal value and what will or will not serve our desires in the years ahead. We are all a bit more aware of the personal cost to our survival on a global level. Little things add up and we get to decide whether they are assets or liabilities in the days ahead. I hear as a postscript, take out the trash.

Mars pushes toward the void around 11:57pm. We are tilting at windmills and wonder if we are a little lost or just a bit misguided. Ease up on your need for fairness or justice and let the Universe guide you now for it has a great accounting system of it’s own.

10/29/19 Tuesday

Moon shifts to Sagittarius around 5:58 PM we are feeling a yearning and burning, not the kind that requires medical attention, rather the kind that seeks truth. We are pulled between our deeper desires and the bigger opportunities around us. We want to know ourselves on a soul level and yet….wouldn’t it be nice to just go where the grass is greener?

Mercury is moving slow and in two days will be officially retrograde. All that is going on right now and has been going on over the past several weeks is just grist for the mill. Take time to sort through your experiences, allow them to be ground down into the finest matter, and then allow them to be gathered and repackaged for further use once the retrograde is past.

This is your time to be still and allow your thoughts to penetrate deep within. There is where the best solutions and answers will be found.

All the best to you in the days ahead! Our next fair is 11/2/19 at the Wareham Elks Lodge from 10-5PM. This is a very popular and well attended fair with many readers, healers, and vendors.  Hope to see you there.

Mercury is in Retrograde

Mercury is in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde can send even the most conscious of people out of whack. Take a look at these tips to see how you can make the most out of this trying period.

Aries: It’s especially important to watch your finances during this Mercury retrograde period. It could be a bill that you thought you paid and didn’t, a credit card that is compromised, or being double-charged for your non-fat Mocha. Keep a close eye on everything money-related.

Taurus: This Mercury in retrograde has you extra suspicious. Who from your past did you wrong, or you them? It’s time to release the hurt and forgive, no matter the story behind the betrayal. Once you do, you’ll discover the weight lifted and an easier journey ahead.

Gemini: Be extra careful about your worrying during this period so as not to deplete your immune system or affect your body, mind, and/or soul. Channel that concern into a healthy routine of health and fitness with helpers such as a doctor, nutritionist, or fitness instructor.

Cancer: The past couple years have brought about some nonsensical drama that has made your everyday life confusing. Now is the time for you to reflect on relationships, and to decide who is a keeper and who is a giveaway into the new year.

Leo: Home is truly your castle, Leo. As Mercury is in Retrograde, you are being urged to clear, organize, and be productive. Stop avoiding and throwing both tangible and emotional junk in a closet for later. Now is the time to deal with it. In the end it will help to manage your time and lighten your load.

Virgo: You are amazing at detail and organization, but Mercury in Retrograde is notorious for causing delays. You’ve got this, though, Virgo. Just make sure to double- and triple-check that the emails you send out are going to who they are supposed to. Don’t be concerned if you haven’t heard from that job opportunity you applied for, or the house you bid on was denied. Bigger and better is coming.

Libra: You ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and you aren’t afraid to admit it. You also have a refreshed take on life with the dusk of Libra season. An abundance of opportunities is about to come your way because you’ve been busy making it happen these last couple of years. If you can, hold off on signing any legal paperwork until after Mercury goes direct.

Scorpio: This Mercury in Retrograde aligns with your sun sign and is paramount to helping you visualize into the new year. It’s no surprise that you hold grudges, Scorp, and it’s time for you to be honest with yourself and do something about it so that the past isn’t like a monster in your closet.

Sagittarius: Can you truly make peace with your inner demons? This time period reminds you that you’ve been carrying more baggage than you think, and it’s time to release and restore all that’s been haunting you. It might be from years ago when you didn’t get the attention you needed from a parent, or the raise you didn’t get this year. No matter how big or how small, the bags are heavy.

Capricorns: It’s time to look hard at your social circle. If things feel good, then schedule some lunch dates, plan a trip, or have a day adventure. If your social circle is more toxic, then you already know what needs to be done. Negativity in your life is like a virus and can cause contamination of your own spirit.

Aquarius: It may be that you’re thinking of going back to school or applying for a new job. You may have been passed up for a promotion and are still bitter. It may be that you’re just feeling unsatisfied with your day to day life. This Mercury in Retrograde is a great time to review your life path and truly look in your own personal crystal ball to see what will make you happy.

Pisces: You are extra sassy, Pisces. Normally pretty cool and calm, the last couple months have taken a toll on your soul. Be careful not get caught up in the tsunami of emotion. You don’t love to apologize in an after the fact, so during this period be cautious of the sass rearing its ugly head. You won’t be able to take back. Back away from the sass. For now.

What NOT to do during Mercury Retrograde:

Buy a new car
Sign legal documents
File legal paperwork
Accept a new job
Buy electronics
Put your house up for sale
Lease an apartment
Get involved in petty arguments
Spend time comparing

What to Do during Mercury Retrograde:

Release your insecurities
Renew your spirit
Review the dreams of your past
Look at people in your life you might need to release
Look for something positive every day
Leave early
Stay organized
Work out
Indulge in long and deep conversations
Take care of your health—sinus issues, headaches, heartburn, and exhaustion will be felt during this time
Shut off the electronics

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