Planet Flash : Week of 10/7

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon 

As I begin to assemble the information for this week’s flash I am hearing a song playing in my head. It’s “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel. There is a refrain that goes…”clowns to left of me, jokers to the right and here I am stuck in the middle with you”.

As we come into the middle degrees of various planets in the cardinal signs we come to terms with what we have started (at various times of this year) and now look to finish. All throughout the week we look at the unfinished business in our life as we take up the torch or the appropriate tools so we can complete our mission.

From now until Sunday we are truly stuck in the middle; the middle degrees of Libra. This is where we are called upon to be decisive and take our finger off the balance scale. Each of the next several days causes us to get more attuned to the higher mind via our interpersonal relationships. We may find we are more focused on the future rather than the past during Monday and Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday we may pulled into the past and perhaps even feel like we drowning in old feelings we thought we had released or worked through. Keep in mind the full moon on Sunday may bring us a life preserver just at the right time. Stay tuned for more on that further in this post.

10/7/19 Monday we will experience some unexpected changes in our conversations or communications as Mercury and Uranus face off early in the morning. Make sure to back up your data as updates may alter or disrupt what you are seeing today. Pay attention while driving and watch what is going on around you as this is a day for shocks and surprises; what you least expect to happen could easily occur now.

Sun squares up with Saturn around 3:07 PM. We are tired of the current system of justice or fair play. We want to reconsider what the rules are and who gets ultimate control in the game. The game I reference actually started back on January (1/2/19) of this year.

Now we look at how much needs to be altered or changed before we take the next step. We are seeing where we have been ruled and schooled by other’s sense of values since that time. What we thought was important back in January may now be left in the dust as we look to recover our sense of balance or inner harmony. We don’t want to fall in line at this moment but rather stand aside as we weigh out the pros and cons of the situation. Today is the day where it’s ok to say, let me get back to you, rather than making a quick decision. What takes space in our head can be entirely up to us if we do this instead of continuing following the current narrative.

10/8/19 Tuesday the energy of our attractions and desires shifts from Libra to Scorpio at 1:06 PM. It’s of interest to me that last year around this time we were in the Venus retrograde cycle (10/5/18-11/16/18). If there any unfinished business from that period that needs to be finished up, now will be the time to find out. Passion, privacy, power, and purpose will be buzz words as our secrets are about to be told. Since the themes of repetition and congruity are around us today we get to see who or what really has a strong hold on us still.

10/9/19 Wednesday this is the time where we may feel like we are drowning and wondering if we really have a lifeguard within our current relationships. Patterns related to enabling or dependency might surface or suffer at this time. I get the feeling that someone could use your own sensitive nature against you if it gets you to do what they want. How truly weak we can feel when we find our sympathies played upon or used against us! And yet….who really is to blame when this happens? If you find yourself once again in the same deep seated emotional patterns around family or familiar situations in your life it’s time to call a stop to it NOW!

We have a gibbous moon in Pisces at 2:27 PM a time to see what is beginning to develop in our inner spiritual journey. With this energy we can more easily detect the risk or potential dangers around us in our relationships over the next several days. It’s going to be a period where we determine who we leave out and who we let into our inner sanctum. Ghosts of the pasts could haunt us as much as those who try to overstep our healthy boundaries. Self-denial is an escape route but not one that is necessarily good for the soul. If that is a route you often take you might find that way isn’t an option anymore.

Today is about trusting your natural instincts so you can see where your true power is located. Self- preservation is ours to use at our discretion and doesn’t require the assistance from an outside source it just requires us tuning in and paying attention to our true feelings.

10/10/19 Thursday is a good day to mellow out and reflect on life. If we have been honoring our own instincts and working with a unity consciousness it’s a great day to settle in to the flow. If you have been swimming against the stream you may find the current is stronger than you anticipated and it might be time to give in.  As the song goes “turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream it is not dying”. * Beatles, “Tomorrow Never Knows”. Surrender is not death is it about returning to the flow, the river of life, and self-acceptance; if you fight the tide too long you might drown.

Starting today we could find our unanswered prayers were actually blessings in disguise. A certain instant karma surrounds the day and we can easily see various things in a very different light.

10/12/19 Saturday we move into the last decan or last ten degrees of the Libra sun. These last 10 days will bring us to a time where we can thrash out our ideas while we gather in the fruits of our labors for the year. We are in the harvest period, it’s time to share our thoughts and ideas with others; support and guide our friends or allies in the days ahead.

Tension will build around how far to push things with those who appear inflexible or determined to maintain their power base. There is a sense that compromise is the only option available and yet??? It’s time to set our priorities in our relationships and make sure we are adhering to our own ethics and moral standards. We can’t always be the excuse for someone’s bad choices or wrong actions, at some time they have to acknowledge their own personal responsibility and accept consequences for their actions. Alignment and realignment is a theme for now and tomorrow as we attempt to become a clear mirror for self and others.

10/13/19 Sunday the pendulum in life swings back to center with a dull thud as time resets once again. The full moon arrives around 5:08 PM at 20 Aries 14. This is the hour where we are called upon to stand up for ourselves. It’s time for us to exert our will and work for positive change in our lives. For some this might come across as a defensive stand or battle of wills. For others it will take you where your heart leads you. For all of us it’s about self-confidence, inner strength, and the ability to be who we really are in any and all relationships. Love and authenticity are the keys for this full moon; no one can keep you from being you unless you let them take you away from yourself!

As we come to love ourselves and let our light shine others support us. If we seek to stand in their light rather than our own we are doomed to live in our own inner darkness or shadow self.

10/14/19 Monday a new work week begins and we are cautious around our judgments. Something is not proving to be the big bargain we were hoping for. It’s time to go back over our plans and see where they can be edited or revised. Looking back to 1/11/19 when the Sun and Pluto joined forces we may see what needs to be discontinued now. Are you the one holding the situation together while others have already disconnected? If so consider whether this is really your role for the days and months ahead.

Relax your hold on the situation and see where things go from here. A natural balance needs to be struck rather than an artificial sense of harmony maintained. I keep seeing yes men around a situation where the only way to get things back on track is to stand up and say NO. If one bad apple is threatening to spoil the situation now is the time to eliminate the source of the contamination before it can spread. We really do need to attend to the current problem at hand to prevent potential loss in the future.

This feels to me to be the day where the Mercury retrograde message is taking hold. Nothing good will come from ignoring a situation that has gone on too long. It’s time to root out the decay and clean out the rot so we can have something healthy to build on in time. For that reason I feel the upcoming Mercury retrograde is vital to our wellbeing and psychological conditioning.

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