Planet Flash week of 12/9/19

By Nancy Foley of Cienna Moon


In preparing to write this week’s missive the term “situational awareness” comes up as a theme. It seems this term is used in the military and police but lends itself to many other thoughts related to where you are and where you currently stand.

So may I ask, where do you stand at this moment in time? What ground have you covered this year and where do you have further ground to cover still? We are all life travelers but we don’t all travel to the same place or in the same way. Some of us take the journey quite directly by hitting the highway, airways or waterways to cover as many miles as we can in search of foreign lands. Others travel by the neural network attempting to make as many mental or social connections as possible. I guess it isn’t so much about how we get there but that we get there in the place of greater experience and further understanding of life.

Whatever approach we have taken, whatever direction we have headed we are now more situationally aware because of the experiences we encountered during late January-early March, Mid May- June, and Mid- September through October of this year. During these times Jupiter (the teacher) was in the same sign (Sagittarius) and degrees as the Sun is this week.

What is this week bringing to light? Read on to find out:

Monday 12/9/19 we are where we take ourselves. As Mercury moves into Sagittarius this morning at 4:42 AM we may claim bragging rights for what we have accomplished up till now. Better use of this energy might be to promote ourselves and get others to recognize how right we are for a new role or different position. Stretching your mind might help you to see a way to combine your current routine with a new goal or next step. Today you find strength and courage to move ahead by seeing the positive in a new kind of “situational awareness” or next step.

The moon is still in Taurus so we might be inclined to rest on our laurels or not want to shift our position. Yet here we are and the time is now.

Tuesday 12/10/19 moon shifts to Gemini around 11:47 AM. It’s time to express your needs and get others to listen to what you have to say. Choose your words well and see what can be brought up and cross pollenated through your conversations. Might be a little hard to stay on track with so many things happening at once but remember it’s about illumination rather than conclusions. Our conversations should be aimed in creating more light than heat.

Wednesday 12/11/19 I hear “spare change, spare change”. The question today is do you have the assets to make it work? Have you been frittering away your talents or knowledge without leaving a noticeable impact on the world around you? Perhaps this is the time to gather your forces and migrate to a place where you can be rewarded for your great ideas or expand on your knowledge base.

Mercury and Uranus offer an opportunity for us to adapt to a new line of reasoning around 6:55 AM. At this time we might have a paradigm shift or an unexpected thought jolt us into a new reality.

Just before this Venus and Saturn embraced each other around 5:05 AM. We may find a serious attraction for someone who has the right credentials or the way into the head office. We want that chance to further our ambitions and get a seat at the head table. The lust for power and control is strong now especially when it comes to our sense of security and status.

Thursday 12/12/19 now that the Sun has moved into the last 10 degrees of Sagittarius we are more concerned with making it to the top of the mountain. We want to experience our full potential and take ourselves to the highest possible expression of our truth. This all sounds good until you realize one of the lessons of Sagittarius is hubris. Oh how the mighty can fall when they forget there is a limit to their greatness. The good news is Sagittarius can also find the humor in their failings; eventually.

Today the full moon arrives at 12:12 AM. The moon is at 19 degrees 52 minutes Gemini. Certainly this will be a time where words won’t fail us but beliefs might change. Some may come to realize what seemed like such a great idea in the new moon of Gemini on 6/3/19 hasn’t turned out like they thought it would. Yup, we are back to situational awareness once again! Now that we are at this place, at this time, where do we go next?

Solutions to any current issues will be part of our contingency plans as we look to the path ahead. We now see that our level of commitment is the determining factor in personal growth. If you don’t show up life isn’t going to wait around rather it most likely will take the next in line. If you have been playing too long or too hard, not thinking about the winter to come, like the grasshopper in the story of the grasshopper and the ant you will suffer a hard lesson in the year to come.

If you have been “situationally aware” like the ant you will find that you are able to survive the winter period quite well. The moon changes to Cancer around 6:23 PM and how you feel about your situation will be the driving force in the days ahead. If you can focus on your intuition and get past your feelings you might find that your current needs guide you forward.

Friday 12/13/19 Happy Friday the 13th!!! Today is about instinctive protections and scrutinizing the situation for potential self- improvements. Mars and Neptune are moving us toward a deeper awareness of the flow in life around 6:55 AM. Yield and see where you are drawn in rather than attempting to disrupt the flow or push the river. You will survive the uncertainty around you by not getting in your own way as a victim or martyr.

Venus and Pluto join up around 10:16 AM. It’s been awhile since they were this close together; it was 2/22/19 to be exact and only one degree difference. Back then the Sabian symbol for that degree was “Good Conduct”. It spoke to defending your cherished values and I hear it was about “never letting you go”. We did the best we could for those we loved and from there some kind of history was made.

Today the Sabian symbol is the “The Chess Player”. We have come to see when to hold them and when to fold them. This could indicate a temporary sacrifice for the greater good. The temporary setbacks life serves us help us remember what is really important. We know we can wait our turn when the important things of life are at stake. I hear “never can say goodbye” so it seems that we take with us what matters even if in some way we must also leave it behind.

Saturday 12/14/19 moon stays in Cancer most of the day and then shifts to Leo around 10:56 PM. From our imagination come new creative opportunities as the moon transits from one sign to the other. We are ready to move towards bigger goals, greater happiness, and a chance to be the hero if allowed. We are not in a place of fear, having once more connected to our past and the sweet memories it holds. Now we are encouraged and filled with love that a life well lived provides for us!!!

In writing this I think about the commercial playing now that has Elliot and ET reuniting; talk about warming your heart by linking a good memory to the present. It just such a perfect connection between fear (Cancer) and love (Leo) helping to remind us that when something is familiar to us we no longer run from it but embrace it willing. Everything in life has that potential but it’s up to us as to whether we open our arms and our heart to the foreign (Sagittarius) or the strange (Scorpio) and make it eventually a familiar.

Sunday 12/15/19 we experience the disseminating moon in Leo around 1:32 PM. At a little over 8 degrees Leo we are focused on being welcomed back into the pack. The one that has helped us be ourselves long before we really knew what that meant. ET’s heart-light both takes us ahead and leads us home; love is a beacon for us to see as much as to shine the light for others.

Hey, “wanna” get lucky? Oh no that’s the Universe asking not me. Today is the day where we get to try our luck and test our potential as Jupiter and Uranus flow together around 2:01 PM. This could be a time of extreme good fortune or a time to count your blessings. It’s all about using your experience to create the best life you can live today and the days ahead. Expectations=outcome provided you are serious and ready to commit to your choice.

Monday 12/16/19 is a great day to try something new; break new ground or learn a new language. The time is coming to put the past, present, and future in a new perspective just like Ebenezer Scrooge. This week we are ready to rediscover ourselves based on what we have learned over this past year. We traveled far, we gained new situational awareness, and we came to see where our overzealousness kept us from understanding something too important to ignore or prejudge.

At this time I am thinking about the line spoken by Col. Jessup in the movie “A Few Good Men”. During the trial (in the movie) he says, “you want answers, you want answers…you can’t handle the truth”. Well is he right, can you NOT handle the truth? Or now is it readily apparent what the truth (your truth) is and with that you are set free? This is the week where you are the judge and the jury as you bear witness to your life.

Think about this now and next May when the truth and gossip are big themes. Knowing the truth may not help us sleep better at night but it will allow us to be situationally aware.

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