Planet Flash Week of 9/23/19

By Nancy Foley


As I start to write this week I am hearing, “Isolation, dedication, provocation, and results”. It feels like a chain reaction of sorts is fueling a reactive pattern around us. The ignition point (provocation) comes in our interactions with others. Interesting as today at the Autumnal Equinox (3:50 AM) we are entering the social phase of the year. The Sun in early Libra is all about cooperation and balance with a great emphasis on fairness or justice.

Monday 9/23/19: Today we shift gears from summer to fall acknowledging the days are getting noticeably shorter. Some would say the ascendancy of the Goddess energy that began at the Summer Solstice is now reaching its peak. Soon enough, in three months, the Winter Solstice will arrive. This year along with the Solstice we will be experiencing the last Solar Eclipse of the year.

We are reaching the midpoint between the last Solar Eclipse (7/2/19) and the upcoming eclipse in December. Libra is the middle ground between Cancer and Capricorn; a place where we seek to balance both our needs and ambitions. We do this by finding who stands with us and who stands against us as we move out into the world at large. Every encounter we experience during this period is a reflection back on some part of our life. Pay attention to how others see you as much as you see them. There is a lot of good feedback that can come your way.


Tuesday 9/24/19: Moon shifts into Leo energy around 5:19 am. Leo brings a strength to our feelings and allows us express ourselves in a bold or dramatic fashion. It could bring some opposition to our exchanges in the form of devil’s advocate or pulling rank. We don’t want others to misread their needs for our own.

Around the morning hours we could be making inaccurate statements or false assumptions. You might want to take a step back before getting further off track in your communications. Better to let this energy pass and make important decisions later in the day.

In the evening we are gaining a sense of cooperation or support! That didn’t take long after all for the tide to turn. Sometimes we just have to allow things to sink before we can continue the discussion.

Wednesday 9/25/19: If you wondered where the boundaries exist in your current relationships; you might find it all begins or ends at the bottom line. Fiscal restraints or responsibilities have us looking at who holds the power and control at this time. We may need to restrict our spending or restructure our budgets based on predictions for the upcoming quarter. A certain sobriety around our sense of richness in life is upon us now.

Thursday 9/26/19: Moon moves into practical Virgo and we need to be helpful in some way. It might be a good day to negotiate for a better position or new responsibilities. As Mercury and Pluto square up we are looking to do and have our fair share. We just don’t want to be discredited for our efforts.


Friday 9/27/19: We so long to be a part of something that we could get caught up in the flash and dazzle. This is an easy day to get infatuated with someone or something. In a day or so we may see what promise this situation holds for us.

Saturday 9/28/19: Moon moves into team builder Libra around 6:03 am. We are in the dark of the moon phase until 2:26 pm. This might be a time where old ties or partnerships are appreciated in new or different ways. We come to see the connections from the past as links in a chain that has taken us from there to here (the present). Who did we accept in our life back then and who do we accept in our life now? Who or what has changed over time?

New Moon in Libra arrives at 2:26 PM. We are getting ready to rewrite history and find new balance in our life. We will be looking at where the lacks and extremes of the year pulled us off balance and how to get back in center now. Some of the great lessons of this time have to do with reciprocity, harmony, and achieving a perfect pairing. Don’t waste this period by giving in because it’s easier than standing your ground. Don’t try to do for others what they won’t do for themselves. Instead offer the world your gifts and see what is returned in kind.

You may not have to wait too long for a response as Venus and Jupiter are ready to give you small tokens of affection or appreciation around 7:41pm. Tonight count your blessings and see how much the world has to offer you at this time.

Sunday 9/29/19: We may encounter a period of adjustment or compromise today as our values and partnerships aren’t meshing up. Seems like we have changed our perspective around one or both and we will need to do some revising or reevaluation. What needs to grow, what needs to go? These are questions to be answered once Pluto goes direct on 10/3/19.

Monday 9/30/19: Moon shifts into Scorpio around 5:42 am. In the darkness lies the answer as we rely upon our intuition for guidance and feedback. Some mysteries are revealed because they can’t stay in the dark for that long! Silence is golden on a day like today. If someone is giving you too many details that just might be the indicator their Pinocchio is at play.

We are looking forward to an interesting week that helps guide us toward the big energies ahead in December and January. If you are feeling this same vibe give us a call or text at 781-447-3993, we are here to help you find your direction in the turbulent times.

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