Jan 29, 2018

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley


Funny how you can go along for some time seeing life pretty much the same way and then one day it just doesn’t look the same anymore! A sudden shift in perception tends to be the theme for today (1/28/18) as Mercury and Uranus square off in the wee morning hours. Perhaps we have had something on our mind for a while but couldn’t find the right words or wanted to believe we could hold off saying anything at least for now. SURPRISE for whether you like it or not the time has come to clear the air and perhaps relinquish or take back some control in our life.

Uranus likes to remind us we are not quite as free as we like to think we are; at least when it comes to other people around us. If we have obligations or make promises we have to honor them or be considered unreliable. Conversely Uranus helps us to see ahead so we can’t overcommit ourselves without losing a window into the future especially as we come upon a Lunar Eclipse on 1/31/18 and yes  also a Blue Moon (second full moon in the month).

Ironically as the moon shifts into the sign of Cancer we might feel a pull between the future and the past. Perhaps we are all getting one long last goodbye to what was before moving ahead? A certain anxiety followed by a sense of nostalgia throughout the day reminds us nothing can ever stay the same for the times are changing.

Monday (1/29/18) I hear “well you thought I could have been better prepared”. Perhaps we are second guessing ourselves as we address the challenges and potential opportunities around us today. We feel a bit unsafe or uncertain as to our next step and yet step forward we must.

Tuesday (1/30/18) the moon enters the heart of the lion Leo moon around 1:53 PM. This prepares us for the Lunar Eclipse (full moon) in this sign. Some of us will be practicing our roar as we head into the evening. Others will be weaving in and out of creative or bold feelings that might just get us beyond our most recent obstacles or fears. Tonight as you drift off to sleep pay attention to what your heart is telling you.

Wednesday (1/31/18) we experience the first Lunar Eclipse of 2018 around 8:27 AM at 11-12 degrees Leo. I believe many of us will examine our levels of trust and love in our relationships (maybe even in our relationship with our self) over the next several weeks. We might begin to see that loyalty  to our future self and humanitarian outlook requires us to move on without the connections we once shared with others; for not only are the times a changing but so are we.

We are children of the Universe and though we would like to bask in the sunshine we must also be willing to reach for the stars. Sometimes our legacy requires us to move beyond those we love so we can honor the vision of tomorrow. This may not make them or us particularly happy but we see there is a whole Universe out there that is yet to be explored and our part in the exploration could actually be the most loving expression we can make to those around us now.

Conversely some of us have been so busy serving the Universe we have forgotten how to spend time with those we love. If this is your case then you will be traveling in the opposite direction as described above.

For any of us this eclipse is a balancing act between the love we give out and the love we receive. We look to lighten the heavy heart and free up the Universal mind in all of our important relationships. It is important to take time this week to align yourself with both head and heart for in just two more weeks we will be approaching the first Solar Eclipse (new moon) in Aquarius and have a great chance to awaken or evolve to a higher consciousness.

Mercury moves to Aquarius around 8:40 AM shortly after the lunar eclipse today. We have a pathway to the Universal consciousness and a telepathic connection with the world at large. Pay attention to sudden flashes of information or moments of brilliance as the proverbial light bulb lights up in your head.

Thursday (2/1/18) we enter the month of February with a slightly altered point of view. We see what can be as much as much as what already is. The do-gooder or humanitarian might be emerging from within as we understand the world is our home and that indeed we are all interconnected; a universality to our existence. Perhaps Mercury newly in Aquarius has us all focused on the same wave length for some part of the day.

Moon shifts into 2:13 PM and this could bring up some communication challenges or a sense of anxiety from time to time. Our personal idiosyncrasies may challenge our need for organization or be deemed inappropriate by some at this time; not everyone will be comfortable with the nonconformist energy of Aquarius today.

Friday (2/2/18) today has a nervous and edgy vibe that could result in misunderstandings or misrepresented feelings in the morning. Later in the day our friends may get us out of the funk and we could feel empowered by the time they share with us. Prepare to have the energy shift by evening when we feel the need to pull away or spend some time alone. Take a break in your togetherness and spend some time on your own; you’ll be glad you did.

Saturday (2/3/18) is a day of head games or headaches as we try to work with our quick mental energy. This is a great time to create a vision board or look to invent the next steps to your life strategy; the future (your future) is calling to you now.  If you can welcome in change now you will be steps ahead as you head toward the upcoming Solar Eclipse in two weeks. However if you are fearing the changes you feel around you this day might be a bit challenging until you get the hang of the energy shifts you are currently working with work. We should also consider what needs to be released to allow us to open to a new future over the next several weeks. To recap this week we align ourselves with head and heart, next week we release what is no longer viable for the future, and the next week we open to new messages or visions for the future.

If there are things we have been saying about what we would like to see gone don’t be surprised if the Universe sets the stage for just such things to happen. This energy would come up the week prior to the Solar Eclipse (2/8-2/15); a traditionally turbulent time. The Solar Eclipse energy is usually felt two weeks before and four weeks after the event. However eclipse points can be triggered for up to a year and sometimes longer. If you have any planets in the 22-2 degree range of Aquarius-Pisces, Taurus-Gemini, Leo-Virgo, or Scorpio-Sagittarius this will be the area of your life that will be stirred up and ready to be awakened. For many of us this energy will come up now and again around late May and early June. If you would like to learn more about how the eclipses will affect you call now for an appointment and chart reading 781-447-3993.

To continue with the weekly analysis (for Saturday)I see that the moon will shift to the partner up energy of Libra around 4:47 PM. We may find that the shift in moon sign brings up a bit of chatter but little understanding tonight. Agitation churns things up for many this evening so try to avoid being pulled into something you aren’t prepared to deal with now.

Sunday (2/4/18)…can you say SUPER BOWL? This could be the day where we spend more money than we intended just to root our team on. Watch your wallet and your waistline as you plan the day ahead. No matter how the game turns out I predict a great day to gather with others and enjoy the experience. I hear history is about to be made!!!

Ok that is what I see for the week ahead…chills, thrills, and lots of excitement especially during the midweek lunar eclipse. Remember that love is there for all of us and nothing beats the love of a great friend!!

We are open for the week ahead so call early to book your appointment. Saturday Nancy will be at A Day of Enlightenment; Shop at 200 Elm Street; Bridgewater, MA. From 10-5 PM. Readings are 15 minutes for $30 and you can pre-register at spiritmediumtiff@gmail.com.

Have a great week!!!

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