Dec 4, 2017

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley

This is the week where things may seem very supportive right up to the last moment. At that time we may be reminded that you can lead a horse to water but not make him drink. I think those who find success in their mission are or must become very good at letting the other person think it was their idea. If we attempt to take credit for all the good ideas we will find that someone else is willing to pull out of the negotiation. We have to use all of our polish and charm if we want others to play along.

Today I hear right on the edge. We awaken to Mercury now retrograde (2:35 am) and a period of reassessment of goals, truth, and politics. I hear ideas may be real but truth optional. As my Dad used to say “get your facts straight” but with Neptune distorting the impact of today’s full moon (10:47am) that might not be so easy! Our sense of paranoia or suspicion could increase throughout the day. I keep hearing the lyrics from What it’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield” nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong”. If we start to question or discredit what we are hearing then how do we make the important decision or find the truth? Well, with Mercury retrograde it might be that we finally listen in to what our internal dialogue is telling us. Today and all week take the time to listen, really listen to what you are telling others as well as yourself.

One of the best questions for this week might be how far are you prepared to take this and/or how far are you willing to go on your current path? Has the time come to speak your truth (first to yourself and then to others)? Start writing your thoughts down and reconsider your mission statement…does it still hold true?

Monday feels like the energy is high in the morning. I feel a kind of briskness to the day that helps us get up and out. It also feels like we aren’t interested in getting drawn into other’s drama or problems we just want to get things done. This may be the kind of day where we are all business and just don’t have time to waste on petty grievances or imagined sorrows.

Moon goes into Cancer around 3:37 PM watch out for energy drainage or overwhelm over the next several days. We may feel like retreating when the heavy hitters step in. Worries or insecurities could have us avoiding certain people or situations today and tomorrow.

Tuesday we might spend half of the day trying to avoid or evade but eventually we will be forced to confront a person or deal with the situation directly. Pay attention to your mindset and beliefs to see if they are blocking you in some way. Perhaps it’s time to test new theories around the way things could be.

Wednesday as Mercury backs into Saturn we are reminded of our long term goals and our sense of mission. Have we lost our way or just temporarily stepped off the path? Now is the time to recalculate or get out the drawing board. I am seeing a cerebral version of Where’s Waldo taking place in our heads. This image reminds me of the Native American vision quest or the Aboriginal walk about where we reconnect with the inner spirit. This is all a reminder that the answers are within.

Moon enters the sign of Leo around 3:38 PM. Listen to your heart beat and let it take you to where your happiness is. Over the past several months we have all begun to understand we deserve to be happy but also that it is up to us to find out what that really means and accept the consequences.

Now is the time to take control of your life and do what it takes to get you back on your path. Around 4:22 PM we may feel that we are in the right gear and moving forward once again. Pay attention to who aligns with your mission and who simply stands as a test to your strength or endurance. Both might be integral to your success but one may not be needed much longer.

Thursday don’t buy into what is proposed but not proven. Rarely is someone else’s dream better than your own. Take what is said today with a grain of salt and revisit the situation this weekend.

Friday moon moves to Virgo around 6:09 pm. We may see the error in our ways over the next several days. This is not a reason to feel insecure though that could easily happen. Mars sits in the last degree Libra all day which could have us feeling the pressure to get something done or get free of a situation that has been weighing us down. I see the image of someone stuck at the top of a seesaw trying to figure how to get down so they can go on with their life. Can we find the middle ground or the place of compromise to address the imbalance today?

Saturday Mars moves to Scorpio at 4:00 am we are driven by passion and purpose. Nothing that was secret will remain so over the weeks ahead. Prepare to be disturbed out of your slumber today. We may feel muddled for some part of the day but we do feel that something is stirring from deep within. Images of dragons or magicians may surround us literally or figuratively as we prepare to do battle with our inner daemons. Our insights will guide us but also heighten our sense of exposure.

Sunday we encounter the last quarter moon around 2:52 AM. The depth charge has been released and we are waiting for the explosion. What was hidden will surely surface soon including our fantasies around what was once possible or likely to happen. We end the day in a bit of a funk as we see we are close but not nearly there yet as there is still so much work to be done. Tomorrow we might consider how to shift the burden or engage others in support of our mission. For now we must sit in our discontent and wonder how exactly we got here.

Knowing how we got here helps us to decide how to release the wounds that bind us to the lower energies and the past. I have a hint that it always starts with forgiveness of self and others; peace of any kind starts inward and moves outwards otherwise it’s just a very nice dream.

This week is very important in preparing us for the upcoming New Moon on the 18th. Clearing the decks allows us greater range and further opportunities. So do the work required to get you aligned with your truth and life purpose…the Universe is counting on you!

I wish you all the best to today and throughout this week. We are here to help you assess the situations around you and prepare for the future as the energies begin to shift and form. We have openings for readings, individual classes, and chart analysis throughout the week and weekend. Call us now to book your appointment 781-447-3993 or you can message us at this email. Thank you again for your interest and support of our services.


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