Nov 27, 2017

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley

As I begin to write this week’s flash I hear try harder. It feels like we are almost at the end of the finish line but questioning whether we have what it takes to make it through. It’s a mind game now, especially today, as we face the first quarter moon challenge for this month.

Moon arrives in Pisces around 3:04 AM setting the stage for the first quarter phase at 12:03 PM. If we are going to meet this challenge we need to not let our disappointments takeover. If it isn’t working what can we do to adjust the situation? If we aren’t feeling fulfilled what will it take to get us there? The uncertainty we feel today is ripe with potential for answers in the week ahead we’ve just got to acknowledge that things aren’t perfect and most importantly that perfection(at best) is an impermanent situation.

The lesson in this phase of the lunar year is that everything is always in flux including our beliefs and faith in the situation at hand or in others around us. Just when we think we know it all we are shown the illusion that deflects the truth!

So Sunday expect some deflated feelings and possibly confusion around what to do next. Yet (hopefully) we will re-inflate or bounce back late in the evening. Look for the lesson learned and opportunity to be gained in the days ahead.

Monday we could face some rocky waters. Now it might be wonderful because we wanted to rock the boat any way….didn’t we??? Issues around commitments or hidden financial matters could have us questioning if we really want to continue in the same direction. Something has been showing us the truth even if we didn’t want to believe. Just remember out of chaos we are able to step up away from the predictable and reinvent our next step. Let’s make it one where rather worrying about surviving we are focusing on thriving and the possible next steps ahead.

Tuesday may be the day where the tough question answers itself or a final decision (sort of) is made as Mercury steps into the path of Saturn. For the past two and half years Saturn has been challenging our way ahead and our sense of expansion. Now we could tighten the belt or find the extra motivation to complete the task. Since Mercury will travel over the galactic center during this upcoming retrograde (12/3-12/24) expect some major electromagnetic energy heading in your direction!

When a planet triggers this energy field as both Mercury and Saturn are ideas and challenges around travel, educational, spiritual or philosophical themes in our lives. Mercury will retrograde back over (close to) this point in December. The new moon will trigger this energy for four weeks starting on 12/18/17 as it sits very close to the galactic center. The Sabian symbol (astro oracle ) for this energy is “shaping destiny”. It speaks of creating your vision or attempting to manipulate information to fit your beliefs. It feels like the snake oil salesman of last fall is about to meet its final test; do we drink the Kool-Aid (so to speak) or spit it out? Avoiding it doesn’t seem to be an option at this time.

The greatest lesson Sagittarius can show us at this time is keeping your focus on the highest and best. A higher purpose can only be found when we move beyond the darkness (personal or societal) and know our best. AND WE CAN ALWAYS DO OR BE BETTER!!! So look for lessons starting this week about how to sacrifice personal needs for a greater good. Being charitable is a path towards humanity while being overly political or judgmental can strip us of our humanity. “Being human is a given. But keeping our humanity is a choice”.

We are sitting in a place and time where we have a chance to rise up through our chakras or stay stuck in the base where aggression, fear, and loathing run us. This is the greatest lesson Saturn in Sagittarius is teaching all of us. Looking back we had a powerful lesson around over optimism, predatory lending, and lower chakra responses when Pluto sat in this same “dark hole” energy during Feb.-June 2007, Dec. 2007, and July-August 2008. Hopefully we have all learned something important since then….guess we are about to see!!!

Wednesday do better, try harder is supported through our most powerful connections. We may find that we have moved past asking for permission from anyone yet it is still good to feel the love (get positive feedback) from time to time. Something in our life can no longer go back to the way it once was. This is the realization that we have moved along our path and in reality there is no “there” behind us, only around us.

Thursday think about your own center today and see if you are in or out of it? If the day feels good most likely you are in it. If the day seems troubling then observe what is going on within. Number one lesson for today is stay focused and don’t get pulled into others drama or wild speculation. Number two lesson is finding the context for what is going on around you i.e. what is it that I am supposed to be seeing? Number three and final lesson for today is we only make ourselves greater by focusing on our highest and best.

Ok, maybe there is one more lesson and that would be when we KNOW we KNOW and in that moment we are not drawn to convince others or defend our truth rather we just live it. This is the definition of personal integrity and today it CAN BE how we define our lives.

Friday welcome to December 1st. This might be one of the more challenging days for many of us. The turbulence that is created now is what allows us to see what requires adjustment in the upcoming Mercury retrograde (starts on Sunday 12/3/17). We start the day with Venus moving to Sagittarius around 4:15 AM and loves lessons grow or expand. We move from the intense energy of Scorpio to the optimistic energy of Sagittarius. We might now be willing to try our luck in love or gamble with our resources. I see this image of a robot moving through the crowd with a slot machine for an arm. It is saying “take a risk, take a risk” and before you know it many are willing to do just that. If you know someone who has trouble with impulse control (gambling, drinking, etc.) today may not be a good day for them. By evening time they will be itching to get away and if picking a fight is the only way to do….well so be it! I do feel that some of our current leaders could fall into this trap quite easily so watch the news to see this energy in action.

Saturday I see a person adding up their bills and taking stock of their financial affairs when I look ahead to today’s energy. The theme may be taking a personal accounting of your life at this time. Budgets and planning could be an important focus for most of the early part of the day.

Moon shifts to Gemini around 4:21 PM, what do you want to talk about now? Communication is the theme for the next several days and this might be the time you spend time with your neighbors or focus on your community. Information gathering is part of the Gemini energy however over the past few years Neptune has helped to confuse the issue through disinformation or idle gossip. Since we are heading toward the upcoming Mercury retrograde on Sunday perhaps we are now able to hear or see the truth!

Throughout the day everything said and done is meant to guide us in some way. If you find any issues or anger bubbling up ask yourself what is this about? You might find issues of fairness or relationship challenges are tied to your own judgments (self or otherwise). How do we know the truth? I suspect we might have to ask ourselves and evaluate our assumptions.

The day ends with a glimmer of hope and sense of faith that can carry us far. We might be feeling some of that humanity (mentioned above) circling around us. I see the image of a crowd around an outdoor Xmas tree focused on the bright star at the top. Can you feel the love that comes from “peace on earth, good will toward all”? Let’s hope so for this year it is so badly needed to repair the divisive energy that we have all been feeling for so long.

Given the energy of Sunday what Saturday might bring is only a glimmer of hope or a temporary truce in the fighting. So savor Saturday night and consider how you can make a difference as Mercury moves retrograde at 2:35 AM Sunday morning. The message it brings at this time is to walk your talk and be the example for all of mankind; like any good spiritual leader.

Sunday is a very challenging day ahead but if you live in your truth you will be victorious. We may be seeing and hearing a lot of rebuttal and rhetoric as we approach the full moon around 10:47 AM. Can you quiet your mind and find the middle ground? This will certainly be the day to look for that balance as it gets noisy around you. My guides tell me “all voices heard but no one listened to”. So if that is the case for you seek higher ground and get out of the fray. Listen to your own truth, don’t gossip, and don’t play into the politics that are meant to distance you from the truth.

I leave you with this as I hear it… mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. This the opening line to the Battle Hymn of the Republic which was written in November of 1861. During this period Uranus was in the sign of Gemini causing much change in our way of thinking and looking at another time of great divide. Perhaps today we might consider the way to bridge that divide and move on past the duality of black and white thinking to find the middle path.

All the best to you this week and know that all that is happening around us will never be more important than what is happening within us. May peace be with you as you walk the path from perceived truth to true faith.


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