Nov 21, 2017

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley

This week I am being shown the image of a plane descending out of the clouds; feel like this ties to Neptune going direct once again on Wednesday (11/22/17). We might be able to see more clearly what we once thought we heard or saw even though our view was previously blocked. New insights or awareness can emerge and perhaps some hidden motivations as well. Seems like everyone has an agenda they are trying to push through at this time of the year. Why now may be the eye opening question? Are you finally ready to handle the truth? If so you need to be able to SEE it before you can fully understand.

Today we start the week with a push pull kind of energy. We could find our relationships are pushing us in directions we can no longer afford to go. Now do we stand up in defense, compromise, or walk away? Look to which choice brings closure and a sense of self-control. Testing limits is the order of the day and if you can’t honor another’s boundaries, how do you expect them to honor yours? I would also add that if you really know someone and know yourself your tolerance level adjusts accordingly.

Monday our heads are still in the clouds for at least another day or two. We might feel a bit of the pre-holiday panic as Thanksgiving is just a few days away.  Is there ever enough time for what we need to do at this time of year? Good day for list making and focusing on our holiday plans as distractions are all around us.

Tuesday moon shifts to serious Capricorn around 2:14 AM. The reality of the days ahead brings focus to our responsibilities and commitments. Now we are less likely to avoid our part in any plans for the week but may reconsider our participation late Thanksgiving day when Moon shifts to Aquarius around 3:14 PM!

We may feel a certain draw or attraction to powerful topics today. There could be a certain need to review our finances before the holiday begins as well as our latest compulsions or creative interests. What is bringing fulfillment in our life at this time? We could attract support for our efforts due to our passion over the project.

Sun shifts to Sagittarius around 10:05 PM and it’s time to take things on the road once again. We pick up our enthusiasm and sense of all that is possible in the month ahead.  What was once hidden or secretive could begin to see the light of day.

Wednesday the 22nd Neptune goes direct once again. We are starting to make sense of what has been washing over us in subtle or unconscious ways over the past six months (6/16-11/21). We have been hypnotized by the messages around us, now it’s up to us to determine what is real and what was simply window dressing or purposeful illusion. This is more than just “fake news” for it’s also about our personal visions and dreams.  Where have we been naïve? Where did our intuition guide us past harm or disaster? In a short period of time (a week or two) we might understand what has been below the surface until now. If you have any planets in 10-15 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, or Sagittarius this is an informative period for you.  You may see where things that didn’t go the way you expected over the past six months were a benefit and a blessing after all; life’s unanswered prayers.

Starting now and over the next three or four weeks we appreciate the difference between perception and truth or beliefs vs. faith. Taking away the extraneous and getting to the essence may be an important exercise for most of us as we are exposed to the corrupt forces around us in the days ahead. Look to Mercury retrograde in December to do so of the heavy lifting around the truth.

Thursday we start out in one direction but our path could be subject to change around 3:14 PM and beyond when moods begin to shift. Moon in Aquarius can make us a little edgy or changeable at this time. We need some breathing room and perhaps a change of pace. This could be the time to clear the air and focus on new ideas or interesting subjects that we haven’t recently explored.

Friday good day to explore the area or get out and see what is going on around you. Given some of today’s energy expect to hear about some black Friday shenanigans that put greed over good. Do remember we can rise above such herd mentality by taking the inward journey rather than focusing on external consumption. We are much greater than any object or possession.  Try to stay on track and don’t get carried away, if you can.

Saturday is Small Business Saturday. This year we will be at the Small Business Saturday event hosted by LuLaRoe Studio Boutique; 83 East Water Street: Sandpaper Factory; Rockland, MA 02370 from 11-4 PM. #shopsmallwithus.  During this time we will offer gift certificates, mini readings, and astrology reports for that special gift recipient in your life. What better way to celebrate the holiday than learning more about YOU or your loved one. Natal reports or transit reports can be great stocking stuffer items.

On Saturday we are ready to open our minds to new input and want to be inspired. It truly is a reach for the stars kind of day. We appreciate our community and the many ways we serve it and it serves us now.

Sunday moon shifts to nebulous Pisces around 3:04 AM.  Hours later around 12:03 PM we encounter the first quarter moon challenge between beliefs and dreams. The truth may set us free even if it hurts a little in the process. There is no perfection to be found in this lifetime except for brief moments in time. The rest of the time we have to see that imperfect people or situations can still be wonderful in their own way; nature is not flawless in its design. There is something to love in each moment and in each person. The key is to see the truth in order to love realistically and humanly; the pathway ahead is set in understanding not judging.

We are open this week except for Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday. Give us a call at 781-447-3993 to set your appointment. There is a lot to sift through in the days and weeks ahead.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.      


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