Jan 10, 2018

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley


Well the first thing I am hearing about this week is it’s time to break down the obstacles that are blocking you from the future. This makes sense as we head toward the last quarter moon on the 8th. So take a minute today to consider what nots you are willing to cut out of your life. You know the nots that keep you from moving ahead such as: would nots, can nots, do nots, and have nots (or any variation thereof). It is time to release the old beliefs that reaffirm your nots instead of allowing you access to your greatest potential. So today ask yourself what new idea or insight, learned over the past several weeks, has displaced an old belief or truism? Grab hold of that thread and see what it is stuck on. Then pull really hard and get that thought untangled.

The theme for the New Moon cycle was the sculptor or how we create and shape our experience based on certain outline or form. Let me give you a quick example from my own life if I may. Recently I was playing a board game with my grandson, since he had become something of a whiz in this game and I being a newbie, I was trying to get the gist of the play. After a couple of times playing it his way I introduced some additional ways to play. Suddenly we both saw the game differently and it shifted for the both of us. Since this game was about identifying a person we came to see new ways to look at things beyond the original construct. It suddenly became a game that went beyond colors to one including numbers and letters. Since he is four this was a big leap of inclusion.

Now the leap of inclusion is what I am really getting at here. When we start looking at all that we have around us already we begin to question what more do we really need and the answer might be as simple as just another way of seeing what we have (the perception of value). What we once saw as part of us becomes just one of many components if we let our mind open to the concept of ownership. So let me throw out an idea, if we already have anything we need (in essence we own it all) then why would we take from another first rather than use what we have? And perhaps more importantly why wouldn’t we lend or share with another willing…because hey there is more where that came from!!!!

Today we may be looking anew at the concepts and themes of limits and lack against the backdrop of sharing. When we control our resources we can always lend a hand but when others exert control over our resources we fear that giving could result in some kind of imbalance or lack. Take a moment to see how this is playing out in any or all of your relationships (love, money, time, health, etc.). Time to release what is keeping these areas of your life of balance and it all starts with how you see the rules of the game!

Today 1/7/18 we begin to feel the balance shifting in some way and it’s easy to feel like things aren’t in your control. Take time to sit with this if you can.

Monday the deeper insights bring awareness of why things are not balanced in your life anymore. Have you grown too close to the situation or are you feeling too distant? Funny as I consider this question myself I feel like the answer either way brings the same result and that is a loss of perspective. If we take the time today to release the hold we have on something or it has on it we are able to return some of the lost perspective fairly quickly.

As we come up the last quarter moon at 5:26PM we are reminded that everything requires some self-discipline even our interpersonal relationships. If you have been letting someone overstep your boundaries then who’s really to blame? Some would argue this is a period of seeing what is lacking in your relationships but I would say it’s a period where you find out what you thought was lacking in you.

Tuesday if you did the work yesterday you receive the reward today. This might turn out to be more literal than I first intended as this day as Venus joins up with the Sun we finish an important chapter related to the Venus retrograde of 2017.  Last year while Venus was retrograde 3/3-4/14 we examined where old illusions or self-denial kept us from moving ahead. Here Uranus was holding the door saying come on through to a new dimension but Venus suddenly put on the brakes and said I can’t go there. At the time we questioned whether we were truly worthy for this new dimension after all. Now we come to the place where we can step ahead or fall further behind, it’s up to us and it’s all based on what we feel we are worth or worthy of based our self-assessment.  Now is the time of our own performance appraisal or job review as we consider how we are measuring up against our own standards or values.

Moon shifts to Scorpio around 3:06 PM bringing further insight around what needs to shift. As we release one set of values we open to another. This is a deeply moving and motivational influence in our lives that allows us to shed the heaviness we have been carrying with us as we move toward a higher spiritual vibration. When we SEE IT differently we “BE IT” differently and that my friends is what is coming ahead in the eclipses this month and next! You have to stick your neck out at times to align the head with the heart.

Wednesday is a day where we can use our power wisely to move ahead. This isn’t about domination or manipulation but rather an engagement with the powers greater than our own will. Spirit is in the driver seat and is more than willing to take you along for the ride…IF YOU WILL LET IT. Allow the power to flow through you without getting caught up on the old threads of the past.

Empowerment through psychological growth and burning off the personal will is the theme for the day. A new pattern is going to play our over the next two years as we set the stage today and prepare for the upcoming Mars retrograde 6/26/18-8/27/18.  I think I will name the Mars retrograde period this year as the fear of the open door and a glimpse into the world of tomorrow! Kind of brings back memories of what the World’s fair was all about at different times!

Thursday 1/11/18 our focus is on business and concrete ideas as Mercury shifts into Capricorn. This will be the prevailing thought pattern for the next three weeks. We take what is being said seriously and we look to be taken seriously as well especially when Mercury joins up with Saturn on Saturday and Pluto on January 24th. If you aren’t willing to commit yourself to a project, person, or plan don’t say you are because thoughts and decisions have consequences now; can’t take those foot prints out of the concrete once it sets.

Friday 1/12/18 moon moves to Sagittarius at 2:05 AM. It’s time to hit the road once again and explore new emotional territory. We may easily express what was hidden just a couple of days before.

Saturday Mercury joins up with Saturn around 2:04 AM good time to organize your life and create new workable agendas. You want to get things in order and take time to consider long-term goals. This is a great day for planning but not necessarily getting others to sign off or agree with your ideas. Change is in the air by mid- afternoon and it’s a time where variety is the spice of life. Those people or situations you once thought you could count on could shift right before your eyes. I suspect this energy was building up for some quite some time but needed now in order to be released. Welcome to the open door and the world of tomorrow!!!

Sunday 1/14/18 we begin to feel the need for certainty and control as the moon shifts to Capricorn around 2:43 PM.  I hear “play it safe” and though this might be the predominate need it’s not necessarily how the day will play out. For many of us today the challenge is how to stay in control as the winds of change whip around us. The answer is to internalize the focus and allow the change to wash over you without trying to direct the energy. See what is emerging in your life at this time and recognize that Uranus is preparing us for the shift ahead as it heads towards the highest degrees Aries from now until May and then again from November 2018-March 2019. The rules of the game are changing and with it a chance to find new rewards and awareness of all that we bring with us into the days ahead.

Over the past 7 years we have been learning what we can do on our own (somewhere in our life). Starting this year beginning in May we are being to learn what we do for others based on our initiate talents and skills. We are worthy and worthwhile and maximize our potential when we recognize what is ENOUGH. We already have it all but in many ways we have yet to discover this for ourselves.


We are open this week and weekend for readings and reports. Who might benefit most for a reading right now? Those folks who have a strong Aries energy in their chart (Ascendant, Moon or Sun in Aries, Mars in the first house or many planets in the first house) could really use a reading this week, so could Scorpio folks, Capricorns might benefits as well especially later in the week as Mercury and Saturn join up. This is also a great time for those of you who are about three months away from your birthday to see what’s about to be released in preparation for the year ahead (again that would be Aries).  Give us a call at 781-447-3993 and we will get you on the schedule.


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