Jan 2, 2018

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley


As I begin to write I see the image of a big book being closed but then just at the last moment reopened for one last long look. I suspect this is a reference to the one planet still retrograde (at present) which is Uranus. Uranus stations direct on Tuesday 1/2/18 around 9:12 AM. This will be a pivotal period for many of us as Uranus makes its way into a new sign (Taurus) around 5/15/18.

This year the only major planets (Jupiter-Pluto) that change signs are Uranus in the spring and Jupiter in the fall. When Uranus makes the change into Taurus we are looking at all of the five planets Jupiter through Pluto in earth or water signs. The yang fire energy of the last year is shifting now to yin. Just to review: Jupiter is currently in Scorpio (until 11/8/18), Saturn is in Capricorn, Uranus will be in Taurus (5/15/18-11/6/18), Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn. So what will this mean for you with three planets in earth and two in water? The immediate answer is more intuitive and practical energy to work with.

Most likely there will be a shift in consciousness as Saturn and Uranus draw close together in late August and September. There will also be a Solar Eclipse this summer in Cancer (rather than the current Leo and Aquarius polarity) on 7/13/18 at 20-21 degrees. This might bring about some major shifts in the area of public welfare and social programs as we look ahead to the future. It could also test our limits on the present social, fiscal, and governmental policies.

Saturn in Capricorn is all about the structure and gravity of the situation (the rules and the role we play) while Uranus in Taurus is all about the freedom to enjoy life based on building or maintaining your assets or sense of self-worth. Cancer energy is about the public, homeland, and the need to protect ourselves by creating or finding a safety zone. Together these energies will have us looking at the economy, real estate, banking, and our personal values or assets. Perhaps on a positive note the infrastructure of the U.S. will be the cause de jour! The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was the late 80’s and early 90’s while for Uranus in Taurus it would be 84 years ago or around 1934-1942. Banking regulations took place during both of those periods and social security was enacted around 8/14/1935 when both Uranus was in Taurus and Jupiter was in Scorpio (as they are this summer)!!!

Ok so on to now; if you are starting to feel the winds of change around it’s the summoning of energy from within based on Uranus heading direct once again. For the next week things may start to feel like they are speeding up and there is no time to waste in getting things done. The term “future shock” may be an apt description of the wave of energy Uranus is sending out now. The seeds we are will be planted this spring (literally as well as figuratively) as the only planet still in a fire sign has a lot of energy left to expel. We either burn through things or they burn through us in the days ahead. Remember Aries energy is the spark and at times with Uranus carrying this energy there can be great shocks along with these sparks.

The stage is set for some insight into this summer’s Solar Eclipse in July (7/13/18) tomorrow 1/1/18 as we enter the New Year with a Super Full Moon. Moon moves to moody and matriarchal Cancer at 3:11 AM. Then it opposes the Sun (creating a full moon) around 9:25 AM. Self-discipline and a need to be safe are the polarities that we encounter at this time. We have about a week to figure out what is no longer needed or necessary in our quest for self-respect, success, and control. If we give up our control to play it safe next week around the 8th we will see where dependency is an issue but more on that in next week’s flash. Hint you might want to take this week to review your budget in preparation for the Uranus change in May. The wise use of our resources will be a key theme throughout the next seven years ahead.

Tuesday we feel the presence of Uranus awakening from a six month nap around 9:12 AM. Internal shifts and changes are now replaced with external shifts and changes. Remember though that Uranus always wants to improve or upgrade our life in some way by taking away what is seen as the oppressive force ,even if we don’t see it at the time. For all those moments where you have gone through difficult situations only to look back and be grateful for the experience and the personal growth it brought you; thank Uranus!

Wednesday moon moves to mighty Leo and we are feeling a bit more confident starting around 2:23 AM. This is the day to wear some bright colors to energize your outlook. We also are presented with a lovely sympathetic and spiritual energy as Venus and Neptune waltz together today. Do your best to dance along to the spiritual orchestra.

Thursday, 1/4/18, I hear drum roll please. Feels like a dramatic announcement could be made today. I would say it brings somethings into alignment and helps us navigate our path a bit easier.

Friday 1/5/18 an edgy discontent descends upon us like a fog early in the morning. Around 3:13 AM moon shifts to Virgo bringing the potential for constructive criticism or analysis to help resolve any outstanding issues at this time. I feel an adjustment will be called for in order to accomplish the tasks at hand (kind of a shifting of gears). Around 10:00 AM we might begin to feel things taking hold and before the day’s end we have gained ground and made progress. You might find because of the slow going in the morning you are staying a bit late at the office to finish the day’s work tonight.

Saturday everything you need is around you but it’s up to you to gather it all together. Today may seem like it’s all about making order out of chaos. As you begin to see the pattern emerge the excitement builds and you may find that by 7:40 PM when Mars and Jupiter join forces (a once every two year event) you are hitting the ground running and manifesting your desire by synchronizing both head and heart. “Use the force wisely young Skywalker” and make this moment count.

Sunday 1/7/18 moon enters Libra around 7:15 AM a time where balance may be sought and found. Remember tomorrow’s last quarter moon will remind you who or what you can depend on at this time. Much of today is about finding inner harmony and self-reliance as you face the truth of who or what you have become. Did you waste the past two and half years frustrated and distracted or did you finally accomplish what you set out to do? Limits may be shown to us throughout the day…the ones we have surpassed and the ones we are currently now encountering.

Taking everything into account I feel this is a very important week for our new year. We have much to be considering around the old vs. the new or the tried vs. the true. It is up to us to decide where we go from here and what values we hold dear as we head into the light of the New Year! Blessings to you and much love as you head out on your journey to tomorrow.

This week we are opened for readings, classes, and reports. For those of you who have been contemplating working with wood (building, carving, or planning) give Tom a call he has a lot of great techniques he is willing to teach you (781/447-9534). He offers individual hour sessions on various aspects of design and furniture building.

Next week on the 14th from 2-4 PM we will be gathering here for the next New Moon Tarot Group. It is a great time to organize and prepare for what is coming in the month ahead. We do incorporate astrology, tarot, and other guiding forces in this session. The $30 includes materials, a month’s transit for you, and some snacks. All that is required to pre-register is to call me @781-447-3993 to reserve your spot. You can prepay on our website or at the door on that day.



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