Oct 10, 2017

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley


Today as I begin writing this I see someone sending up a yellow balloon. The color yellow to me means a questioning or testing energy and this time it seems to be about universal communication or higher ideals. IS there a way to gain understanding from different cultures or different parts of the world? I guess we will see.

Speaking of communication yesterday (10/8/17) Mercury (the planet of communication) and the Sun (personal will) joined forces around 4:54 PM. This could have brought some harmony back into our lives as a result of the discussions we had with others or even our self. Certainly it is a time where we need to be heard as the moon moved into Gemini last night around 9:45 PM and stays there until 10/10/17.

Now what was that you were saying? You aren’t likely to forget as Mercury and Pluto square off this morning around 8:24 AM and we get stuck on an idea or seek to solve the mysteries around us. Later this evening (8:08 PM) the Sun squares up with Pluto and we could encounter a feeling of being pushed or shoved in a certain direction. Something powerful could be unleashed now.

Tuesday 10/10/17 the undercurrent from last night follows us this morning and suddenly we gain insight around the core issue. Jupiter switches signs around 9:21 AM. Now we begin to pay attention to the undertone or deeper meaning in our conversations. We might start to ask the questions that up until now we skirted around. We aren’t looking so much for harmony or cooperation with this energy we are looking for insight and influence. With Jupiter in Scorpio we don’t take fools lightly we have no tolerance for gossip or chatter. We already know what you are trying to say and may become impatient if you try to deny your motives or motivations.

The day turns a bit chilly until we finally clear the air around 6:25 PM. At that time we are willing to change the topic or shift focus to something new or different. Around 11:39 PM Moon moves into cuddly Cancer and we all feel a bit more connected and linked to those who share our feelings no matter where they are.

Wednesday we start the day feeling hemmed in or held back as problems appear in our latest goals or plans. Take a bit of time to gather your thoughts before offering feedback or your opinions. Something is breaking down before the days end as it no longer has the support it once did. It might not be worth it after all and time could be better spent doing other things. Work or health matters could have a hidden surprise to them late this afternoon. I see someone throwing up their hands and calling it quits.

Thursday we are at the last quarter moon phase of this month’s lunar cycle. Today around 8:26 AM we see where old needs or insecurities block progress. We can’t really encourage or support another’s efforts if we are depending too heavily on the past.

Later in the evening around 11:03 PM we can work out new agreements and hopefully start to settle those differences. Time to get out the yellow balloon and see what flies in our conversations at this time.

Friday the 13th moon enters Leo around 2:42 AM and we are ready to roar. As the moon in this sign meets up with Jupiter (newly installed in mysterious Scorpio) we may be pulled into a show of force. Passions could push us into a very different direction than we once intended.

Saturday Venus moves from fussy or practical Virgo into partnership oriented Libra around 6:12 AM. Now we want to have someone by our side as we travel through the weekend. Good time to hang out with friends or attend social events with this energy newly installed in our lives!

Around 10:33 PM we could find that we are beginning to get on each other’s nerves as we seek some alone time or begin to disagree. Take a breath and do some meditation to rebalance after a very eventful day.

Sunday 10/15/17 we know what the other needs and we are willing to do just what it takes to get back on track now. Sometimes it is a likely exciting to find you can still surprise those who know you well. Of course those of a suspicious nature might question what is underneath this sudden change.

Moon enters Virgo around 7:19 AM and we are ready to improve our life in some small ways. Good day to make a list or organize your finances. The day may start to take us off course around mid-afternoon but thankfully you have your list!

Try as you might though you may not accomplish everything you set out to do today and the frustration level could build up this evening. This sets the stage for some disagreement or disappointment to enter the picture early Monday morning. It might take listening to another before you see just how much progress you have made in your life. Inspiration and mutual support or guidance is the theme for 10/16/17.

This week we are open for readings Monday-Friday so give us a call at 781-447-3993 to set your appointment. Remember we do phone readings in case you don’t feel like traveling! Saturday please join us at THEATRE ONE Fair to be held at the Mitchell Memorial Club; 29 Elm Street: Middleboro, MA from 11-3 PM. This is should a good cause (supporting local theatre) and such a fun event we wouldn’t want you to miss this one.

Sunday we will be at the Berkeley American Legion; 80 Myrick Street; Berkeley, MA. This is another wonderful charity event and your participation helps out the Legion.

Thank you for your interest in the flash and continued support of our services. May you have the best week you can and enjoy the mysteries and magic heading your way!



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