Oct 2, 2017

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley


The image shown to me today as I began to write the flash is a sailboat sliding through the water. Feels like the beginning of this week at least could bring easy sailing. The week feels calmer than last week almost like we finally have overcome some of the craziness and anxiety we experienced then.  I hear company’s coming and perhaps we are all ready for a bit of entertaining or socializing after some kind of self-imposed alienation! Come out, come out where ever you are and enjoy the next 10 days as Jupiter hangs out in Libra for the last time for 12 years; have you come to appreciate it’s gift of friendship and cooperation? Are you clearer now on how the boundaries in relationships should work or be adjusted? Most importantly are you aware of concept of the perfect pairing and the polarities that run through life?

Today Sunday October 1 we can talk about it or do something about it, the choice is ours. Good news is this evening we see our way clear to do something about it; great time to set an agenda and get things done. You may feel that suddenly can solve that problem that has been looming large.

Monday Moon enters dreamy Pisces around 10:27 AM bringing in faith and sensitivity to the subtle realms around us. We are drawn into the dream once again. Partly through the day around 3:00 PM we may feel restless and look for excitement in our lives. Watch out you don’t push someone too far to get what you are looking for now. Use this energy to create or advance in your life to embody the change you seek.

Tuesday may start out a bit slower as we feel a little less zip in our morning. For some it might be a take time to enjoy the moment while for others it could be a time where misdirection or roadblocks take us off course. Either way add a little extra time to get where you are going this morning, you’ll be glad you did.

Afternoon we feel the value of our connections and receive great feedback or support from our team. We might feel this is working very well indeed! Our relationship energy is very “hands on and get the job done” today! See how many things you can get checked off the to-do list before the end of the day. We are in the right energy now for accomplishing the task or seeing to the little thing in life.

Wednesday the day begins to take on a bit of a negative or disappointing feel. Sometimes the more you do the more you see that is still to do; we might consider this as our never ending battle with imperfection or lack. We could feel a bit of a burn out until moon arrives into the sign of Aries around 4:40PM. At that time our mood shifts and we get fired up once again.

This could possibly bring on a “splitting hairs” kind of energy where we disagree over even the littlest detail this evening. As the evening concludes we could feel disappointed in our relationships for not bringing us what we want or lack of understanding. Hmm weren’t we just getting along so well earlier in the week? Take a night to sleep on it and see what the morning brings.

We are in the right energy now for accomplishing the task or seeing to the little thing in life.

Thursday brings us into the full moon in Libra (12 degrees) around 2:40 P.M. Now is the time to reflect on what we need for ourselves and in our relationships. Remember we can’t have a WE without a ME and expect things to stay in balance. One of the most marvelous things about today is Venus and Mars join forces for the first time in a couple of years. Now we have a uniting of forces and the ability to go after what we desire in a purposeful and productive way! This could be great for dealing with health or work matters, getting things to finally work in the way they are intended to function. This is excellent energy for tuning up the work relationships or healing your partnership issues.  I hear the Beatles song “We Can Work It Out” playing in the background!

Friday almost feels like we are back to the energy from earlier in the week. Look here comes the sailboat once again!!!It is time to ease through the day and another part of our life as we move towards the weekend. Moon moves into Taurus around 7:56 P.M. time to “ease on down the road” as day turns to night and life takes on a more sensual tone.

Saturday early morning dreams may leave us a bit confused or disorientated around the current state of affairs. A kind of psychic hangover energy (foggy feelings) may cloud the early part of the day. Avoid overindulging in one form of pleasure or another just to get away  as the feelings will ease up by mid-afternoon while any excesses could stick around a lot longer (weight gain, increased debt, hang over etc.). How you find pleasure in your life is open for observation not only through your own choices but the choices of others around you today! Is richness measured on a social scale or the material world around you?

Sunday we are observing Jupiter in its highest Libra energy. At this point any imbalances in our life are being highlighted as we are made more aware of the present situation. Today we are challenged by the limits of these relationships in their current state. Good news is we can talk about this by midafternoon as we attempt to reset the balance or recalibrate the scale. Now do we shift our perspective, our limitations, or our goals as we encounter this lesson….time will tell. Someone says “it’s always good to aim toward cooperation and support as long as you don’t lose yourself in doing so”!

Moon moves to Gemini around 9:45 PM and we are lot more chatty tonight. Ideas that go nowhere this evening can just leave us stuck. An unsettled energy is bound to be served along with Monday’s morning coffee but more on that next week.

As I go to sign off I hear “join forces”. I guess the Universe wants to remind us that in some ways we are always going to do better together.

All the best to you each day,


We are open for readings and what not every day this week. This weekend find us at the Bourne Senior Center psychic fair on Saturday 10/7/17 from 10-5 PM. Their address is 239 Main Street; Buzzards Bay, MA.  Sunday 10/8/17 we will be at the Women of Wisdom psychic fair from 12-5. Their address is 118 Washington Street, Easton, MA. This is one of the few fairs where I do charts and chart readings. To pre-book for this event call the shop at 508-230-3680 they will be happy

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