Sep 18, 2017

Planet Flash

By Nancy Foley

This week as I begin to write the flash I hear “make way for the King”. It feels like we will have a dominating presence push through our lives over the next three or four days. Whether we like it or not all attention will be focused on this particular man or woman. We will watch a rather pompous person claim victory or prominence where there really is none. I also hear “the bigger they are the harder they fall”. This suggests someone may be brought down or fall from power. So I guess we all stayed tuned for that one!!!

Today the 17th we feel uplifted and encouraged most of the day. We seem to be moving through the heaviness that was around us over the past several weeks. In some ways we are getting used to the energy that has been shifting our lives and the world around us lately. Maybe this is acceptance or a deeper awareness that change is leading us some place new, even if we don’t quite understand it all yet.

Monday the 18th there is a highly charged energy around us throughout the day. It feels like if we can just stay focused on our work we can accomplish a great deal. The problems we encounter however revolve around other’s emotional state and where things may not be turning out so well for them. For this reason it is easy to get drawn off course or turned around before day’s end. No one gets to be the hermit today no matter how hard they try!

Tuesday Venus triggers the eclipse point and stirs up some drama. Then it settles down into the more discerning energy of Virgo around 9:16 PM. The attention we called for yesterday or today is now shifted to more appropriate use of our relationships. How to serve others and feel like we really belong becomes the theme for the weeks ahead as Venus in Virgo is all about getting things done. This can be a double edge sword as we contemplate working partnerships or work needed in our partnerships.

How to serve others and feel like we really belong becomes the theme for the weeks ahead as Venus in Virgo is all about getting things done.

Wednesday we are in the New Moon of Virgo (27 degrees) at 1:30 AM. Now is the time to improve our life circumstances whether it is work or health or just altering some routines. The interesting thing today is we might actually learn more from what isn’t working than what is, as several disruptive energies swirl around us. By now the King mentioned above has been “dethroned” so we are left to figure things out one step at a time. This is probably better since we were getting distracted by paying attention to others demands rather than our own.

Thursday what might initially feel like sweet or mellow energy takes on a deeper or darker tone around mid-morning. We are unsettled around issues related to trust or loyalty. How did it come to this we might ask? There is no quick answer here as we come to see what previously was suppressed or hidden. Pay attention to what is being brought out in you and others around you as some element of personal happiness is at stake here.

Friday stress comes out in several different ways this morning. We may not be able to fix everything but at least we can be aware that some things aren’t quite where we would like them to be. Keep this as pending projects for late October to mid- November as for now it is time to reconcile our differences. Moon shifts to deeper motivation Scorpio around 1:41 PM and may bring some insight just when we need it most. Sun moves to Libra (happy autumnal equinox) around 4:02 PM. Time to bring in the harvest and see what we have to share with others at this time. For the next several weeks the quality and value of  relationships will be the theme as we seek out perfect pairings. Matters related to law and justice will be highlighted as well.

Saturday I hear “why can’t we be friends” and expect that question will be asked and answered throughout the day. Now is the time to build bridges and not walls.

Sunday we each hold a piece of the puzzle and a little bit of the prize. Now is the time to determine where we are going in the days and weeks ahead. Some will face the day in a fog while others will be encouraged by the change in energy around them. I do feel that for most of us will be cautious around depending too much on others or allowing them to do the same with us. We want to be able to step lightly and make our way through any entanglements at home or in the work place as we are kind of done with improving things. Now we just want to move ahead.

This week we take one step further down the road to personal happiness. We not only see what we have gotten ourselves into but what can be done about it as well. It’s time to have important discussions with ourselves and others to determine the course ahead. It is beneficial for everyone to find the right advisors or guides over the next several weeks.

All the best to you!


This week we are open for readings from Monday through Friday. Please join us at the Taunton Yacht Club on Saturday from 10-5 PM. We will be reading there to benefit the Dighton Historical Society; 2125 Water Street; Dighton, MA 02715.   

Sunday we are booked for a very special psychic house party and will be unavailable for appointments.


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